9 Best Switch Games for Couples You Should Play Together

Best switch games for couples

The two Joy-Cons available with the switch makes it so that you can play two player Co-op games, and who’s better to play that with none other than your partner.

1. Overcooked 2

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Ever wanted to test how good of a team you and your partner can make? Overcooked will discover just that! Jump in with your partner inside many different kitchens with each level and work together to create the perfect dish. Hand ingredients to each other, wash the dishes before they stack up, shoo the cheeky mice away and put out the fire of many overcooked foods.

With its story driven levels and various different modes, this game becomes addictive. However, it is quite fast-paced and requires good team cooperation. Just make sure you don’t end up ruining your relationship.

2. Super Mario Party

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In Super Mario Party compete with your partner in many different exciting mini-games. Move your Joy-Con to match the action showing on screen as in the cooking mini-game or use it to move your character around. The sound stage where you will have to move according to the beat is one of the most enjoyable activities!

Jump and dance with your partner and try to earn the highest score to win. Featuring many of the beloved characters in Mario world, like Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach, play with your partner as a pair or play in one for all against each other for a competitive experience.

3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

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Mario Kart is the best kart racing video game bestowed to this day. Including a unique large roster of characters and over 40 different tracks to choose from, the graphics and live recorded soundtrack are just on point. Buckle up with your partner and prepare yourselves to race in an 8 player competition.

Choose your favourite character and look for all the mysterious power ups to be used for your advantage. Be wary though, you can make your special one really angry with all the green shells and bananas you throw. Overall Mario Kart is a very addictive game to enjoy with your partner.

4. Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Games Tokyo 2020

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Have you ever argued with your partner about which console was better? Well now is the time to settle the score between Sega and Nintendo! Get to play the many characters in Mario and Sonic universe then compete in the Olympics to earn the gold medal.

Experience one of the best video games at representing sport-genre and get to discover all available events, like Hurdles, Triple Jump, Sport Climbing and Boxing. There are lots of medals for you and your partner to aim for among other achievements, making it an entertaining game and a challenging one to complete.

5. Super Mario Maker 2

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Super Mario Maker 2 is all about creating new Mario courses! Place blocks, coins and ground wherever you desire, customize with different features and choose the world theme to your preference. In Super Mario Maker, the only limit is your imagination, there are so many ways to have fun!

Play with your partner and race in a randomly selected world, the one who finishes first wins! Try showing off your own course to your partner and their friends. If you believe their judgement won’t do any good then let people all around the world be the judge as you get to discover theirs too.

6. Snipperclips Plus

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Grab your partner and play as a pair of paper slices in one of the cutest and creative puzzle games ever! In order to complete all puzzles, you and your partner will have to coordinate good cooperation and use your imaginations to figure out all possible ways to get through a variety of levels.

This game is really dependent on two players and not recommended for solo. Luckily, you and your partner won’t have to worry about that as you will get to enjoy the wonderful music and adorable artworks. Enjoy this clever cooperative switch game and don’t hesitate to use it on your next date.

7. Moving Out

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You and your partner are moving to a brand new house! But all the furniture must be taken outside and transported via the van. Both of you will have to hurry and get them outside in any manner possible. Lift heavy objects together while combating ridiculous physics moving simulators and try to hold your laughs while you break through windows, doors and even walls.

Featuring many exciting levels, you get to play in ordinary houses, outer space houses, rocket ship houses or just a flying plane. The objective is to get all the furniture outside as soon as possible!

8. Tools Up!

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Test your team spirit with your beloved as you play in a local cooperation and multiplayer focused video game. Tools Up! is about completing home renovations, however, both of you will have to share the same bucket and tools, making it difficult to coordinate.

The game will easily get you frustrated as you realize the item you need is missing, making it really messy to do stuff as a team. Not only that but you will have to deal with running into each other. However, it will still surprise you with how fun it gets. Enjoy playing as an adorable character and try your best to work as a team.

9. 1-2-Switch

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With the 1-2-Switch video game, experience all different party minigames with your partner. With each holding a Joy-Con, motion it according to the current minigame and follow the guide. You will have to pay a lot of attention to make sure your reaction time is on point.

Both you and your partner will have to compete against each other in a party with over 20 different minigames. 1-2-Switch is a very enjoyable game, you will have plenty of fun together whether it’s just the two of you on a date or in a party. It’s a great way to bond together without getting seriously competitive as in other games.

In conclusion games make couples closer

Even if your partner hasn’t been invested in the gaming world, those games will guarantee them lots of fun. Playing video games together is no different than other hobbies.

You will create plenty of memories together and discover so many traits about each other but most importantly, it will definitely make you become closer.

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