Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make the Delicious Fish Sandwich

disney dreamlight valley fish sandwich

Disney Dreamlight Valley has captivated gamers with its life simulation gameplay mixed with quests featuring iconic Disney and Pixar characters. As you befriend the characters, you‘ll often need to whip up some tasty dishes to complete certain quests.

One such recipe you may need to cook up is the satisfying Fish Sandwich, which is requested by Mickey Mouse himself in the "Missing Minnie" questline.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to craft the perfect Fish Sandwich in Dreamlight Valley, including:

  • Overview of the Missing Minnie quest
  • Fish Sandwich recipe and ingredients
  • How to obtain the key ingredients
  • Step-by-step cooking instructions
  • Helpful tips and recommendations

So let‘s get cooking!

The Missing Minnie Quest

Before Mickey asks you to cook up some Fish Sandwiches, you first need to progress through the game and meet him in the Plaza.

After you clear the night thorns and unlock Mickey, he‘ll give you the "Missing Minnie" quest. Mickey tells you that Minnie has wandered off and may be lost somewhere in the valley with her memories fading away.

Your quest objectives are:

  1. Find Minnie
  2. Make 2 Fish Sandwiches
  3. Make 5 Crudites
  4. Bring the dishes to Mickey

So the first step is tracking down Minnie, who can be found in the Forgotten Lands area. After you meet her, she‘ll request the specific dishes to help jog her memory.

finding minnie mouse in dreamlight valley

Now let‘s look at how to cook up those Fish Sandwiches!

Fish Sandwich Recipe and Ingredients

The great news about cooking in Dreamlight Valley is that you don‘t actually need to unlock recipe books to craft dishes. As long as you have the core ingredients, you can throw them together in a pot and the meal will magically materialize!

To make one serving of the tasty Fish Sandwich, you need:

  • 1 Fish
  • 1 Wheat

And that‘s it!

So to complete the Missing Minnie quest, you‘ll need a total of:

  • 2 Fish
  • 2 Wheat

Pretty simple ingredients, but let‘s look at the best ways to collect them.

How to Get Fish for the Sandwich

Fish can be reliably gathered from any fishing spot around the valley. I prefer using the pond in the Peaceful Meadow, but any body of water with fish rippling on the surface will do.

Equip your fishing rod and cast away! You‘ll need to land 2 common quality fish to check off this ingredient. I find that aiming slightly above and leading the moving fish works well.

Once you reel in your catch, it will automatically be added to your inventory. Repeat to nab your second fish for the sandwiches.

fishing in dreamlight valley

Obtaining Wheat for the Fish Sandwich

Wheat is the trickier ingredient, as you can‘t directly fish or forage for it in the valley. However, there are still a couple great methods to get wheat fast:

Buy wheat seeds and grow your own – Purchase wheat seeds from Goofy‘s Stall in the Grasslands or Dazzle Beach biomes. Plant them in the garden beds around your house and water daily until grown. Harvest the fresh wheat once fully grown.

Check Goofy‘s rotating stock – Goofy will randomly have wheat for sale at his stalls, so check whenever you see him out and about. Snag it if available!

Complete crop requests – Keep an eye out for crop requests from the valley residents, as fulfilling asks like Wall-E‘s Wheat Request can reward you with wheat.

Through those methods, you should have no issues wrangling up 2 wheat for the sandwiches.

How to Cook the Fish Sandwich in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you have your 2 fish and 2 wheat, it‘s time to start cooking!

Here are the easy steps to whip up 2 delicious Fish Sandwiches:

1. Craft a stove

You‘ll need a stove before you can start sautéing up dishes. To make one:

  • Collect 15 hardwood from trees
  • Get 3 clay from clay deposits
  • Mine 2 coal from coal deposits
  • Craft a stone stove at a crafting table

2. Light the stove

Interact with your new stone stove and select the "Light Stove" option. Feed it at least 1 piece of coal to keep it burning.

3. Add ingredients

Open up the stove menu again and choose "Add Ingredients". To make one Fish Sandwich at a time:

  • Add 1 Fish
  • Add 1 Wheat

A confirmation message will show the dish is cooking!

4. Take the dish

Once the Fish Sandwich finishes cooking, grab it out carefully to avoid burning your mitts.

5. Repeat!

Follow steps 3 and 4 again to cook your second Fish Sandwich. Then you‘ll have the complete ingredients for Mickey‘s request!

cooking in dreamlight valley

And that‘s all there is to it. With the 2 tasty Fish Sandwiches plated up alongside the 5 Crudites salads, head back over to Mickey to wrap up the Missing Minnie quest!

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Fish Sandwich

Here are some helpful pointers to master the Fish Sandwich:

  • Only use 1 of each ingredient to avoid waste. The recipe only calls for 1 fish and 1 wheat per serving.

  • Gather extra ingredients so you have backups if you burn a batch. Fishing and harvesting several extra fish and wheat gives you a cushion.

  • Equip Chef Remy as your companion for bonus cooking perks like extra dish quality and reduced burning chance.

  • Upgrade your stove to increase cooking speed. A higher tier iron stove cooks dishes much faster.

And with that, you have all the secrets, ingredients, and steps for serving up the signature Fish Sandwich in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Whether you‘re helping nostalgic Mickey or just want to be the valley‘s next top chef, mastering this recipe is key.

So get out there, gather your fish and wheat, and start getting cooking, my friend! Mickey‘s eagerly awaiting those sandwiches.

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