10 Best Racing Games Like Mario Kart 8

Games Like Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is a 2014 racing game and continuation to the Mario Kart series that were released initially in 1992. Mario Kart brings all your favourite Nintedo characters for the ultimate crossover.

Playing on a racing track filled with obstacles, compete with your friends for spot number one and feel the thrill of what the mystery box has to offer as you try to win the race.

1. Crash Team Racing Nitro Team

Crash is back in the driver’s seat and ready to start racing in a fully remastered CTR game! Including contents from previous games in the series, there are over 40 characters available to choose from and each one of them has unique personalities.

Get to customize your car with a lot of available options like changing paint, changing skins or tones. Experience the warm textures of CTR tracks and use the different environments for your advantage as the game rewards you for using different techniques. A very addictive game that’s available to play online as well.

2. Garfield Kart – Furious Racing

Garfield is lazy and a slow cat, all he wants to do is eat lasagna and fall asleep, but when it comes to driving cars he definitely enjoys showing off on the racing tracks. In Garfield Kart, you will get to play as our favourite lasagna cat or as other characters like Odie or Jon.

Race your way through wonderful tracks and challenging shortcuts which are all set in the world of Garfield. With three different game modes, eight player online features and many different power ups, enjoy the wonderful graphics and decent soundtracks as you try your best to finish the race.

3. Cars 3: Driven to win

Ever wanted to experience what a legendary racer feels like? Now you can with Cars 3: Drive to Win. Based on the Disney film Cars 3, play as Lighting McQueen, Jackson Storm, Cruz Ramirez and many other unlockable characters.

Obtain power ups and eliminate your competitors, become a perfectionist and attempt to attain full stars on all tracks and events, invite your friends and play online together in a wide variety of game modes. Go ahead and show off to the world with your amazing driving skills and earn the trophy of being the most legendary racer.

4. Nickelodeon Kart Racing: Grand Prix

Welcome all your favourite Nickelodeon characters and get ready to face off in an amazing Kart Racing game. Prove who’s the best Nickelodeon character from all the available hundred characters like Spongbob, Avatar Aang and Danny Phantom.

If you think that amount of character is enough to keep each race unique and interesting then you have  not been told about the crewmates, each has different powers that can be used to win you the race. You will definitely enjoy this game if you are a Nickelodeon fan, as it offers amazing character models, wonderful textures and enjoyable soundtracks.

5. Team Sonic Racing

In Team Sonic Racing, play as your favourite Sonic characters in various amazing race tracks that are filled with vibrant colors, challenging turns that require good drifting skills and solo racing mode available. There are two unique features about Team Sonic Racing, the first one is the ultimate team power.

Work with your partner during the race and achieve an ultimate team power that can change the state of the competition. Secondly is the amount of customization available for your racing vehicle. So show your kart off to your friends and play with or against each for the ultimate kart racing game.

6. Meow Motors

Are you a cat person? Ever wanted to drive a car while being an adorable cat? Well you can wait no more because in the Meow Motors kart racing game you can play as one of many colorful cats with different and hilarious personalities! Drive through various race tracks and obtain power ups to combine them with your unique skills in order to gain advantages over other competitors!

While at first you will mainly be busy playing through the story, there are many different modes like battle, drifting and customs. Invite your friends over and play locally together in a 4 players split screen!

7. Beach Buggy Racing 2

Ever wished to play Mario Kart but never got the chance to own a Nintendo console? Then BBR2 Island Adventure is perfect for you! One of the best available racing games on PC that are similar to Mario Kart. Introducing many new characters, various racing tracks, over fourty power ups and custom race modes.

Join in with your friends in an eight players racing game and compete against each other to win the ultimate trophy! BBR2 also features a new adventure story available to complete with your friends.

8. Super Indie Karts

A classic 16-64-bit kart racing where many indie characters are brought to the game for a very enjoyable roaster! Over 20 characters, 40 indie based race tracks, 4 players splitscreen and obviously, power ups! If you’re an indie 16-64 bit game fan then you will be able to recognise many objects from other worlds along with other nice details.

Single player, multiplayer, time trial, battle and other modes are all available to play straight away. Sounds in the game have familiar tunes taken from the characters’ worlds. If you wanted a 16-64 bit games crossover then this one’s for you.

9. Moorhuhn Kart 2

Based on the old Moorhuhn Kart XXL game, Moorhuhn Kart 2 is a remastered game with new mechanics, enjoyable gameplay and an online mode to play with your friends with a mobile cross platform. Brand new power ups and unique ability to jump! You can avoid many attacks and gain lots of boost by lifting your car up to the air.

The Good controls make driving feel smooth in this game. So go ahead and start your experience in this remastered Moorhuhn Kart game to compete alone or against your friends through various race tracks taken from it’s previous game.

10. KartRider

planned to be released this year, in 2021. Buckle up for KartRider, a free to play kart racing game! Customize your characters and customize your vehicles with limitless choices, get ready to drift through many challenging turns in various tracks as you compete against other players. The game is set really smoothly with lots of enjoyable animations.

While the characters and vehicles might look cartoonish, the graphics for the game is actually astonishing and had been put to amazing work. Invite your friends to play with a cross platform feature and race to the finish line.

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