Borderlands 2 Best Class: A Deep Dive Analysis into the Pros and Cons of Each Vault Hunter

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Borderlands 2 took the gaming world by storm when it released in 2012, improving on every aspect of the original Borderlands game. One of its most alluring features was the wide variety of playable Vault Hunters, each with their own skill trees, Action Skills, personalities, and combat capabilities.

But with six Vault Hunters to choose from, many players struggle to settle on which one to dive into their adventure through Pandora with. That‘s why in this guide, I‘m breaking down the pros, cons, and ideal playstyles of every Borderlands 2 character class to help you decide which fits you best!

Overview of Borderlands 2‘s Classes

Here‘s a quick rundown of Borderlands 2‘s base game Vault Hunters:

Axton the Commando – Axton can drop a Sabre Turret to draw aggro and provide supporting firepower. He specializes in assault rifles and has skills tailored towards boosting gun damage and utility.

Maya the Siren – Maya utilizes mystical powers and can Phaselock enemies to trap them in another dimension. She‘s focused on elemental effects and crowd control capabilities.

Salvador the Gunzerker – Salvador dual-wields weapons to become a trigger-happy damage dealer. He can take the heat off teammates by grabbing enemies‘ attention.

Zer0 the Assassin – Zer0 relies on stealth and precision to quickly dispose of enemies. By striking unseen and from a distance, Zer0 can thin out hordes before they become overwhelming.

Gaige the Mechromancer – Gaige summons Deathtrap, a floating robot buddy to help her out. She utilizes shock damage and anarchy to shred enemies at the cost of reduced accuracy.

Krieg the Psycho – Krieg is a meatgrinder up close, hacking away with Buzz Axes and setting himself on fire to maximize mayhem. Playing Krieg means embracing madness and chaos.

Now let‘s analyze each Vault Hunter more closely across a few key factors:

Axton the Commando

Axton using turret


Axton is straightforward, versatile, and well-rounded. His Sabre Turret provides excellent utility for any firefight. I found Axton fantastic as a "first character" to learn the game‘s mechanics with.


  • Beginner-friendly and easy to pick up
  • Sabre Turret grabs enemies‘ attention
  • Specializes in assault rifles and grenades
  • Has skills that boost gun damage and reload speed


  • Not as much raw damage potential as some other classes
  • Lacks crowd control abilities
  • Cooldown on Sabre Turret can feel lengthy

Ideal For

Axton shines when playing co-op as his Turret provides excellent support. He also suits those desiring an adaptable shooter experience. Overall, Axton‘s simplicity and versatility make him a top choice for new and casual players.

Maya the Siren

Woman with fire powers


Maya is a crowd control mistress, with Phaselock enabling her to lockdown groups of foes while pelting them with elemental attacks. Supporting allies with healing and buffs is also where Maya excels.


  • Crowd control queen due to Phaselock
  • Can inflict multiple elemental status effects
  • Solid supporting abilities via healing and buffs


  • Struggles against certain bosses
  • Low base health and shields
  • Long cooldowns on some skills

Ideal For

Maya is a superb choice for co-op gamers who like enabling their teammates. Her healing, crowd control, and elemental chaos also make her a good pick for those wanting a caster-like playstyle.

Salvador the Gunzerker

Man dual-wielding guns


Salvador turns Borderlands 2 into Doom by equipping any combination of two guns simultaneously. He overwhelms enemies through sheer firepower and is hardly ever forced to reload.


  • Dual-wielding enables awesome gun combos
  • Among the highest DPS (damage per second) potential
  • Skills encourage aggro-grabbing and tanking hits
  • Excels with shotguns, pistols, rockets, and other splash damage weapons


  • Gunzerking limits mobility
  • Struggles at long range
  • Relies on cooldown-gated skill for damage

Ideal For

Salvador suits trigger-happy vault hunters craving heavy firepower at close range. His skills also allow him to serve as an off-tank. Overall, he‘s great for shredding groups and bosses.

Zer0 the Assassin

Assassin character


Zer0 relies on stealth, cunning, and precision strikes to quickly dispose of enemies. By cleverly maneuvering Zer0 into advantageous positions, you can systematically dismantle groups before they spot you.


  • Stealth gives combat flexibility
  • Huge critical hit damage
  • Fast cooldowns on Action Skill
  • Devastating when catching enemies by surprise


  • Steep learning curve
  • Squishy without proper skill investment
  • Not ideal for playing solo
  • Struggles against large mob groups

Ideal For

Zer0 rewards fast reflexes, planning, and adapting to scenarios. If you enjoy methodically hunting enemies while avoiding damage, Zer0 will enable satisfying success. He truly shines in co-op with distractions.

Gaige the Mechromancer

Girl with robot companion


Gaige pummels enemies with shock damage and explosive effects while Deathtrap helps thin hordes. She utilizes anarchy to gain ridiculous damage at the cost of accuracy – spraying bullets in hopes they connect.


  • Deathtrap grabs enemies attention
  • Huge damage potential via anarchy
  • Devastating shock and splash damage
  • Excels against bosses and single targets


  • Damage relies on difficult to manage anarchy stacks
  • Makes critical hits extremely hard to land
  • Subpar in prolonged firefights due to accuracy and ammo issues

Ideal For

If wildly spraying guns with reckless abandon sounds fun, Gaige will enable your trigger-happy dreams. She also suits vault hunters who prefer focusing fire on fewer stronger enemies.

Krieg the Psycho

Psycho character


Krieg overwhelms enemies through sheer savagery – hacking away at point blank with Buzz Axes and setting himself ablaze. He gravitates towards the hottest combat zones to soak up damage.


  • Extremely strong melee damage potential
  • Tanky from various damage-resisting skills
  • Chaotic and frenzied rampages through battles
  • Powerful duration-based buffs from skills


  • Gun damage skills lacking
  • Overwhelming amount of melee options
  • Very little ranged fighting viability
  • Low base movement speed

Ideal For

If dashing wildly into mobs while lit on fire sounds appealing, Krieg will enable your savage instincts. He suits vault hunters craving adrenaline-fueled chaos and close-quarters brutality.


I hope breaking down Borderlands 2‘s classes across playstyle, pros, cons, and ideal users gives you great insight on picking your perfect vault hunter. While every character has strengths to leverage, some suit specific playstyles far better.

My recommendation is to choose whoever seems most appealing to start, then try other classes later on additional playthroughs to experience their diverse combat approaches. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy a class outside your usual preferences!

Let me know which vault hunter you think you‘ll pick and why in the comments! I‘m happy to provide any extra advice on building skills, gearing up, or general tips for your chosen character.

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