How to Write a Mobile APP Press Release?

How to write a mobile app press release

Press release and press kit are two fundamental pieces of your mobile app or game discovery in the jungle of bloggers, journalists and reviewers. Every single day, they are literally getting spammed by hundreds of demands to write about new apps and games. Most of these requests are too long, boring, formally wrong and have no added value.

So question is – how do you distinguish yourself? Well, just by writing a professional-looking press release and wrapping it into a decent press kit, your chances to be noticed are much higher. For more tips about mobile app marketing, click here.

Step 0: Hire a copywriter

Unless you are a native english speaker with extraordinary writing skills, don’t even try to write your own press release. You can hire decent and cheap copywriters on sites like Odesk or Freelancer or you can even try TouchArcade forums where is a special section for game developer services and trades. Maybe you can barter some good deal out there!

Step 1: Choose a striking headline

Headline is the first thing your potential publisher will read. Build a curiosity, catch attention and point out the biggest benefit of your app. No – your app or game title is not a striking headline. Place your shiny well-designed icon just around the headline.

Step 2: Write and format the body copy

Your press release should be written as a final news story. You need to include every important detail in this part – who are you, what is point of your app, when you are going to release it.

At first, don’t forget to write a short summary tagline and put it just below the headline. Then you are supposed to include a short introduction – one or two sentences about a developer and previous titles, then another one or two about a goal of your app. Don’t explain every feature of your game here.

The next paragraph should be a full description of your app. Explain how it works, what is the added value. Why should people play your game? What is the main mechanic and how many levels or challenges can player enjoy? Is it a freemium or premium title? What platforms will it support? When you are going to release your title? You can add a short quote about your product from a well-known influencer (if you have one). You can put in one or two screenshots, however if you are sending a whole press kit, it’s better to attach high-quality screenshots, artworks and icons in it.

Step 3: Website and contact information

Just state the facts in bullets – URL of your game microsite with press kit, company website, contact email. You can also include your Skype name, Twitter profile or Facebook page. But stick only to relevant information.

What to do now?

Send it! Check out this list of mobile game review websites and choose relevant contacts. Dont forget to include your press release in a complex press kit. Then upload your whole press kit to your website and provide additional information to interested journalist. Share it on social media channels or forums, but don’t spam! For more interesting tips about writing, check

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