How to Create a Mobile APP Press Kit

How to create a mobile app press kit

Mobile app press kit is a fundamental marketing tool for your application or game discovery, since one huge part of marketing involves communicating with press and getting them to post about and review your mobile app.

It’s easy to throw together a few files, save it as a .zip and then put it onto your website, but if you want to build a good relationship with press sites and  give them the easiest job possible, then there are some fundamental rules you should follow when making your app press kit.


You can save yourself and any interested mobile journalists a lot of time by uploading visuals of your app so they don’t have to do it for you. You should include screenshots showing every element of your app in action, as well as high-res copies of your app logo and banner. If you have different versions of your app, for example a paid and a free version, you would be best off to create two separate folders to show any screenshots relevant to each version.

This would also apply to when you have the same app version but on different devices. If you have Android only screenshots, but are contacted by an iPhone press website, you’ll need iOS specific images in your mobile app press kit so that they are suitable for the website.

On top of this, you could include a few different sizes of each image so that they are ready and useable to any possible press websites.

Press Releases

If you’ve had your product up for a while, you should include any mobile app or game press releases or patch info you may have shared with your fans or on your app page so that the press can see that you are dedicated to improving the app, and also any other changes that may need to be mentioned. This is also a good place to put another important thing; your contact info.

Contact Info

If you want to make things nice and easy for yourself, make sure to include multiple forms of contact information in your mobile app press kit so that if anyone needs to contact you, they can do it and get a reply from you quickly. You could also leave any social profiles or websites relevant to your application as well.


If you want to make sure your press kit isn’t only informative, but also easy to navigate, you’ll need to include a few things. Firstly, make sure that everything is categorized off. For example, if you have multiple app versions and want to show screenshots of each version, use folders to separate the images off from each other. You should also make sure that you appropriately name your files and images, this way anyone using the mobile app press kit can pick and find what they need right away.

To make things looking even more professional, you could compile everything into a pdf file and include a page of contents to show where certain information can be found.

Where to put your mobile app press kit

Once your mobile app press kit is built, you’ll need to turn it into a .zip or .rar archive file and have it ready for upload. It is completely okay to have it on your computer ready to send through an email, but if a mobile journalist or app reviewer stumbles upon your app and wants to give it a look, having a press kit ready to download is certainly the more professional approach.

The easiest thing would be to have a Dropbox or Google Drive link that can be found on your social media profiles, but to make things look nice and tidy, you could create a website for your app and dedicate an easy-to-find page for your mobile app press kit.

If you create a decent mobile app press kit and upload it to your own website, you’ll already be putting yourself miles ahead of other app developers, so it’s certainly worth doing as soon as you can get the chance.

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