How to Get More Rune Pages in League of Legends

How to Get More Rune Pages in League of Legends

In LOL, Legends in different positions need to be adapted to different rune pages. For example, the mage is more suitable for SORCERY, and the tank is suitable for
RESOLVE. Has more rune pages, which can be convenient for you to quickly select the corresponding rune page after choosing a hero

What are Rune pages?

Runes are unique attributes that can be given to your champion to boost their power and enhance their gameplay. There are currently five Runes available to choose from.

Rune Pages

Each Rune page can be chosen before the match starts during champion selection. Or they can be saved beforehand in the Rune section inside your collection tab.

Buying Rune pages

Newer players will find it overwhelming to understand all the available Runes and manually set each Rune page before the game starts. Therefore, an option to create new Rune pages before queuing for a match is available. The game offers three Rune pages for free. However, there are over 140 champions in the game, and three pages are not enough for all of them.

To purchase additional Rune pages, you will need either RP or Blue Essence. BE is a currency in the game that can be obtained by simply playing more matches and leveling up. However, Riot Points are required to be bought with real money. Here are the different Prices for RP:

Buying Rune pages

An additional Rune page can be bought with 590 RP, which costs about $4.50, €3.49, or £4.00; While with BE, each Rune page will cost 6300.

  • Log in to your LOL account through the client, head to Store then click on accessories.

LOL account accessories

  • Look for “Rune pages” and click on it, there you will find all the offers available for additional Rune pages.

LOL Rune pages

Max Rune pages

Max Rune pages

The amount of Run pages bought in the game goes up to 25 pages, excluding the preset pages that exist by default. So the maximum number of pages to choose from is 30.

How do I set up Rune pages

set up Rune pages

There are six Runes to choose from; each is commonly known to be picked for a specific role. Resolve is used chiefly for Tanks; Precision is widely used by Fighters, Domination is taken by Assassins.

Sorcery helps Mages with Mana and Cooldowns; Inspiration is a creative Rune page for scaling champions. It is essential to understand your sponsor and their role so you can set up a Rune page that matches with your champion’s playstyle.

Name the different Rune pages.

To tell each page apart, you can rename all of your Rune pages except the preset builds.

  • First, open any of the available Rune pages (Not the default ones)

open Rune pages

  • On the upper left corner, there is a small icon next to the title of the page, which allows you to edit its name. For example, you can rename it into “Garen Top” that way, it will help figuring out its purpose.

EditRune pages

save and rename Rune pages

How many Rune pages do you need?

different Rune pages

Professional Players and High Elo players don’t use extra Rune pages; they manually change the page based on the match-up. However, that level of experience will take a lot of time and effort to achieve. For average players, five Rune pages will be enough.

Each Champion can have different Rune pages; if it’s a poke matchup, they would instead go more defensive Runes. If it’s a counter pick match-up, they will prefer to go all-out damage Runes.

This is why it’s essential to understand the game rather than relying on presets builds and premade Runes. So go ahead and set up your Rune pages for your favorite champions.

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