Top 15 Scary Games on Roblox (2023)

Best Horror Games on Roblox

Did you know that Roblox has some very spooky game titles? Yes, and some of them are so unsettling and intense that they have suitability age designation. In this article, we have put together some of the best horror games on Roblox that will leave you cold and terrified. Check them out!

Roblox is a community-rich gaming platform that allows gamers to create and plays games made by others. Games on the platform cut across all the popular genres. In this piece, we’ve detailed some of the best current horror games on Roblox. If you’ve been combing through the platform for scary games, we’ve sampled some blood-chilling ones just for you. Keep reading to find out….

1. Dead Silence 2

Dead Silence 2

Dead Silence is about the investigation of the whereabouts of the legendary Mary Shaw, a murdered artist who’s now haunting down the whole city. The multiplayer online game supports up to 4 players.

Ryan Kwanten’s wife has been brutally murdered by a ventriloquist’s dummy. You are supposed to investigate this mysterious murder case, a task that brings you face to face with real horror. Your investigation brings you into a new, hostile, and unfamiliar world, face to face with pure horror. The choice of soundtracks, the mysterious whispers, and deafening silence add to the eerie atmosphere of the game.

With up to 15 Jump Scares and an average scare rating of 4.0, be ready to be scared as you’ve never imagined.

2. Alone in a Dark House alone in a dark house

Alone in a Dark House is a Horror Puzzle Game produced by the DarkHouseRBLX Corporation. It started in 1996 following a brutal vehicle murder case. In the hope of getting to the bottom of the case and bringing the perpetrators to book, you play as the investigator.

As the detective in the case, you follow clues and leads and head to the family house in a small town. While there, you come to a startling discovery of the family’s dark secrets shrouded in horror and mystery. A mysterious, creepy killer is also hiding inside the empty house. The game has a characteristic horrific noise pattern that adds to its scariness.

3. Murder Mystery 2 Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 was created by NikilisRBX Corporation. The horror game has three main roles, which include the murderer, the sheriff, and the innocent. In the gameplay, the murder has a knife and can eliminate everyone and not shoot the sheriff. The innocents are detectives who strive to expose the murderer.

They have to cooperate among themselves and share info that will guarantee their safety. And then there’s the sheriff who works with the innocents to try and apprehend the murderer. Only the sheriff has a gun that can be used against the elusive murderer. You play as the sheriff.

Your experience improves across different levels depending on the number of innocents you manage to protect against the murderer.

4. Piggy Piggy

The Roblox Piggy was created by MiniToon, IK3As, and Optikk. It’s inspired by the children’s cartoon Peppa Pig and Granny, the Swedish survival horror game. The game is riddled with horror and mystery puzzles that will leave you confused and scared to the bone. You will play as a detective police officer investigating the disappearance of George Pig.

You follow your lead to the crime scene, but upon arrival, you’re knocked out by a mysterious pig and wake up in a bedroom you have never been to before. To save yourself from the strange pig, you must make your escape from the bedroom. Winning the Piggy game requires you to solve the puzzles and evade the villain to be a survivor and resist the temptation to be a traitor.

5. Stop It, Slender! Stop It, Slender!

Stop it; Slender is a super scary Roblox horror tag where citizens have to figure out how to evade the Slenderman and his elusive proxies. To successfully survive the terror meted out by this character, citizens have to locate some eight hidden pages at the crime scene.

You are caught up in the middle of this onslaught, and to survive, you need to take part in the collection of these pages. The aesthetics, the flashing lights, and spot-on sound design are carefully selected to add a creepy element to the game. The spooky scare game also features some fast-paced dark proxies that also add to the horror of this game title.

6. Breaking Point Breaking Point

Another very terrifying Roblox horror game that will make you jump in your chair. The spooky scare game supports multiplayer mode meaning you’ll have to work as a team to accomplish missions and survive ordeals. In this mystery murder horror game, the last person standing wins the dual.

It is a multiplayer mystery murder game. It combines several players for a combat game. Players randomly choose their opponents and engage in fierce knife combats. The winner of each duel awaits the next round till the last two winners battle it out to decide the winner. Skillfulness, tactics, precision, and waiting your turn are the key to subduing the enemy.

7. The Mimic [XMAS] The Mimic [XMAS]

The Mimic [XMAS] is a horror game with a unique twist of four different stories that have shaped Japanese history and urban legends. In each of the stories, you will be playing the roles of different characters venturing deep into the mysterious world of the unknown. The horror in this game title is in the flashing lights and loud scary noises, not forgetting the jumpscares.

This Survivor horror supports both single and multiplayer game modes. Meaning you can venture out into the mysterious worlds alone or team up with friends to decimate beasts in bloody wars. The Game modes show what takes place in the past canon and non-canon worlds. For each chapter, there you’ll be immersed in a different strange world with new beasts to conquest, among other challenges.

8. Survive the Killer Survive the Killer

The Slyce Amusement horror fits well with your Friday night friends’ game out. Every player is given a chance to be either a killer or survivor in multiplayer mode. As the 1980s classic villain, you need to track down and hunt your prey as a killer should aim to reach the levels of fantasy killer legends such as Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers.

Pet Master free spins guide and Amine Mania codes are essential to survive enemy attacks. With Genshin Impact codes, this analysis makes you good at freebies to eliminate victims of time run-outs. You may choose to go on solo missions or band together with friends to reign terror on enemies.

9. Bear Alpha Bear Alpha

Victory in this Roblox horror game requires cooperation. The ten players’ survivor game creates a standard for you as a Roblox player who loves action-packed horror games. You play as a team leader rallying your people against a villain Bear that’s hunting down everyone. Success against this beats teamwork and raw combat skills.

Your team has access to an arsenal of the best weapons. It would help if you used this to fend off the enemy and save your team from being ravaged by the beast. If you’re looking for a terrifying game on Roblox, Bear Alpha is a great way to kill start your horror game campaign.

10. The Mirror

The Mirror

A single-player psychological horror game inspired by the concept of “Strange Face in the Mirror Illusion.” You’ve found yourself in s a strange chamber. You’re ordered to dim the lights and stare in the mirror. Over time, your mind is distorted by the strange illusions they see in the mirror.

The game is set underground, in a room full of mirrors. Besides the mirror illusions, the scariness is in the jump scares and creepy sounds seen to be there from the very start to finish of the game.

11. Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack

A wave-based Roblox horror game that involves the shooting of zombies. The multiplayer game requires you to team up with friends to boost your chances of survival against the zombie invasion. The horror is in the bloody zombie attacks, the eerie atmosphere, and the endless stream of zombies threatening to overrun your defense. The game becomes even more terrifying as it progresses.

You’ll be gripped with fear as you’ve never witnessed as the zombie’s waves become more disorderly. Together with your team members, you have to come up with a strategy for shooting them down skillfully and with precision. You need to take down the zombie boss as first as you can if you’re going to have an edge in the game.

12. Finders Keepers Finders Keepers

A single-player game that details the horror that plagues a family house. You play the paranormal detective that uses clues and leads to get to this strange family home. During your journey to this strange world, you also get a change to explore and unravel other mysteries.

With several character customization features, you can design the protagonist and equip them with weapons however you wish. There are different gaming levels, each with its share of gifts and rewards. If you’re a fan of horror games, you’ll appreciate the sound design and the general appearance of the game setting.

All the aspects combine to make Finder Keeps one scary horror game on Roblox.

13. Scary Elevator

Scary Elevator, as the name suggests, is set in a very chilling elevator setting. It is a multiplayer game that requires teamwork to overcome the horror present on each floor in the scary forty-four-floor apartment. At the outset, all payers need to get in an elevator then fight to the death at each floor to evade brutal killers on the loose at each of the floors.

As always, you’re better off in a team that solo combats against these unrelenting killers. Success at each level of the game is rewarded with gears and other gifts. You’ll need those to boost your odds of survival in the next face of the horror game.

14. Nightmare [beta] Nightmare [beta]

You are a detective who wakes up and finds himself in a strange villa. Be that as it may, you want to uncover the strange mansions’ dark secrets. This is a single-player game. Meaning all the missions, combats, and adventures, and experiences are undertaken by a single player.

Horror is deeply ingrained in all aspects of the game. From the soundtracks to the empty dark rooms with strange lights, you will feel terror lurking everywhere. If you’ve had enough of the other popular game genres on Roblox and want something that will cause your heart to skip a bit, then this horror game is all that you need.

15. Horror Elevator Horror Elevator

Like Scary Elevator, this multiplayer horror game sets you up against a team of killers strewn across some 44 floors of an apartment building. Descending to a different floor needs cooperation and teamwork with other players to outwit the enemy. Encounters with the killers are bloody and frightening. The strangeness is enhanced with sirens, survival leader boards, among other unique features. The Horror Elevator is great for anyone who’s a fan of bloody combat-style horror games.

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