How to Move Rooms in Fallout Shelter [Carefully Dismantle]

How to Move Rooms in Fallout Shelter

Even though the ability to change rooms would significantly reduce the time players spend on the game, Fallout Shelter still does not have this feature. At the time of writing, there is a convoluted technique to shift rooms in this video game; developers may add it later.

You must delete the room to relocate it. To destroy a room, you should come into this room and select a menu item. You can see the red “Destroy” button here. Your room in Fallout Shelter will be demolished if you click on it.

It will take money to rebuild the room if it is destroyed. Therefore, remember that a poorly constructed space is not an error you can easily fix. To understand more about many other factors you should be aware of when moving rooms in Fallout Shelter, keep reading this tutorial.

  • It would be best if you eliminated everyone allocated to the room to demolish it. When a person resides in the room, using the “Destroy” button is difficult. As a result, you should ask your inhabitants to leave the city or shift them to different rooms.
  • You must make sure that even when a room is destroyed, it will still be possible to access all of them. It means that, for the most part, only the horizontal margins of your city can be used to demolish rooms. And if you want to knock down a room in the middle, you should knock down every room that stands in your way. It will cost a significant amount of time and money.

How to Move Living Quarters in Fallout Shelter

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Living quarters are a further component that merits special consideration. Living quarters are special rooms that enhance the number of inhabitants you can have in the city, and you cannot destroy them if the number of inhabitants you now have exceeds the city’s maximum capacity after constructing them.

Before demolishing an outdated Living Quarter, you ought to construct a new one. It is impossible to solve this issue by getting rid of a Living Quarter when you have a maximum of 200 occupants. You should remove the citizens from your Vault under these circumstances, but doing so will squander a lot of your resources. So, under such complicated situations, it would be advisable to avoid destroying Living Quarters.

Things to consider before demolishing a room

  • Make sure you really need/want to demolish the room. Demolishing rooms costs caps, so don’t do it unnecessarily.
  • Check what’s in the room first. You don’t want to accidentally demolish a room filled with dwellers or resources. Remove everything first.
  • Consider what you will do with the vacant space. Have a plan for what new room you want to build in its place before demolishing.
  • Demolishing some rooms like power generators can negatively impact the rest of your vault if you don’t have adequate power reserves. Make sure to build replacements first.
  • Rooms adjacent or connected to the demolished room will be automatically cleared out and destroyed as well. Plan accordingly.
  • Upgraded rooms will revert back to their base level when demolished. Decide if you want to downgrade it before demolishing.
  • Any dwellers assigned to that room will become unassigned and begin wandering when it is demolished. Assign them somewhere else first or be ready to handle unemployed dwellers.
  • Check if the room is providing any important vault-wide bonuses before demolishing it. Removing training rooms or production rooms could lower stats/productivity.
  • Destroying an elevator may impact vault traffic flow and accessibility. Consider impacts on logistics.
  • Pay attention to incidents/events when demolishing vital rooms like power, food, or water. Loss of those could be problematic.

Final Thoughts

Moving rooms in the Fallout Shelter is a difficult task. It takes time and resources, which has a big impact on the economics of the game. The developers should be able to fix this, but for the time being, you’ll have to go through the steps mentioned earlier to change a room.

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