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Akali – The Rough Assassin, is a former member of the Kinkou Order, an organisation meant to perverse balance in Ionia. After receiving her training from master Shen, she now defends Ionia from all enemies, striking them from the shadows and keeping herself in silence.

Akali aims to send a message to those who dare and attack her people: fear the assassin with no master. Akali is a fragile assassin that swiftly deals both physical and magical damage to her enemies. She’s excellent at infiltrating the backline and disrupting her foes.

Due to her shroud, she can go invisible, allowing herself to remain safe in such a dangerous spot. Akali excels with her insane mobility. She is highly agile and hard to catch! Making her capable of executing enemies and getting away with it.

Akali currently has 14 skins published since her release.

1. K/DA ALL OUT Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: October 29th, 2020
  • Price: 1350 RP

Following her success in K/DA and True Damage, Akali finds herself going ALL OUT on the stage with a brave dominance that was never shown before. Wearing a bright blue cropped jacket and a crop top that matches with her overall theme, Akali showcases her rapping talent with her microphone in her hand and pushes her band to a much superior edge than before! When her fans thought they saw everything from Akali, she surprised them even more with her musical talent.

Akali attacks her enemies with her brand new blue kunai and kama; each hit creates bright blue particles from the damage made. Akali’s Q throws five of her bright blue kunai at her target. If her passive is activated, a large blue ring around the enemy will be revealed, along with a tiger growl.

Her cloud-like shroud hides Akali; her appearance changes into a darker form, referencing the original K/DA. Her theme could be heard when she is inside her cloak. Akali’s E throws a bright sparking shurkin at her enemies, making her jump backward then dash back to her enemies to deal massive damage!

Finally! Her ultimate has two gaps closer. Akali dashes towards her enemies, instantly activating her passive, then she gets to dash again either away from the enemy or towards them, getting to execute them if they are low enough. Each dash Akali does generates K/DA ALL OUT music theme.

2. K/DA Akali Prestige Edition

YouTube video
  • Release date: December 6, 2018
  • Price: 100 Prestige Points

Akali adored the fandom she had received from the success of K/DA. She wanted to impress them even more, so she decided to show how much on fire she had become by expressing her K/DA outfit with a new prestige look! A golden theme in the pop genre!

Dyeing her hair red and wearing a cap saying “KDA,” Akali remodeled her old K/DA outfit into a golden one. While her kunai and kama are blue colored, each strike reveals sharp golden particles. Akali’s Q throws off her kunais, creating a sizeable golden ring around her enemies if they land.

Her W creates a dark shroud with golden stars sparkling beneath it. While hiding, Akali shines in a golden manner, brightened up more than ever. Her E throws her blue shurkin at her target; her target will be marked with a golden icon above their heads if they were hit.

Lastly, Akali executes her enemies and decreases the distance with her R. Each time she dashes, she creates a golden logo as a trail behind her that says KDA.

3. True Damage Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: November 10, 2019
  • Price: 1350 RP

K/DA has made Akali famous on a worldwide level, and that allowed her to set a goal for herself. Not disbanding from the K/DA band but deciding to work alone, Akali sets a mission to recruit various young and upcoming talents in the music genre to create a new band called True Damage.

Akali’s vanilla-looking hair matches with her new greenish street style outfit. Akali combines her new music with every attack! Creating a stylish way of fighting. Her primary weapons, kunai, and kama are designed with a highly sharp purple edge; whenever it hits a target, it creates a purple void-like effect with some orange particles.

Her shroud is dark purple, the same color as her steel; whenever Akali goes invisible, everything except her skin turns bright white. Here is a big purplish shurkin that sticks into target hit, allowing Akali to dash towards them no matter what location she is currently in.

With her R, Akali slices throw her enemies or disengage away fabulously, playing the most recognizable tones of her True Damage song with each dash.

4. K/DA Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: November 3, 2018
  • Price: 1350 RP

The brilliant street aesthetic of Akali has made her a very famous singer in the pop fandom. Her quick and hard-hitting words have reached all her yet to become fans and made them fall in love with her. Using both her microphone and her kama, Akali displays her supremacy in both the music genre and fighting. The silent ninja that she once was is now becoming a rising celebrity that excels at singing and assassinating targets.

Akali wears a purple jacket and a white crop top, then completes the rest of her outfit with various purple pieces. Her dark red spiky hair is shown in the back under her cap. Akali’s golden kunai and kama create green particles with each hit. Her Q throws all of her kunai to activate her passive, a wide purple ring with sharp edges around her target. Akalis swings her glowing kama whenever her passive is activated.

Akali’s W activates her shroud, which gives her movement speed and invisibility. Purple sparkling stars could easily be seen from it. Akali’s appearance changes inside, her hair and weapons glow bright purple, and hidden tattoos on her skin and outfits can be seen. Akali’s E is a giant golden shuriken that marks enemies hit by it, allowing Akali to run towards them with 100% accuracy.

Akali’s ultimate consists of two dashes that create a trail behind them; the first trail leaves a greenish logo on the ground while the second dash, which executes enemies, leaves a purple marking behind her, indicating K/DA’s supremacy.

5. Crime City Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: August 26, 2021
  • Price: 1350 RP

Accepting the deal that everyone else has done, Akali has become consumed by powers that twisted her personality horrifically. Now, enormous menacing energy flows through her body, causing her to become cruel, ready to attack anyone who dares to stand in her way.

Akali’s red and purple hair can be seen as a change from the powers she took; her eyes are glowing in bright purple that you can’t see her pupils. Akali is dressed in a white suit that is tightened by black belts in multiple spots. Starting with her Q, Akali throws five of her twisted kunais at her enemies; once they hit the target, a dark shadow is generated before quickly fading away.

Her shroud is a dark-purple smoke that produces a menacing aura around it. Purple creepy be seen through the smoke. Akali inside it becomes completely red and purple, showing more of her demonic form. Her E throws a giant shuriken powered with her dark energy, allowing her to strike back a target no matter the distance between them.

Akali uses her demonic power to dash through her enemies and cut them down. Her Ultimate leaves a trail of creepy eyes behind as a trail as she channels her purplish demon power to execute whatever is standing in her path.

6. Blood Moon Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: June 07, 2011
  • Price: 975 RP

There are many fierce warriors and priestesses of the infamous Blood Moon; none are as strong-willed as Akali. Being the first of them all to accept the darkness hidden within her, she now wields a unique power of being able to speak to the blood moon itself.

Harnessing the power of the blood moon, Akali serves as a vessel with her new red outfits, her black and crimson red matches, along her mask. Her kunai and kama have blue steel that shines whenever her passive is activated. Akali powers up her Q’s by throwing blood-red Kunai at her enemies in triplets. Akali empowers her E with the same ability, hurling her crimson shuriken towards her foe before she sprints at them.

Finally comes her ultimate; with her first cast, she flips over her target, striking with the power of the blood moon; a few seconds later, her power reaches the maximum, and she dashes through, striking to execute all her enemies in her path.

7. PROJET: Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: August 01, 2019
  • Price: 1350 RP

Being a PROJECT subject for a secret organization, Akali finally escapes from that facility, becoming a very dangerous assassin on the loose. All her empowered weapons, abilities, and other unrecorded tests are enough to warn many of the higher-ups about her lethal presence. Other PROJET subjects had been gathered by Akali to take out those who used them as test subjects, to free themselves and many others yet to become as for them.

PROJET Akali is an assassin with a super silver suit that gives an extra edge to her powers. Wearing a steel helmet with a red screen as her mask, she can observe her surroundings and make intelligent decisions based on the information. Akali constantly has flowing blue hair. Her kunai and kama are made from black steel with a glowing red aura.

Each Q throws five kunai charged with PROJET powers, making them glow bright red before quickly fading away. Her passive is a long black ring around her target with two red sigils that references that organization which ‘made’ her.

Akali puts down a smoke weapon with her W, creating a black smoke where she can hide beneath, making her glow red while keeping her hair the same. Akali’s E throws a very modern-looking crimson shurkin; targets damaged by it are marked with a hail of blades icon around them, allowing her to sprint at them and throw a powerful kick to their faces.

Akali’s R makes her dashes on top of a specific target, hitting them with magical damage in the process, and after a few seconds, she travels through the speed of sound and executes them by cutting through them. Akali’s voice is heavily modified with a robotic tone.

8. Headhunter Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: Mars 23, 2015
  • Price: 1350 RP

Akali is a ruthless hunter who only wants to play a game of life and death. She is capable of defeating any living thing that can be found anywhere. Dressed as a bounty hunter with many armor pieces on her body parts, Akali’s angry impression and her markings indicate she is not someone to take so lightly.

Her gray outfit and her red hair match with the overflowing energy flowing through her blades. Her kunai and kama are colored with red, white, and pinkish aura. Whenever Akali’s Q hits a target, a loud sound queues, which is quite satisfying to hear.

Activating her passive will create a ring with the same color as the aura of her weapons. Her shroud lets her be invisible after being caught by the enemies. Her E throws a red shurkin forward and makes Akali jump backward, leaving an afterimage.

Once it’s time to claim the bounty, Akali lunges towards an enemy with her R, then quickly dashes again, striking through them with a single red kunai.

9. Infernal Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: May 11, 2010
  • Price: 520 RP (Legacy content)

Akali is a Djinn from the underworld that has revealed herself to the mortals that dared to face Akali’s satanic realm. Her scorching kunai would melt her enemies once pierced through their chest. Internal Akali will also burn her targets to ashes as a service, but the price of such service isn’t quickly paid.

Infernal Akali is literally on fire. With a skin similar to brand’s, Akali is a Djinn from the underworld, with black horns and burning hair. Flames cover her shoulders, and her eyes are lit with fire.

Akali’s Q sends five scorching kunais. Her passive activates a burning ring around her enemies.  Once out of that ring, Akali swings her Kama in the air as flames completely cover it. Akali’s W hides her burning flames beneath her shroud, becoming sneaky yet burning hot simultaneously.

Her E throws a burning shurkin at her target. Her R allows Akali to dash twice towards an enemy, leaving a fire trail behind her as she cuts through them. Each hit of her scorching blades creates flaming particles on her target.

10. Nurse Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: June 04, 2011
  • Price: 957 RP

Disguised as a nurse, Akali has taken the role of one of the operation staff and snuck into the operation room alongside her former teacher, master Shen, and an Ionian Yordle, Kennen.

Dressed as a nurse, Akali is wearing a white dress with red lines along the edges and a medic hat. Two needles can be seen put on her legging.  Her kama and kunai are sergeant-like tools that are silver colored.

Akali’s Q throws five sharp needles at her enemies, activating her passive creates a blue ring with a heart and a needle shape on its edges. Her kama starts to overflow with energy once active, and a blue aura can be seen around it.

Akali’s E throws a scissor-like shurkin to backflip and then dash to her enemies. Lastly, Akali uses her R to finish off her ‘operation’ and execute enemies that have been damaged by her abilities—cutting through them with her blue kunai and taking them to the ground.

11. Sashimi Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: September 07, 2016
  • Price: 750 RP

Dressed as a sushi restaurant keeper, Akali and her friends work together to deliver the best food for their customers. With the help of Olaf, Leona, and Pantheon. The four of them were able to provide delicious plates to everyone! But that doesn’t change that Akali remains a silent assassin, or perhaps now, a quiet fish slicer.

Her beautiful bright red hair and her blue dress make her look like an excellent Sashimi! Akali’s sharp kunai is used to battle enemies who dare to interrupt her cooking. Akali’s creative mind has used a crap leg as her kama that would flow with green energy when she activates her passive. Her Q throws five different kunai that were indeed used to slice some sushi.

Her W hides her gorgeous appearance beneath the smoke, emphasizing how silent of an assassin she can be. Akali backflips and disengage from her target while throwing a shuriken towards them; activating her E again will cause her to rush towards the marked target to strike them with her blade.

Her ultimate ability makes Akali dash through them twice, proving that even when she is cooking, she is still capable of handling anyone that dares to cross her path. With each life, Akali slices through her enemies.

12. Silver Fang Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: November 29, 2011
  • Price: 975 RP

After learning all the different techniques from a secret clan of assassins, Akali departs from her group to find her path in life. Seeking to create a clan of her own, Akali silently hides in the world’s largest metropolis to find new members to recruit.

Silver Fang Akali is named due to her beautiful silver hair tied up with a yellow tie. Her outfit is military-looking and dark-themed. Akali’s kunai and kama are more prominent than usual. Their edge is wide, and the blade is heavier, like a butcher’s blade.

Akali’s Q throws her butcher-like kunais at her target. Her blue kama would flow with blue energy once activated. Her shroud hides her as long as she doesn’t attack her targets and restore a large portion of her power.

Her E throws a shuriken that activates her passive. Akali’s maximum damage can be spotted when her blade turns blue. Akali’s biggest strength is her mobility. Her R increases her survivability by dashing through her enemies or away from them, leaving blue particles behind after each dash.

13. Stinger Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: May 11, 2010
  • Price: 520 RP (Legacy content)

Under the order of the great sparrow bee, Akali has become one of the most fabulous trainees in the clan. Following the teaching of her masters, Akali seeks to teach other students what she has learned. But not only that, but Akali also seeks to surpass her master.

Akali is yellow and silver, a skin-tight suit pulling on her tanned body, representing a bee. Her vicious pink eyes and her gray hair are to be remembered when she stings her enemies. Akali’s Q throws her thin and sharm kunais at her enemies, her kama overflowing with a yellowish aura representing the color of bees.

Her shroud and other abilities don’t change their effects, but they still work for Akali quite perfectly. Akali still dashes through her enemies, slicing through them and creating perfect engagement with the combination of her shroud to disrupt the backline.

14. All-Star Akali

YouTube video
  • Release date: June 24, 2010
  • Price: 975 RP (Legacy content)

A Legendary football player, Akali has shown her dominance in the field with her aggressive playstyle, competing against many different teams and winning them all. Even after her retirement, Akali still plays and trains many young players to learn all her techniques and become just as legends.

In All-Star Akali, we can see her dressed in a cute white and pink PE hoodie and black shorts, as well as a soccer ball hanging on her waist. Akali’s weapon’s handles are sport-like. Akali throws five silver kunais at her target with her Q. Her W activates her shroud, which is seen coming from the ball she has on her waist that is pierced with one of her kunai.

Her E throws a shuriken that is a ball but has blades connected to it. Akali uses what she has mastered on the pitch to attack enemies with her ultimate. Her agility could easily be seen, and her speed was super enough to cut through her targets.

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