Hogwarts Legacy Best Brooms Ranked

As an avid Hogwarts Legacy player with over 100 hours logged, I‘ve had the chance to try out all 13 brooms available in the game. In this ultimate broom guide, I‘ll be ranking each broom from worst to best based on performance, style, and value. I‘ll also overview how to acquire each broom so you can find your perfect magical mount.

How to Get a Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Before ranking the brooms, let‘s first go over how to actually obtain one in Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Progress through the main story quests until you unlock your first flying class with Madam Kogawa. This is around 6 hours into the game.

  2. Attend Madam Kogawa‘s flying class to learn the basics of broom flight and control. This acts as a short tutorial.

  3. After finishing the class, fast travel to Hogsmeade and enter the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop. Here you can browse and purchase your first broom.

  4. Most basic brooms cost 600 Galleons. Select one you like based on style and color. There are no stat differences between basic brooms.

  5. To get special brooms from challenges and vendors, keep progressing through the main story and side quests. More options will unlock over time.

Now let‘s rank all 13 brooms in Hogwarts Legacy from worst to best!

13. Ember Dash

How to Get: Purchasable at Spintwitches Sporting Needs for 600 Galleons

Style: A basic broom with a fiery orange bristle tail. Simple but matches Gryffindor house colors.

Overall Score: 5/10

The Ember Dash is one of the five basic broom options available at the Spintwitches shop. It doesn‘t have any unique traits compared to the other basic brooms, although the bristles do resemble flickering flames.

For 600 Galleons, the Ember Dash simply gets you off the ground and allows basic transportation and maneuverability. It has no advantages over the other basic broom models though. I‘d only recommend purchasing it if you really vibe with the orange hot rod style.

12. Hogwarts House Broom

How to Get: Purchasable at Spintwitches Sporting Needs for 600 Galleons

Style: Bristle and handle color match your Hogwarts house. Otherwise a generic broom shape.

Overall Score: 6/10

Much like the Ember Dash, the Hogwarts House Broom is another basic model available for 600 Galleons early on. Its one unique factor is the bristle and handle colors morph to match your chosen Hogwarts house.

So if you‘re in Gryffindor, expect bold red and gold. In Slytherin? The green and silver is a nice match. Beyond the house colors though, the Hogwarts House Broom flies identically to other starters. It also lacks any other cosmetic flourishes.

11. Moon Trimmer

How to Get: Purchasable at Spintwitches Sporting Needs for 600 Galleons

Style: A dark polished broom with a traveling lantern attached to the front. Classy and utilitarian.

Overall Score: 7/10

The first broom on this list to have a unique style compared to others in its class. The Moon Trimmer forgoes flashy colors in favor of a practical dark brown polish. It has wooden hand grips and a traveling lantern hooked on the front.

While the Moon Trimmer doesn‘t have any performance advantages, its subdued style stands out from the bright, toy-like starters. The attached lantern could also prove useful when flying at night. At 600 Galleons it‘s fairly priced for what you get.

10. Wind Wisp

How to Get: Purchasable at Spintwitches Sporting Needs for 600 Galleons

Style: Light birch wood finish with a lantern fixture and autumn leaves strewn throughout.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

The Wind Wisp broom has similar pros and cons as the Moon Trimmer. It‘s another 600 Galleon starter broom with no stat differences from others in its class. The style is what sets it apart.

Rather than dark polish, the Wind Wisp sports exposed birch wood. The handle has tree branch-like shaping as well. And in a unique magical touch, scattered autumn leaves perpetually blow across the bristles and down the tail. Perfect for more naturalistic flyers.

9. Yew Weaver

How to Get: Purchasable at Spintwitches Sporting Needs for 600 Galleons

Style: Intricate woven twigs form this broom‘s shaft and bristles for a more organic look.

Overall Score: 8/10

The Yew Weaver is the final 600 Galleon broom starter. And in terms of style, it‘s arguably the most impressive. Its namesake woven woodwork covers the entire broom, resembling hand-woven basketry.

Small yew berry clusters adorn the twigs as well. The woven style looks similar to clothing fabrics too. Because of its intricate craftsmanship and all-natural style, I rank the Yew Weaver as the best basic broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

8. Family Antique Broom

How to Get: Purchase from Priya Treadwell in the South Sea Bog region for 2500 Galleons

Style: An heirloom broom passed down generations with wear and tear that shows its age. Attachments like pouches dangle from its polished handle.

Overall Score: 8/10

In terms of pricing, condition, and performance – the Family Antique Broom can‘t compare to others on this list. But its backstory and well-crafted antique style deserve recognition.

Rather than a factory-made broom for Quidditch like modern models, the Family Antique resembles older household brooms used for menial tasks. It‘s chipped, scratched, and worn with age. And little mementos like pouches and bottles dangle from the handles exhibiting its generations of history.

As a collectors piece with real soul and personality, the antique style helps this broom stand out despite its shortcomings everywhere else.

7. Night Dance Broom

How to Get: Complete the "Pop 2 Balloon Clusters While Flying" challenge

Style: A slim broom with lightning fast bristles suited for performance and style. Blue linen seat cushion for comfort.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The Night Dance broom performs identically to earlier ranked options. But its Princely styling and royal blue color scheme make it a gorgeous hoverboard. This is also the first broom obtained by completing a challenge rather than direct purchase.

To earn the Night Dance broom, you‘ll need to pop 2 separate clusters of floating balloons while riding your starter broom. This tests your basic flying competency while unlocking a worthy speedy upgrade. Style wise, the Night Dance looks like a broom made for Quidditch pros and stunt flying.

6. Aeromancer Broom

How to Get: Purchase from Rohan Prakash in Marunweem Lake for 3000 Galleons

Style: A witchy broom with a bubbling cauldron hanging from the front and mushroom patterns etched into the aged wood finish.

Overall Score: 9/10

The Aeromancer broom shares some similarities to the Family Antique with its worn wooden appearance. But rather than heirloom charms, this broom brims with magical plants and potions paraphernalia.

A copper cauldron hangs from the front, etched with shimmering arcane runes. The grip resembles twisted vines and branches. And the brush tail sports custom etchings resembling fungi and herbs. Altogether, a perfect magical broom for potioneers and herbalists.

The only downside is the higher 3000 Galleon cost. But the impeccable witchy aesthetic makes this broom a must-have for magic craft specialists.

5. Wild Fire Broom

How to Get: Complete the "Pop 10 Balloon Clusters While Flying" challenge

Style: This performance broom lives up to its name with raging hellfire engulfing the bristles and embers swirling from the crimson tail. Custom red leather seat.

Overall Score: 9/10

While previous ranked brooms focused more on style than performance, the epic Wild Fire broom delivers on both fronts. By completing a 10 balloon cluster challenge while flying, you‘ll unlock this blazing hot ride.

True to its name, flickering flames perpetually engulf the Wild Fire‘s bristles leading to ash and embers swirling behind you as you fly. It‘s easily the most badass looking broom in Hogwarts Legacy. The higher challenge barrier also makes obtaining it more prestigious.

The only downside is riders with fire phobias may want to steer clear from this hovering inferno!

4. Sky Scythe Broom

How to Get: Purchase from Leopold Babcocke in the East North Ford Bog region for 5000 Galleons

Style: This slick broom‘s handle spirals like a ram‘s horn leading to a sharp steel scythe blade at the front for cutting through all aerial obstacles.

Overall Score: 9/10

The Sky Scythe‘s defining feature is the namesake scythe blade attached to its distinctive spiral handle. The front blade almost resembles a bird of prey‘s talon, sharp enough to slice through fog, powerful wind gusts, and other obstacles.

The maroon seat cushion and steel accents also give the Sky Scythe and imposing durable style. At 5000 Galleons, it sits at a higher yet still reasonable price point as well.

The Sky Scythe broom is ideal for those who prefer razor sharp style and want to literally cut through anything while flying. Caution – keep hands and legs clear of the front blade!

3. Silver Arrow Broom

How to Get: Side Quest reward "Carted Away." Talk to Arn after finishing the quest to purchase.

Style: Designed by famous broom-maker Leonard Jewkes himself. Arrow-shaped brush tail and professional foot straps for performance and speed.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

According to Hogwarts Legacy lore, fictional broom designer Leonard Jewkes is considered the best broom-maker in history. He‘s basically the Rolls Royce of flying transports in the wizarding world. As Jewkes‘ signature model, the Silver Arrow demonstrates this mastery of both form and function.

Its defining silver arrowhead bristles are built to cut through wind resistance allowing top flight speeds. The slim golden body with professional foot bindings also showcase patented Jewkes design. At 5000 Galleons, it sits on the higher end pricing scale. But for a top tier broom made by the most legendary broomsmith himself, the cost matches the unmatched quality.

If your top priority is aerial performance to rival the best Quidditch pro‘s, the Silver Arrow remains unmatched in the skies of Hogwarts Legacy.

2. Bright Spark Broom

How to Get: Complete the "Pop 15 Balloon Clusters While Flying" challenge

Style: A cosmic broom resembling a comet streaking across the starry night sky. Trails stardust and includes attachments like an antique spyglass and candle lantern.

Overall Score: 10/10

While the Silver Arrow takes the top prize for performance, the Bright Spark seizes victory on pure style points. By far the most cosmetically flashy and creatively designed hoverboard in Hogwarts Legacy.

The entire broom gleams an iridescent galactic blue with glittering particles to resemble space dust. Stars, rings, and asteroids get etched into the hand grips. And rather than uniform bristles, the back explodes into a vibrant comet tail with embedded star fragments.

Various space exploring accessories bolt onto the Bright Spark as well. An antique spyglass attaches to the front for charting celestial charts mid-flight. And orbiting candle rings surround the rider, perfect for nighttime navigation.

The Bright Spark broom matches its astronomical aesthetics with equally lofty acquisition requirements. Players must complete an expert challenge involving precisely popping 15 levitating balloon clusters around Hogwarts castle. But the rewarding Rideable comet at the end offers a genuinely magical transportation experience unmatched by any other broom.

1. Lickety Swift Broom

How to Get: Complete the "Pop 5 Balloon Clusters While Flying" challenge

Style: A modest design made for performance reliability. Signature features include metal bindings along the handle, raised stirrups, and a carved wolf ornament.

Overall Score: 10/10

And taking the final top prize position as best broom in all of Hogwarts Legacy – the magnificent Lickety Swift! What separates the Lickety Swift broom is how it marries reliability, control, and style in perfect harmony.

By completing a reasonable 5 balloon cluster challenge, you unlock the signature model of Mathilda Screech. Mathilda famously served as Quidditch referee and instructor at Hogwarts for over 30 years and applied her experience making brooms as well.

The Lickety Swift reflects this history as the ideal aerodynamic shape refined over decades. The onion bulb profile minimizes wind resistance for smooth responsive turns unrivaled by other models. Sturdy stirrups keep riders of any size firmly planted. And supple leather seat cushions provide lumbar support even on marathon flights across the map.

Finally, small personal touches like the luck wolf ornament hanging from the front give the Lickety Swift loads of personality without compromising function. Add the reasonable challenge unlock method and modest pricing, and the full package becomes the easy choice for best broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Upgrade Brooms

Beyond acquiring new brooms by purchase or challenge completion, you can also upgrade purchased brooms for improved performance.

Here‘s an overview of broom upgrade levels and requirements:

Upgrade Level 1

  • Complete "Broom Flight Test" side quest
  • Invest 1000 Galleons

Upgrade Level 2

  • Complete "Sweeping the Competition" side quest
  • Invest 4000 Galleons

Upgrade Level 3

  • Complete "The Sky is the Limit" side quest
  • Invest 7500 Galleons

Upgrades enhance broom flight speed, acceleration, braking, and maneuverability rather than cosmetics. So if you already own a broom with a style you love, investing in upgrades can save you Galleons long-term.

Do Brooms Impact Gameplay?

A common question new Hogwarts Legacy players ask – do brooms actually impact gameplay with stat changes? Or are upgrades and new brooms merely cosmetic?

The answer is: brooms provide zero gameplay advantages themselves.

Every broom model handles identically regardless of price, challenge unlocks, upgrades etc. The only actual changes are visual stylistic flourishes. So things like bristle patterns, colors, attached accessories, and personal flair.

Rest assured, purchasing the most expensive "best" broom won‘t suddenly allow you to outrun enemies or access new areas. Only your equipped spells and talents provide real combat/movement abilities.

So when choosing brooms, select your favorite visual styles rather than chasing the best performance. The only practical impact brooms provide is expressing your personal taste through customization.

Closing Thoughts

After extensively playing Hogwarts Legacy and logging countless hours of broom flight time across the map, I‘m happy to declare the Lickety Swift as the best well-rounded broom in the game. The Silver Arrow may be faster and the Bright Spark flashier, but no other model combines speed, control, and reliability quite like Mathilda Screech‘s signature masterpiece.

Yet part of the journey remains finding that perfect broom you vibe with most. Whether it‘s the hellfire blazing Wild Fire, celestial magic of the Bright Spark, or just embodying your Hogwarts house colors, all offer memorable styles to make your Wizarding World adventures uniquely you.

Brooms don‘t provide gameplay perks, only cosmetic changes. So chase after ones matching your personality rather than stat differences. Once you snap up that ideal fit, learning every corner of the sprawling Hogwarts map from up high becomes an experience like no other.

So get out there, take to the open skies, and find the enchanting broom that calls to you with the allure of magical flight! Just be sure to steer clear of the deadly Mandragora growing along the castle ramparts…

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