Best Vayne Skins in League of Legends in 2023 (All Ranked)

Best Vayne Skins in League of Legends

Vayne is probably your favorite champion in the League of Legends. Whether you are new to LoL skins or are a seasoned gamer, Vayne skins provide an awesome way to get closer to accompanying the Legend on her deadly battle missions. In this post, we have put together some of the best Vayne Skins in the League of Legends that you can use to give you champion a facelift. Keep reading for the details…..

Vayne is a famous champion in the League of Legends with the most outplay highlights on the internet. Despite the great love she receives from her fans, her bare skin is not that appealing.

Luckily, you’ll have the best Vayne skins to choose from, to not only improve her appearance but also increasing your win ratio considering that each Vayne skin comes with a different set of capabilities for the hero.

This LoL hero has awesome game mechanics – you can improve this by giving her a more battle ready look tha will make her even more lethal during combats.

However, the question is, which one should you choose? Here are some pretty amazing Vayne skins in LoL that you can use to change the looks of Vayne and even equip her with new abilities.

1. Project: Vayne

YouTube video
  • Release Date: November 22nd, 2017
  • Price: 1820 RP

Project: Vayne is a very pricey skin, but well worth the price if quality is anything to go by. Vayne is a vigilante taking revenge on those who betrayed her. The skin introduces whole new voice lines, particles, and animations. Riding in a futuristic motorcycle and her visible armor, Vayne looks stronger in this skin. Her W animation has a thrilling indicator showing when an opponent has two stacks.

In addition to that, her silver bolts were replaced with diamonds instead of circles. The purple touch on her crossbow and helmet makes this skin more breathtaking. Even though you’ll dig deep into your pocket to get this skin, its effects, animations, and other additions put Project: Vayne skin top of this collection.

2. Sentinel Vayne

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  • Release Date: July 8th, 2021
  • Price: 1820 RP

Sentinel Vayne is among the latest arrivals in the latest skins in the League of Legends. It has a great character model, extraordinary features, and thrilling new animations. The Q animations, W and E, all perfectly complement each other. You’ll also love her emote that has her pulling out her original base skin outfit.

Sentinel Vayne is considered one of the best skins in LoL with a clean and straightforward design. It features black and white colors breaking the monotony of portraying Vayne as a demon hunter. Her crossbows feature floating white shards, and her animations, as well as particles, are dominated by white color.

The skin also has modern sounds to add to its impressive features. As the latest Vayne skin, Sentinel comes with some of the best features making it worth the price of 1820 RP.

3. Arclight Vayne

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  • Release Date: April 25th, 2015
  • Price: 975 RP

Arclight Vayne is a great skin with some of the best features. Worth mentioning is that it has some cool animations and effects that will completely transform the appearance of your champion. At 975 RP, it is also one of the best priced Vayne skins in the League of Legends. This is a classic skin that effectively achieves its theme.

The skin looks great, with the white-yellow color combination looking perfect on Vayne. Its new animations and particles involve golden circles forming from her Silver Bolts. If you are looking for a cheaper skin that is still amazing, Arclight Vayne has all you’ll need.

4. FPX Vayne

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  • Release Date: April 30th, 2020
  • Price: 1350 RP

FPX Vayne is one of those skins that you get not because of its aesthetic but its history. It is a leading Lol skin that features some of the best sound effects and animations synonymous with high-end skins. The skin strives to achieve a fiery theme, with bright red and yellow colors being dominant.

However, the skin has the same emotes as the base skin but with an excellent recall animations. Choosing this skin is like being part of Vayne’s history. If you are looking for something amazing and unique, FPX Vayne is worth checking out.

5. Firecracker Vayne prestige edition

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  • Release Date: January 28th,2019
  • Price: 100 prestige tokens

In the prestigious edition of Firecracker Vayne, you will get a new color scheme. Vayne is dressed up in the prestigious theme dominated by gold and white colors in this skin. The skin seem to introduce new textures, animations, and particles for every skill. The new prestige-inspired sounds make it worth investing in. It includes a unique border, splash, and VFX.

However, this skin is limited and only available through Hextech Loot. If you want to have a prestigious touch in your gameplay, try the Firecracker Vayne Prestige edition. The fashion upgrades, animations, and everything about this skin is just what a player needs in a skin. Check it out.

6. Soulstealer Vayne

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  • Release Date: July 28th, 2016
  • Price: 10 gems

Soulstealer Vayne is one of the gemstone-exclusive skins that feature Vayne as a mysterious figure with a new glowing bow and outfit. Vayne gets a whole new transformation that will blow your mind. With bright green eyes and hands, a purple robe, and a new visual appearance, Soulstealer gives you a whole new exciting character. It brings new animations, particles, and sound effects that make it even more perfect. For her recall animation, Vayne and her crossbow float in the air.

However, the rarity of this skin makes it quite challenging to find. You’ll have to spend a lot of RP or open hundreds of Hextech chests to get enough gems for the skin. If you’re lucky enough to find this skin, you will be amazed by its great features.

7. Firecracker Vayne

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  • Release Date: January 28th,2019
  • Price: 1350 RP

This is a standard edition of Firecracker Vayne that is available in the LoL Legacy Vault category. Meaning, it is rare and only available during certain short windows period in any given year. Since it portrays a Chinese event, Lunar New Year, this skin is colorful, with red, yellow, and gold being dominant in both the character model and her animations.

Firecracker Vayne features new sounds, animations, and particles. Her silver bolts have an Asian-themed artwork. And the pig statues in her crossbows bring more life to the character. Her ambush attacks and abilities combined with fireworks sounds make the skin one of a kind. If you are a fan of cultural skins in League of Legends, Firecracker Vayne is perfect for you. Check it out.

8. Heartseeker Vayne

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  • Release Date: February 14th, 2012
  • Price: 975 RP

Heartseeker Vayne is a flawless skin with exciting effects and animations. With the Heartseeker skin, Vayne is dominated by red and white colors which closely resemble the general theme of the skin. Even though there has been a little controversy about the skins animations and sound effects, Heartseeker Vayne is still a great LoL skin for gamers interested in quality features that are rare.

It features her bats turning into little hearts, and her bow also has a giant heart arrow. Imagine killing people with kindness?

Heartseeker Vayne adds heart particles to her abilities taking you into a valentine massacre mood. It is an excellent skin for any player who enjoys the love theme.

9. Spirit Blossom Vayne

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  • Release Date: July 22nd, 2020
  • Price: 1350 RP

Spirit Blossom Vayne has a unique dark blue color scheme that complements its theme. The skin comes with great new animations and features that make it worth the price of 1350 RP. Spirit Blossom Vayne boasts of having the best recall animation of all skins. The bluish glow and effects make you feel like a demonic hunter on a mission when she ults.

It also features blue rings from her Silver Bolts that adds to the glamour. If you want a skin that packs special features and still retails at an affordable price, Spirit Blossom Vayne is here for you.

10. SKT T1 Vayne

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  • Release Date: May 4th, 2014
  • Price: 750 RP

SKT T1 is a skin that has a better value for money. With this skin, Vayne wears red clothes and has a golden bow. Visually this skin is excellent, and Vayne looks sharp in it. It is also not pricey and given its remarkable features, and what it brings to the table, you can spare some RPs for it.

It has also been around for quite a long therefore choosing it is embracing Vayne’s history. Since the SKT T1 Vayne hit the screens after the 2013 World Championship, it is excellent for those who are ardent soccer fans.

And for a price of 750 RP, it is a fairly affordable Vayne skin for anyone looking for a good-looking skin at a fraction of the price of high-end skins.

11. Dragonslayer Vayne

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  • Release Date: August 24th, 2011
  • Price: 975 RP

Dragonslayer Vayne is a skin that did not meet its expectations. Given its price, you would be forgiven to think of impressive animations, sound tracks, and particle effects. The skin is somewhat plain and with very ordinary features. It has no new features – animations, particles, or sound effects. It fails to achieve its theme effectively.

In this skin, Vayne does not look like a dragon slayer but rather a woman who discovered a dead dragon and wore its face. Nevertheless, Dragonslayer is still a great skin for gamers who are just getting started.

12. Aristocrat Vayne

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  • Release Date: May 10th, 2011
  • Price: 520 RP

Aristocrat Vayne is a cheaper skin for players with limited RP. Although, it does not have any new animations or effects. Aristocrat Vayne does not achieve what a Hellsing-style skin would achieve. The skin’s concept was great, but the tiny spectacles and hair that look like a peacock feather are just a turn-off.

By LoL, standards, Aristocrat Vayne is classified as an average skin with a few features and insanely cheap price of 520 RP. Riot Games could have done better with the animations, particles, and sound effects that characterize this skin.

However, for a price of only 520 RP, you can only expect average features. That notwithstanding, Aristocrat Vayne is still a great skin for anyone on a budget.

13. Vindicator Vayne

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  • Release Date: May 10th, 2011
  • Price: 520 RP

Vindicator Vayne is one of the oldest skins in Vayne’s collection. That implies that choosing it is but a matter of preference. However, that doesn’t mean that the skin isn’t appealing at all.

In fact, the converse is true. The skin has some of the best animations and particle effects in LoL. It has a grand color scheme and gorgeous splash art that works well on the character model. You will also appreciate its magical color swap.

For a price of 520 RP, Vindicator is a great skin for any gamer on a budget. If you a Vayne enthusiast looking for something awesome to add to your skin collection, this is a great pick worth checking out.


We have come to the end of our comprehensive guide on the best Vayne skins in the League of Legends. Compare and contrast these skins to find the one that suits you best. Let us know your favorite skin by dropping a comment down below.

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