Overwatch 2 Best Healers: Complete 2000+ Word Guide

As an experienced FPS gamer and Overwatch enthusiast, I have extensively played every support hero to determine who are objectively the best healers in Overwatch 2.

In this epic guide, I reveal my definitive healer tier list ranking the top 5 supports. You‘ll discover in-depth statistical analysis and ability evaluations for each hero, along with tips from my first-hand experience mastering their intricacies.

Let‘s dive right in to exploring what makes these healers Overwatch royalty!

5. Mercy – Valkyrie of the Skies

Despite slipping from her former dominant position after the shift to 5v5 gameplay, Mercy remains a viable staple pick for enabling hitscan DPS and stationary comps. Her steady Healing Stream provides reliable sustained healing that keeps your team topped up. Her Guardian Angel mobility allows Mercy to evade danger and pivot between allies with ease.

However, Mercy‘s greatest asset is her game-changing ultimate – Valkyrie. Nothing beats the exhilaration of popping ult and soaring through the skies while dishing out mass healing and damage boosts! Activating Valkyrie at a critical moment can easily swing an entire teamfight in your favor.

Key Reasons Why Mercy Rules:

  • Reliable primary fire healing
  • Strong ultimate for impactful teamfight presence
  • High mobility to stay safe
  • Useful for pocketing hitscan dps heroes

Max Healing Per Second

Healing Stream60 hp/s (Single Target)

Ability Analysis

Guardian AngelGreat repositioning mobility with a 2s cooldown
Healing StreamSolid sustained healing with a 15m range
Damage Boost30% damage increase is useful for pocketing dps
ResurrectRisky but high impact when pulled off correctly
ValkyrieExcellent chain healing and damage boost potential

However, Mercy does have some clear downsides…her lack of utility outside of damage boost makes her heavily rely on evasive movement and teammate protection to survive against aggression. Heroes like Genji and Winston can easily disrupt Mercy‘s value.

Overall, Mercy remains a solid option for newer players learning support and veterans in stationary comps protecting her. But more challenging matchups require mastery of Advanced Mercy Movement Techniques to truly dominate.

4. Lucio – King of Speed

Boasting unparalleled mobility and versatile healing/speed auras, Lucio continues his reign as a top tier staple pick across metas and skill tiers. His Speed Boost provides unmatched engage and disengage potential that enables a wide variety of rushdown team comps. Amp It Up allows Lucio to rapidly top up multiple bunched up teammates or enable a lightning-fast push.

Wall Riding gives Lucio unmatched maneuverability to access off-angle spots for cheeky boops and difficult to reach locations to reinforce struggling teammates. The knockback and finisher potential from his Soundwave alternates fire wins duels and confirms valuable environmental elimination.

To top it off, Lucio‘s Sound Barrier remains one of the most valuable defensive support ultimates for countering enemy win conditions. Well-timed Sound Barriers can completely shut down the impact of enemy ultimates like Genji Blade, Pharah Barrage or Reaper Blossom that would otherwise demolish your team!

Key Reasons Why Lucio Speed Boosts to Victory:

  • Unparalled mobility to enable dive and rushdown
  • High skill ceiling rewarding mastery
  • Reliable defensive ultimate in Sound Barrier
  • Great versatility between healing and speed

Max Healing Per Second

Crossfade Heal16 hp/s (AoE)

Ability Analysis

Wall RideSuper fun mobility with great flank routes
Speed Boost30% movespeed amp that crucially enables dives
SoundwaveGreat disruption and boop potential
CrossfadeSwapping songs mid-fight is crucial
Amp It UpBurst heal and engage potential
Sound BarrierOne of the best defensive support ults

Lucio‘s high skill cap means he scales exceptionally well in the hands of experienced players who can take full advantage of wall riding routes, projectile aim, song swapping, and aggressive tempo setting.

But he does lack single target healing making him reliant on smart positioning to cover the full team. Lucio works best in line-of-sight comps with heroes that bunch up and wants to engage/disengage on command. Ult tracking for valuable Sound Barriers is also an essential skill check.

3. Moira – Siphoning Biotic Sorceress

Moira makes her triumphant return to tier 1 status after receiving significant buffs and reworks fitting nicely into the brawl-heavy 5v5 landscape. Her minimized critbox and evasive mobility helps her reliably win scrappy support duels even against counters like Ana. Both healing resources for Moira‘s main kit regenerate rapidly simply by dealing damage with Biotic Grasp, giving her surprising 1v1 threat potential against injured enemies.

Most impressively, Moira‘s Coalescence ultimate now charges at an absolutely blistering pace – easily netting 3-4 uses per round. Popping Coalescence at a critical moment provides a massive influx of healing for your team while pressure mounting the enemy team, making it highly impactful for both defending and attacking.

Key Reasons Why Moira Is Oozing Value:

  • High self-sustain in duels and prolonged fights
  • Rapid healing resource regeneration from damage
  • Fade escape and cleanse makes her very hard to kill
  • Quickly charging Coalescence for big teamfights
  • Huge healing numbers and multi-target throughput

Max Healing Per Second

Biotic Grasp65 hp/s (Primary)
Coalescence140 hp/s (Ultimate)

Ability Analysis

Biotic OrbChoosing correct orb at right time is crucial
FadeGet out of jail free card with cleanse
Biotic GraspPersistent beam healing and sap damage
CoalescenceExtremely fast charging impactful ultimate

The major tradeoff is her lack of utility and disable options compared to other supports. Good Moira play mainly comes down to juggling healing/damage resource usage efficiently and knowing optimal times to use powerful cooldowns compared to holding them.

But with smarter ability usage and game sense, Moira can more than make up for her one-dimensional kit by providing raw healing numbers that greatly surpass her healing peers.

2. Kiriko – Prodigal Fox Spirit

The newest support on the block, Kiriko brings a loaded kit brimming with healing potency and disruptive utility that instantly propelled her to top tier status. Her Protection Suzu invulnerability and Swift Step teleport gives Kiriko unmatched repositioning tools for escaping danger that other healers could only dream of.

A well-timed Protection Suzu ability essentially functions as a basic ability counterpart to defensive support ultimates, capable of completely mitigating an enemy Reinhardt Earthshatter or Dva Self Destruct combo!

Add in Kiriko‘s high skill-ceiling primary fire requiring precision aim to land critical healing and the sheer impact of her Kitsune Rush ultimate that boosts team-wide cooldown reduction and attack speed to enable monumental aggressive pushes. It becomes easy to see why Kiriko‘s potential for solo-carrying is through the roof in the right hands!

Key Reasons Why Kiriko Is Critically Acclaimed:

  • Game changing Protection Suzu ability
  • Unmatched repositioning mobility
  • High skill cap rewarding mechanical mastery
  • Kitsune Rush ultimate accelerates teamfight tempo
  • Invigorating critical healing requiring precision

Max Healing Per Second

Healing Ofuda55 hp/s
Crit Healing Ofuda110 hp/s

Ability Analysis

Wall ClimbFluid mobility like Genji/Hanzo
Swift StepTeleport hop is great for repositioning
Protection SuzuUtility is effectively a basic ability defensive ult
Healing OfudaRewarding skillshot-style aiming
Kitsune RushStrong offensive push ultimate

Kiriko‘s high skill floor means beginners may struggle with her aim intensive playstyle compared to other supports. But the sheer utility high skill Kiriko‘s provide makes her an indispensable part of any team composition.

Well timed abilities can hard carry entire teamfights even with lackluster teammates! However, Kiriko does rely more heavily on team coordination compared to more self-sufficient picks.

1. Lúcio – Break It Down!

Claiming the crown as most well rounded support is none other than our beloved wall-riding, beat-blasting, speed-boosting DJ – Lúcio!

Boasting unparalled mobility and the signature versatile healing/speed auras, Lucio ascends as a top tier staple pick across every Overwatch 2 skill tier and team composition. His Speed Boost provides unmatched initiation potential and disruption that crucially enables the heavily favored dive and rushdown strategies. Amp It Up allows Lucio to rapidly top up multiple bunched up teammates or enable lighting-fast 3 seconds pushes.

Lucio demonstrates his exceptionally high skill ceiling and carry potential through mechnically gifted wall skimming maneuvers across the map to access cheeky boop flanks and difficult to reach locations to reinforce struggling teammates. Catching enemies off guard with perfectly aimed Soundwave boops can single-handedly win teamfights through environmental eliminations.

Lucio‘s phenomenal sonic technology peaks with the game changing power of Sound Barrier – arguably the most valuable defensive support ultimate in Overwatch 2 for countering match-swinging enemy ultimate abilities. Well-timed Sound Barriers completely shut down the the all-important impact windows of enemy win conditions like Genji‘s Dragonblade, Pharah‘s Barrage, Reaper‘s Death Blossom or Junkrat‘s Rip-Tire that would otherwise demolish your team!

Key Reasons Why Lucio Is the Pinnacle Support Pick:

  • Unparalled mobility enabling dive and disruption
  • High skill ceiling rewarding mastery
  • Reliable defensive ultimate with Sound Barrier
  • Great versatility between healing and speed songs
  • Deceptively strong dueling threat

Max Healing Per Second

Crossfade Heal16 hp/s (AoE)

Ability Analysis

Wall RideSmooth mobility with great flank routes
Speed Boost30% movespeed amp crucially enables dives
SoundwaveGreat disruption/boop potential
CrossfadeSwapping songs mid-fight is crucial
Amp It UpBurst heal & engage enabler
Sound BarrierOne of the best defensive support ultimates

Lucio‘s unmatched versatility cements his status as the pinnacle support pick – enabling him to fit like a glove into any team composition. Hit skill set empowers teammates to play at maximum aggression without needing to worry about survival. Well-timed abilities can single-handedly win teamfights for your squad!

His high skill cap means Lucio scales exceptionally well in the hands of experienced players who learn to take full advantage of wall riding finesse, projectile aim mastery, song swap timing/optimization, aggressive initiation calling, and flawless offensive/defensive ultimate tracking.

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List Summary

  – Lucio

  – Kiriko
  – Moira

  – Mercy

In conclusion, while Overwatch 2‘s shift to 5v5 opened room for some shakeups, Lucio remains firmly cemented as the best overall healer. His unmatched versatility to enable both dive and brawl win conditions while peeling with defensive ultimates perfectly aligns with the current metagame.

But the rising star Kiriko and ever-leeching Moira both make strong claims thanks to their overloaded kits and escability. Meanwhile, Mercy holds on to remain the quintessential beginner-friendly training wheels pick.

I hope this epic guide has provided ample evidence and analysis to convince you the tier ordering and comprehensive healer evaluations I‘ve provided. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions as I‘m happy to discuss my Overwatch healer perspectives and experiences further!

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