Best Jinx Skins in League of Legends: The Ultimate Ranking

Best Jinx Skins

Jinks has a very high appearance rate in LPL arena. She is the symbol hero of professional player Deft. Do you want to own the best jinx skin? I recommend reading this article first.

Loose Cannon – Jinx, With long colorful hair, maniacal laughter, and her trusty rocket launcher, Jinx is a psychotic criminal who revels in destruction. She abhors boredom, unleashing the loudest blasts and brightest explosions to leave behind a trail of chaos and mayhem.

With an array of long-range attacks and weapons, Jinx is one of the more versatile and interesting characters in the league of Legends

At the time of publication, Jinx has 8 skins (excluding chroma skins). Here are our rank:

1. Star Guardian Jinx

YouTube video
  • Release date: October 05, 2016
  • Price:1820 RP

Not one to roam the stars alone, Star Guardian Jinx travels with her two floating sidekicks. Their friendship, however, is not just sentimental. The sidekicks both transform into weapons of incalculable destruction.

Part of the popular Star Guardian skin line, this look provides a cosmic aesthetic for the character. With her star-shaped zaps and mad hatter-looking chompers, she offers a unique aesthetic to the game.  Her big attack blazes through like a bat from hell, with a fusion of both her furry companions

2. Heartseeker Jinx

YouTube video
  • Release date: Still on the PBE, Stayed tuned
  • Price:1350 RP

Driven mad with love, Heartseeker Jinx has developed a plethora of love-inspired weapons. She wreaks havoc alongside her trusty companion Fishbones.

The skin is heavily love-inspired. Her Q skills reveal her obsession, taking on heart shapes. Her big move is a humongous bouquet of flowers travelling long distances to annihilate her target. This skin has a lot of special effects.

3. Odyssey Jinx

YouTube video
  • Release date: September 12, 2018
  • Price:1350 RP

As the Captain of the Morning Star Crew, Jinx loves to create highly unstable weaponry. Her love for explosives started as a mining explosive technician, where her overenthusiasm to see things go up in flames oftentimes resulted in massive collateral damage and her being dismissed from the position.

With alarming speed, she can unleash a flurry of attacks leaving her opponents obliterated before they even know it. Her flame chompers bind her opponent in place while she fires her triple barrage of rockets. She opens up a new different dimension from which she fires her Super Mega Death Rocket. The impact leaves a huge crater and knocks the opponent off their feet.

4. Project Jinx

YouTube video
  • Release date: August 01,2019
  • Price:1350 RP

After volunteering for PROJECT conversion, a critical power failure scrambled Jinx’s memory core. Now she is slowly driven mad by the voices in her head.

This skin is very techno-inspired and has a lot of purple highlights. Her style is complete with laser weapons and mechanical skins.  Her weapons leave a lot of geometric after-images in their wake. Her Super Mega Death rocket breaks the sound barrier, leaving aftershocks of bright lights and a circle of destruction after it has hit its target.

5. Slayer Jinx

YouTube video
  • Release date: November 05, 2016
  • Price:1350 RP

Hardened by a post-apocalyptic world overridden by the undead. Slayer Jinx is ecstatic to live in a world with no rules and surplus ammunition.

With pink hair, green zombie-plant chompers and her trusty machine gun. She is able to eradicate every enemy that comes her way. Her zap fires an electric bolt, and she has an enhanced switcheroo ability. Her Super Mega Death Rocket leaves an enormous mushroom cloud, reminiscent of a  nuclear bomb landing.

6. Mafia Jinx

YouTube video
  • Release date: October 09, 2013
  • Price: 975 RP

With purple scarves and pearl necklaces, Mafia Jinx may look like an actress of the 70s. However, it’s definitely not an act when she goes on murderous rampages during her psychotic episodes. Known for a short temper and incredibly massive weapons, she is not one to be taken lightly.

Her Q skill ranges from  a massive machine gun, more suited to a tank than a daintily dressed woman, to bear traps and a concussive wine cork. An imaginative character, her big move is a bear trap strapped to a large stick of dynamite. This skin has a lot of other special effects.

7. Firecracker Jinx

YouTube video
  • Release date: February 10, 2015
  • Price:1350 RP

Cursed with an overactive imagination, Firecracker Jinx loves to create outrageous weaponry for the fun of it. This includes a number of Lunar Revel weapons and a seven-foot-long rocket shaped like a dragon.

This skin is very Chinese-inspired, with her clothing and weapons styled to look like the head of dragons. Her Q skill sports a traditional firecracker look. Her big move is a large firecracker which explodes in an array of beautiful colors in contradiction to its deadly impact on the enemy.

8. Ambitious Elf Jinx

YouTube video
  • Release date: Still on the PBE, Stayed tuned
  • Price:  1350 RP

For someone who’s always in the Christmas spirit, Ambitious Elf Jinx is a huge contradiction. Rather than handing out gifts, all she offers is pure chaos as she destroys her enemies with her toy train minigun and clapping monkey chompers. Who knows what she could have done to jolly old Santa Claus!?

Her big move is a massive rocket full of concussive gifts. This skin has a unique playful vibe.

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