Top 30 Hottest LOL Female Champions in 2023

LOL Female Champions

Step into the vibrant world of League of Legends and discover the fierce and captivating female characters that dominate the game. From the sly and cunning Ahri to the powerful and unstoppable Kai’Sa, these heroines will draw you into a world of magic, strategy, and breathtaking action.

Each female champion in League of Legends has a unique backstory and set of abilities that will leave you captivated and inspired. Whether you’re looking for a swift and deadly assassin or a resilient and unbreakable tank, the female characters of League of Legends have got you covered.

But it’s not just their skills on the battlefield that make these women so compelling. With stunning visuals and captivating character designs, you’ll be drawn into their world and find yourself rooting for them with every move they make.

So whether you’re a seasoned League of Legends player or a newcomer to the game, the female characters of this epic world will leave you wanting more. Prepare to be swept away by their beauty, strength, and unmatched skill as you explore the vast and exciting world of League of Legends.

1. Diana


She portrays the warrior princess’s look, making her skin look hot and alluring. You might not consider her sexy because her skin does not follow the cheesy approach. Despite that, the designers have made it look absolutely hot.



Ahri is a vastaya with fox-like features, and she wins to be the hottest female champion in lol with the hottest skin. She uses charm to everyone who lays their eyes on her. Ahri’s looks are so cute that you can rather choose to be with her than you want to stay alive.



Akali is known for her beautiful ornamental tattoos, making her one of LOL’s most attractive female champions. She has the coolest character, and many fans wish to date her.



How can we forget about Ashe, whose looks are on another level? Even though her hands are cold, we believe she doesn’t freeze, and her looks are not as cold but super-hot.

5. Evelynn


Her main agenda is to seduce her victims since she is so sexy that no one can resist her beauty. She is considered one of the hottest females in the league of legends. Evelyn lures her prey by causing a spell on her targets.

6. Katarina


She is a sexy assassin from the house of Du Couteau. Karatina has been around long, but her skin can drop your jaw. She quickly dispatches any enemies in her beautiful whirlwind of serrated daggers.

7. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

She is one of the hottest sexualized characters in LOL and has skin that can melt everyone who glances at her. This is due to her smoldering sex appeal, which makes her skin everyone dreams of having her despite their sexual preference.

8. Senna


Her rugged looks make her skin hotter in its original version compared to the prestige edition. She is ridiculously sexy, and we can see her in all her glory, which makes viewers at a lower POV love to see her skin.

9. Janna


If you take a few seconds to observe the looks of Janna, you will realize she is a total babe with her big round glasses, and her feminine appeals are not appreciated much in league of Legends.

10. Fiora


It will be disrespectful if Headmistress FIORA misses one of the top hottest babes in the league of legends. She epitomizes the male fantasy and uses her natural appeal and authority to make men submit.

11. Leona


She is the queen of all pool party skins, where she showcases her feminine appeal. She is one of the prettiest female characters that you can wish to date.

12. Riven

In the category of cute outfits, Riven is one of the top female champions who can’t miss being in that category. She is not sexualized as much, but we can’t deny that she is also hot.

13. Samira

When you happen to fight with her, she uses her excited smile and eager eyes to lure you into making a terrible decision. One of the charms you can’t ignore in her is her Curves which show how hot she is.



If you plan to commit a crime, just be sure you will get arrested by Officer Caitkyn. But to many, getting arrested with her in this uniform is worth it since she looks sexy.

15. Jinx

Despite having a flat chest, she is one of the most beautiful characters in LOL. What makes her more attractive is her looks. You may agree with me she is the hottest LOL champion.

16. Camille

She is one of the hardest characters to master, but she is damn thick and mummy. Her augmented body gives her an advantage against her opponents.

17. Evelynn


According to her bio, she is a demon with appealing looks and one of the most alluring LOL champions. She uses her ability of charming to lure people in before she tortures you, but you will enjoy her seduce

18. Morganna

She is a fallen Angel, one of the sexiest supports in LOL, and most of her fans love her attractive bewitching costume. She is appealing in her strong female character by binding her wings to fight for the truth.

19. Sivir

Sivir is among the hottest female LOL champions. All the skin she puts on is revealing and shapes her well-toned body, including her firm breasts. I do agree she is a woman with hotties.

20. Irelia

She is so tempting even when you look at her tight armor, which shapes her curves. With her skin, she has feminine looks that can make you daydream about what is underneath the Irelia armor.

21. Nidalee

Nidalee has a gifted chest area and tribal marks all over her body, making her hold the hottest rack in the league of legends. Her natural look makes her the most attractive.

22. Qiyana

She possesses all the features you can think of regarding the hot category. When you play with her, she always responds by saying she’s “better than all nine of her sisters.”That pictures her t have self-esteem and confidence, making her hotter.

23. Leblanc

Leblanc has a sexy body that gives me the mommy vibe. We can resemble her with Maleficent since she has great stuff on her head. By her looks, I don’t need to convince you how sexy Leblanc is, do I?

24. Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc

One word I can give to describe her is mommy. She is dangerous and hot in a rugger older lady way.

25. Sun Goddess Karma

Sun Goddess Karma

Karma is regarded as one of the most beautiful champions in the legends of the league. Her skin gives her the pure sexy factor that makes her so hot that you can wish to date her.

26. Arcane Vi

Arcane Vi

Her skin itself is not sexy, but combining the skin and her character from Arcane and Bam makes it instantly sexy! She is attractive and gay, and she is portrayed as having some feelings for Caitlyn.

27. Kai’sa


She is cute with those bright purple eyes and savage at the same time, making her the only sexy female that ever crawls out of the void. She has a good voice that you could wish for more from her.

28. Zyra

She has a beautiful flower design that makes many heads go crazy. Plants can be sexy, according to zyra skin, as she appears attractive in the LOL Champion.

29. Vayne


Vayne is a night hunter who is deadly in hunting down demons who killed her family. She is a horned woman, which speaks more of her beauty.

30. Kindred

Even though not many players choose her anymore, she still manages to be on the list of the hottest league of legends champions of 2023. This is because of the love from the LOL community.

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