List Of 14 Most Famous Overwatch Female Characters

Overwatch Female Characters

While there are a number of playable female Overwatch characters, it can be difficult to find more information about them in-game.
We have compiled some amazing facts about our favorite female characters in an infographic so you can better understand their personalities and stories.

1. D.Va


Real NameHana Song
NationalitySouth Korean
OccupationProfessional gamer, MEKA pilot
Main WeaponFusion Cannons
Ultimate AbilitySelf-Destruct
AbilitiesDefense Matrix, Boosters

Although D.Va is just a young 19-year-old professional gamer, she fills the role of a tank using a big pink mecha suit. D.Va has long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and pink marks on her cheeks, similar to those of Naruto.

D.Va’s mech can shoot short-ranged bullets, deflect projectiles when the ability activates, fly in the air, and initiate self-destruct. While D.Va is outside the mecha, she has an automatic light gun.


D.Va is an extraordinary tank with a bit of mobility that few others possess. Her massive health pool and Boosters make it easy for her to close any distance between enemies in the blink of an eye, making it possible for her to be victorious against single opponents due to her powerful damage output at short range. Additionally, D.Va’s Defense Matrix shields both herself and allies from incoming projectiles while Micro Missiles cause immense destruction when used up-close – making D. Va one of the most feared flanking tanks around! To top this off, she has the capability to wipe out all nearby foes with Self-Destruct should they get too close or remain on their toes!

2. Widowmaker


Real NameAmélie Lacroix
OccupationTalon sniper
Base of OperationsTalon headquarters, various
Main WeaponWidow’s Kiss (sniper rifle/automatic)
Ultimate AbilityInfra-Sight
AbilitiesGrappling Hook, Venom Mine

She is one of the main antagonists in the story, working with Reaper. She is a very agile character and an intelligent snipe. Widowmaker has long violet hair put into a ponytail. She also wears a skin-tight purple suit. Her main role is damage.

Widowmaker uses her hook to get into high spots; she can use her powerful sniper to execute her enemies. However, she can also be prepared if the enemy collapses on her, as she can use her poison traps and turn her sniper into an automatic rifle. Her ultimate ability, however, provides a full vision of the entire enemy team.


Widowmaker is the apex sniper in Overwatch, possessing a deadly scoped rifle that can easily dispatch nearly all of the game’s characters with one efficiently-charged headshot. Even when missing her primary target, she can still deal out serious damage with bodyshots. Widowmaker also has access to Infra-Sight and Venom Mine which give her an unparalleled advantage over enemies; both tools allow for unambiguous knowledge of their location movements, thus granting easy ability to counter any ambushes or harmonized advances they may throw at you.

3. Symmetra


Real NameSatya Vaswani
Base of OperationsUtopaea, India (Vishkar Corporation)
AffiliationVishkar Corporation (formerly)
Main WeaponPhoton Projector
Ultimate AbilityPhoton Barrier
AbilitiesSentry Turret, Teleporter

Symmetra is one of the more team urinated damage characters. She has long, straight black hair; she wears a blue dress and a face screen to scan people. She has dark brown eyes, and she is originally from India. Her weapon fires a strong beam that can also be turned into large orb projectiles.

Symmetra can place small turrets that act as defensive tools; they can slow enemies and hurt them. She can also place a large barrier that blocks all targets on the other side.

However, her key ability is the portals she can place in different spots on the map; this allows her team and herself to reach objectives faster.


Symmetra is a great strategic asset to any team due to her defensive and positional capabilities. Her Sentry Turrents can be used to block off possible routes, while the Teleporter allows her teammates access to advantageous positions or potential ambush sites. Furthermore, with Symmetra’s ultimate she can divide an entire map in two halves! It must however be noted that this hero has low mobility and health making it necessary for your squadmates’ help if you want any chance at survival.

4. Mercy


Real NameAngela Ziegler
OccupationField Medic
Base of OperationsOverwatch Headquarters (formerly)
AffiliationOverwatch (formerly)
Main WeaponCaduceus Blaster
Ultimate AbilityValkyrie
AbilitiesGuardian Angel, Resurrect

Mercy is an angel-looking healer, taking the role of support. She has light blonde hair; it is short and put into a back bun. She also has blue eyes. Mercy is one of the popular support characters in overwatch. She can use her staff to heal a single target or boost their damage.

Mercy can regenerate health faster than her allies; she can also quickly fly toward an ally. Her unique ability is reviving all teammates that died recently when she is close to them.


Mercy is a highly healing-focused support hero that specializes in single target and “pocket” support. Although she isn’t as powerful of a team healer compared to other support heroes, such as Ana and Baptiste, Mercy has the unique ability to amplify her team’s overall damage output thereby making it an essential tool for breaking through barriers or dealing high amounts of focused damage.

By utilizing Resurrect, Mercy is able to make up for a few of her team’s errors and bring an integral member back into the game. Given that she has little personal damage output, depends heavily on her team for mobility, and brings such amazing power with Resurrect—it makes her top priority for opponents. With Mercy in the fold, teams can rest assured knowing they have a huge advantage when it comes to success in battle!

5. Tracer


Real NameLena Oxton
OccupationAdventurer, Field Agent
Base of OperationsOverwatch Headquarters (formerly)
AffiliationOverwatch (formerly)
Main WeaponPulse Pistols
Ultimate AbilityPulse Bomb
AbilitiesBlink, Recall

Tracer is the face of Overwatch, a brilliant young girl who got caught in an experience that allowed her to manipulate time at the cost of not being able to touch reality. However, after getting the help she needed, Tracer joined overwatch.

She has short brown spiky hair, and she is wearing a yellow suit. She has two short weapons that deal lots of damage in a short period, but they will be needed to reload frequently. Tracer can blink using her chargers, and she can go back in time.


Tracer is a close-combat warrior with astounding speed and single target precision. Her swiftness combined with her uncannily high damage output allows for effective elimination of key enemies, all the while remaining out of harm’s way! Blink gives Tracer access to remote areas at a moment’s notice, allowing her to quickly asses any impending danger and retreat before it can reach her–all thanks to Recall which aids in evading or rebounding from any attack. Despite these beneficial abilities however, low Health points and lack of shield regeneration puts emphasis on playing smartly when using Blink & Recall.

6. Sombra


Real NameOlivia Colomar
Main WeaponMachine Pistol
Ultimate AbilityEMP
AbilitiesThermoptic Camo, Translocator

A Mexican hacker that teamed up with Reaper. Sombra has purple eyes and stylish black hair with purple lines. She has a fancy purple dress and special gloves. Her primary weapon is a short automated gun.

Sombra can teleport from one spot to another using one of her devices. She can also become invisible and stealthy. Sombra can also locate enemies with low health. Her unique ability is shutting down enemy barriers and disabling them from using abilities.


Sombra is an incredibly formidable infiltrator with her mustering of stealth and debilitating attacks. Her hacking capabilities can disturb the enemy’s plans, leaving them more susceptible to defeat while her EMP affords a strategic advantage against multiple adversaries at once. Plus, Sombra’s ability to Translocate and disguise herself makes it nearly impossible for opponents to catch up with her. To really boost your chances of success in battle, utilize Opportunist & Hack – both great abilities that make Sombra truly unstoppable!

7. Mei


Real NameMei-Ling Zhou
OccupationClimatologist, Adventurer
Base of OperationsEcoPoint: Antarctica (formerly)
AffiliationOverwatch (formerly)
Main WeaponEndothermic Blaster
Ultimate AbilityBlizzard
AbilitiesCryo-Freeze, Ice Wall

Mei is a kind, timid girl. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She wears black glasses, and her body is covered with a blue coat and white fur. Her weapon is the opposite of a flame thrower. She uses it to freeze enemies as it spreads through the air, making it a great crowd control tool.

If taking lots of damage, she can make herself immune to everything by locking herself in a large piece of ice. She can also create walls of ice to block enemies’ paths. Her ultimate ability is using her buddy robot to freeze all enemies in a large area.


Mei is a fierce combatant known for her adeptness at 1v1 skirmishes. Her Endothermic Blaster has the potential to slow down opponents, giving her an edge against most adversaries. Mei’s Icicle can be utilized with precision to deal hefty damage from any distance–near or far! Utilizing Ice Wall effectively creates impediments that obstruct enemy sightlines while also inspiring division between foes; this tactic serves as both a distraction and entrapment technique. Furthermore, Cryo-Freeze allows Mei to envelop herself in thick ice and restore health points; this quasi-tank capability makes Mei even more powerful during duels!

8. Brigitte


Real NameBrigitte Lindholm
OccupationMechanical Engineer, Adventurer
AffiliationOverwatch (unofficially)
Main WeaponRocket Flail
Ultimate AbilityRally
AbilitiesRepair Pack, Barrier Shield

She is the daughter of Torbjörn and the right hand of Reinhardt. Brigitte has long brown hair that is put into a long ponytail. She wears heavy armor, making her very tank for a support role. Using her mace, she can attack enemies from a medium range.

The chains on the mace allow her to go for long-ranged whips. She can use her shield to create a barrier, and using that barrier; she can bash it at her enemies. Brigitte can inspire her allies and rally them, increasing their speed and defense.


Brigitte is an all-around support hero who specializes in healing and overhealth to her allies. Unlike other supports, she has the ability of a tank by staying on the frontline instead of being relegated to the backline because it allows for more efficient healing close combat. Her Inspire abilities create a large aura so that nearby allies can be healed; however, she does lack any form of long range offense which makes Shield Bash necessary if you want to engage with enemies up close. Lastly, Brigitte offers little assistance when hacked as there is virtually no way for her help out at this point.

9. Zarya


Real NameAleksandra Zaryanova
AffiliationRussian Defense Forces
Main WeaponParticle Cannon
Ultimate AbilityGraviton Surge
AbilitiesParticle Barrier, Projected Barrier

A large and muscular woman. Zarya has short pink hair. Her arms can be seen having scars and tattoos. Zarya fills the role of a tank. She carries a giant cannon that shoots a beam up to a medium range. Her canon can also launch grenades.

Zarya can create barriers around herself to tank more damage. She can also create barriers around her allies. Her ultimate is a tide changer when it comes to team fights; she fires a gravity orb that swallows all enemies caught in its radius.


With Zarya, the challenge of playing a Tank is greatly rewarded when played correctly. Through her barrier abilities, she can absorb damage and increase her own Energy levels exponentially. When at maximum Energy, she becomes an unstoppable force that rivals any other hero in Overwatch with her Particle Cannon. Even more impressive is her Ultimate ability which allows you to ensnare enemies and give your allies time to decimate them with well-coordinated attacks.

10. Moira


Real NameMoira O’Deorain
AffiliationBlackwatch (formerly)
Base of OperationsOasis
Main WeaponBiotic Grasp
Ultimate AbilityCoalescence
AbilitiesFade, Biotic Orb

Moria covers herself in an elegant long black dress with long sleeves. She has short ginger hair and wears a face mask that covers her left eye. Moira is themed similar to witches. Her ability can heal allies, but the beam can easily be seen as poisonous.

She can launch a bouncing orb that heals allies or launch an orb that can hurt enemies. She can also fade, becoming invisible. Her ultimate fires a large beam that heals your allies and damages your enemies.


Moira is an exceptional support hero with great mobility and the ability to reposition quickly amongst her allies. Her Biotic Grasp has two modes: one to heal multiple allies at once, offering a higher healing rate than other supports; and another that recharges her resource meter faster while also healing Moira herself. Similarly to D.Va’s Defense Matrix, this power comes with a limited resource meter that slowly refills over time – but using alternate fire mode of Biotic Grasp will help restore it much quicker!

11. Pharah


Real NameFareeha Amari
OccupationSecurity Chief
AffiliationHelix Security International
Main WeaponRocket Launcher
Ultimate AbilityBarrage
AbilitiesJump Jet, Concussive Blast

The daughter of Ana. Since she was young, Pharah has seen the Overwatch group, and she looked up to them. Inspired by her heroes, Pharah became a powerful fighter. She has an Egyptian style with the way her straight shoulder-length hair is styled and the mark on her face.

Wearing a heavy blue suit, she can use the jets to fly in the air and shoot powerful rockets through her canon. Her ultimate ability fires a barrage of rockets that rain down on the enemy, making her a scary foe to deal with.


Pharah is a formidable hero with remarkable aerial mobility capabilities, which are only hindered by her need to stay grounded. Her Rocket Launcher offers great damage output and deals splash damage upon impact – not having any falloff! Jump Jet launches Pharah high up in the air, optimally positioning her for efficient angles of attack or providing an escape from imminent danger. Moreover, Hover Jets enable her to sustain flight while gaining a bit more altitude; consequently allowing Pharah to remain safe away from threats on the ground below.

12. Ana


Real NameAna Amari
OccupationBounty Hunter
AffiliationOverwatch (formerly)
Main WeaponBiotic Rifle
Ultimate AbilityNano Boost
AbilitiesSleep Dart, Biotic Grenade

Ana is one of the original veterans of Overwatch. She is the mother of Pharah, and she takes on the role of support. She has white hair covered under her cloak; her bang, however, can be seen covering her right eye over her eye badge.

She has a sniper that shoots darts that heal her units or damage her enemies. Her powerful darts can also put enemies to sleep. Her Nano Boost makes her ally faster, deals more damage, and takes less damage.


Ana is a powerful Support sniper, capable of providing healing from any distance while also dealing significant damage. Her Biotic Grenade amplifies the work done by her own Healing Dart as well other Supports and environmental methods such as Payloads and Health packs. What’s more, she carries a sleep dart which can temporarily incapacitate enemies unless they are woken up by another player.

13. Ashe


Real NameElizabeth Caledonia Ashe
OccupationGang Leader
AffiliationDeadlock Gang
Main WeaponThe Viper
Ultimate AbilityB.O.B.
AbilitiesDynamite, Coach Gun

Ashe is a western-themed cowgirl; she has white hair above her shoulders, red eyes, and a beauty mark near her lips. Her primary weapon is a semi-automatic rifle that requires precise aim to use. Her primary role is damage.

She can launch an attack that knocks enemies away from her. She can also throw dynamite that puts people on fire. Her ultimate summons Bob, her robot ally. Bob attacks all enemies in sight after knocking them up.


Ashe is an expert hero who requires strong mechanical skill to be played effectively. Her Viper gun packs a tremendous punch at mid-range, especially when the player opts for its ADS (aim-down-sight) alternate fire. As if that weren’t enough, Ashe also has access to Dynamite–a risky yet highly versatile ability capable of intimidating enemy spaces like hallways and chokepoints all while inflicting decent damage in its radius, as well as dealing additional damage over time!

14. Orisa


Real NameOrisa
Age1 month
NationalityOmnic (Nambian)
OccupationGuardian Robot
BuilderEfi Oladele
Main WeaponFusion Driver
Ultimate AbilitySupercharger
AbilitiesHalt!, Protective Barrier

Orisa is a tanky robot with 6 limbs. She has four feet and two arms, one of them being an automated gun. Her face is orange-colored, and she has two big horns. Orisa can generate a barrier from one of her devices. Meaning she won’t have to hold back while a barrier is activated.

She can use superchargers to boost her attacks, as well as her allies. Orisa can become unstoppable and reduce incoming damage. She can also use Halt to fire an orb that pulls all enemies at once.


Orisa has been transformed from an anchor tank to a more agile one in Overwatch 1. The Fusion Driver cannon shell is both advantageous and disadvantageous; while it takes some time for the projectile travel, there’s no drop-off in damage when stretched out over long ranges – as long as you are able to lead your shots precisely with fast moving targets. On top of that, Fortify provides her with substantial defense bonus without any drawbacks other than being countered by Whole Hog.

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