7 Best Support for Miss Fortune in LOL [Build • Runes, Items & More]

Best Support for Miss Fortune

If you are a fan of League of Legends, you will be able to discover the best support options for Miss Fortune. From crowd control to peel and enhancing damage, you can find the perfect synergy with champions like Blitzcrank, Leona, Thresh, Maokai, Nami, and Nautilus to dominate the bot lane and secure victories with Miss Fortune.

Miss Fortune is a marksman and bounty hunter who kills her opponents with weapons. Born to renowned weapons manufacturer Abigail Fortune, Miss Fortune grew up in Bilgewater. Her basic attacks are well-known for their capacity to mark adversaries, and when they strike an unmarked enemy, they deliver additional physical damage. Some of her skills include make It Rain, Strut, and Double Up. She is assertive when paired with support who can help her set up her ultimate, Bullet Time, which fires an array of bullets in a cone. The best supports for Miss Fortune are those who can lock down the enemy with crowd control, peel for her, or enhance her damage output. Here are some of the best supports for Miss Fortune in League Of  Legends.

1. Blitzcrank


Blitzcrank greatly supports Miss Fortune, as he can hook the enemy into Miss Fortune’s range and knock them up with his E. Blitzcrank can also silence the enemy with his R, preventing them from escaping or using abilities. Blitzcrank and Miss Fortune can easily burst down the enemy with significant damage and CC. Blitzcrank has a massive, movable claw arm on his massive metal body. His ability to fire out a mechanical fist on a chain to grip and drag adversaries in from a distance greatly supports Miss Fortune. This skill can pick off and isolate opponents, changing the course of a battle.

Miss Fortune’s Make it Rain (E) and Double Up (Q) combo are incredibly effective for intimidating and jabbing opponents in the lane. Furthermore, you have enormous kill potential after you obtain your ultimate and reach level six. Blitzcrank is one of the best supports to team with MF. Miss Fortune will have plenty of time to launch her combination if he uses his Rocket capture (Q) to capture an enemy and then Power Fist (E) and Static Field (R) to follow with a crowd control chain.

Blitzcrank Builds

Blitzcrank Builds


Blitzcrank Items

2. Leona


Leona is the optimal combination for Miss Fortune in the bot lane. Leona can engage the enemy with her E and Q, stun them with her R, and apply sunlight passive to increase Miss Fortune’s damage. Leona and Miss Fortune can also combo their ultimates for a devastating wombo-combo that can wipe out the enemy team. Leona’s homeland is the mythical, sun-drenched realm of Mount Targon. Leona, who came from a lowly background, was designated the “Aspect of the Sun” due to her celestial aspect. This heavenly change gave her enormous power, and she took on the sun’s brightness. Her role as the element is to protect Mount Targon from outside attacks and preserve its honor.

Leona’s skills in combat are evidence of her steadfast commitment. She is an excellent fit for tanky support or a durable top laner role because of her reputation for tackiness and crowd management. Her skills include “Eclipse,” which strengthens her defenses and deals damage to adjacent enemies, and “Shield of Daybreak,” a stunning melee assault that renders opponents helpless. Her ultimate, “Solar Flare,” is a potent skill shot that can render many foes helpless, creating the ideal situation for her team to engage.

Leona Builds

Leona Builds


Leona Items

3. Thresh


Thresh is a powerful support champion who stands out due to his unique and menacing appearance. Thresh is a versatile support who can play aggressively and defensively with Miss Fortune. Thresh can hook the enemy with his Q, flay them with his E, and box them in with his R. Thresh can also lantern Miss Fortune to safety or follow up on his engagement. Thresh and Miss Fortune can also use their ultimates together to create a deadly zone of damage, and Slow is not only a champion but also a spectral warden with a deadly scythe linked to the afterlife. He’s a smart and practical choice for support because he can operate lighting and chains. Thresh’s abilities allow him to shield his allies with a lantern, disrupt the other team with crowd control effects, and hook and drag enemies in.

Thresh’s gameplay revolves around precise placement and skill shots. He can enter or quit fights using his Q ability, “Death Sentence, ” by throwing a hook.” If he lands it and uses his other powers, he might combine them to create lethal combos. One unique feature of his lantern, “Dark Passage,” is that his allies may click it to guide them to safety. Thresh can disrupt opponents with his E ability, “Flay,” and his ultimate, “The Box,” which creates a ring of walls that slows and damages enemies passing through. This is made possible by his excellent crowd control. He is a favorite for the support role and a challenging champion to master due to his unique mechanics.

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4. Maokai


Maokai is a champion in the popular online multiplayer game League of Legends. He is well known for being a formidable melee champion who can control sizable gatherings of people. As per Maokai’s past, dark magic corrupted him and converted him from a twisted treant into an embodiment of nature’s anger. Makoi and Miss Fortune combine to provide Miss Fortune with the most victories. Their combined win percentage of over 55% shows how successful this team can be in a given competition.

Maokai has a killer-support ultimate for Miss Fortune, just like Leona. His roots go all the way across the river and the roadway. They are almost as long-lasting as the channeling of MF’s Bullet Time. This is a surefire prescription for disaster because Maokai guarantees Miss Fortune’s ultimate damage, which is, as we all know, completely broken.

Maokai Builds

Maokai Builds


Maokai Items

5. Nami


Nami is a water-wielding support champion known for her enchanting aquatic abilities. Nami can heal Miss Fortune with her W, buff her auto-attacks with her E, slow the enemy with her passive, and knock them up with her Q or R. Nami and Miss Fortune can also synergize well with their ultimates, as Nami’s wave can set up Miss Fortune’s bullet time.

Her intriguing past provides context for her powers in-game. The elemental power of water lies at the core of Nami’s skill set. Aqua Prison is Nami’s primary means of crowd control. She may call out a water bubble to stun and damage her opponents. With this skill, Aqua Prison can set up easy bubble chains with Miss Fortune’s E-Make It Rain to lock down enemies.

Ebb and Flow(W)  is Nami’s main healing and damaging spell. It targets both allies and enemies, with the ability to heal or harm depending on its direction. This versatile ability allows her to sustain her team in fights and poke her enemies. This skill set can heal Miss Fortune in fights, making her one of the best supports for Miss Fortune.

Her Tidecaller’s Blessing (E) enhances an allied champion’s basic attacks with more damage and a slowing effect. This ability can apply on-hit effects to Miss Fortune’s basic attacks, allowing her to procure her impure shots passively more often.

Nami Builds

Nami Builds


Nami Items

6. Nautilus


Nautilus is indeed one of the best supports for Miss Fortune. His appearance and lore are imposing. Wearing a massive, deep-sea diving outfit highlights his affinity for the ocean’s unfathomable depths. His gigantic anchor is a weapon representing his lost humanity, and his hulking, mechanical armor emits an unsettling glow.

Nautilus can provide much crowd control and tackiness for Miss Fortune and synergize well with her ultimate. Nautilus can hook the enemy with his Dredge Line (Q), root them with his passive, slow them with his Riptide (E), and knock them up with his Depth Charge (R).

Nautilus and Miss Fortune can also chain their ultimates for a massive AoE stun and damage. Miss Fortune can simultaneously slow the opponent with Make It Rain (E) and gradually reduce their health with Bullet Time (R). Additionally, his tackiness makes Nautilus a valuable barrier between Miss Fortune and the adversary. Nautilus is a great choice to play aggressively and dominate the lane with Miss Fortune.

Naulitus Builds


Nautilus Items

7. Soraka


Soraka is regarded as a “support” or “healer” champion because of her helpful role. Soraka is a healing support who can enhance Miss Fortune’s damage and CC the enemy. Soraka can heal Miss Fortune with her W, buff her auto-attacks with her E, slow the enemy with her passive, and knock them up with her Q or R. Soraka and Miss Fortune can also synergize well with their ultimates, as Soraka’s wave can set up Miss Fortune’s bullet time. Soraka is an excellent choice to play defensively and sustain in the lane with Miss Fortune.

Soraka is an essential component of a team’s overall strategy because of her gameplay, which entails staying in the backline to heal and defend her comrades. She needs to be positioned correctly and have a solid sense of her map to impact the game significantly.

Soraka Builds


Soraka Items


Q. Who is the best support for Miss Fortune?

The best support for Miss Fortune often depends on your playstyle. Still, Leona is a strong choice due to her aggressive crowd-control abilities and tackiness, which complements Miss Fortune’s damage output.

Q. Is Blitzcrank a good support for Miss Fortune?

Yes, Blitzcrank can be effective with Miss Fortune as his Rocket Grab can pull enemies towards her, allowing her to land her Double Up (Q) ability easily and potentially secure kills.

Q. Why is Thresh a recommended support for Miss Fortune?

Thresh is a versatile support who can create opportunities for Miss Fortune with his crowd control and lantern (W) to keep her safe. He can engage in fights or peel for her as needed.

Q. Is Maokai a viable support for Miss Fortune?

Maokai provides strong engagement and crowd control with his abilities, solidly supporting Miss Fortune. He can initiate fights and help her deal damage safely.

Q. Why is Nami a popular pick as a support for Miss Fortune?

Nami’s healing and crowd control abilities can help Miss Fortune stay in lane longer and provide additional control in fights. Her Ebb and Flow can also enhance Miss Fortune’s trading potential.


When selecting her support, Miss Fortune, the League of Legends’ notorious pirate who later converted into a gun-wielding marksman, finds herself in a unique situation. The various support champions in the League have something valuable to offer her, even though she may appear to choose some over others.

The bot lane benefits significantly from the crowd management and initiating capability of champions such as Leona and Blitzcrank.  Both can set up Miss Fortune for her deadly Bullet Time Ultimate. Furthermore, Thresh’s flexibility in using his Death Sentence and Flay to engage and disengage offers strategic depth that can work well with Miss Fortune’s playstyle. As tanks and healers, Maokai, Nautilus, and Nami each have a unique utility. Maokai’s crowd control and saplings, Nautilus’s lockdown and hooks, and Nami’s healing and crowd control skills make them adaptable companions for Miss Fortune in various scenarios.

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