List Of 14 Most Famous Overwatch Female Characters

Overwatch Female Characters

While there are a number of playable female Overwatch characters, it can be difficult to find more information about them in-game.
We have compiled some amazing facts about our favorite female characters in an infographic so you can better understand their personalities and stories.

1. D.Va


Although D.Va is just a young 19-year-old professional gamer, she fills the role of a tank using a big pink mecha suit. D.Va has long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and pink marks on her cheeks, similar to those of Naruto.

D.Va’s mech can shoot short-ranged bullets, deflect projectiles when the ability activates, fly in the air, and initiate self-destruct. While D.Va is outside the mecha, she has an automatic light gun.

2. Widowmaker


She is one of the main antagonists in the story, working with Reaper. She is a very agile character and an intelligent snipe. Widowmaker has long violet hair put into a ponytail. She also wears a skin-tight purple suit. Her main role is damage.

Widowmaker uses her hook to get into high spots; she can use her powerful sniper to execute her enemies. However, she can also be prepared if the enemy collapses on her, as she can use her poison traps and turn her sniper into an automatic rifle. Her ultimate ability, however, provides a full vision of the entire enemy team.

3. Symmetra


Symmetra is one of the more team urinated damage characters. She has long, straight black hair; she wears a blue dress and a face screen to scan people. She has dark brown eyes, and she is originally from India. Her weapon fires a strong beam that can also be turned into large orb projectiles.

Symmetra can place small turrets that act as defensive tools; they can slow enemies and hurt them. She can also place a large barrier that blocks all targets on the other side.

However, her key ability is the portals she can place in different spots on the map; this allows her team and herself to reach objectives faster.

4. Mercy


Mercy is an angel-looking healer, taking the role of support. She has light blonde hair; it is short and put into a back bun. She also has blue eyes. Mercy is one of the popular support characters in overwatch. She can use her staff to heal a single target or boost their damage.

Mercy can regenerate health faster than her allies; she can also quickly fly toward an ally. Her unique ability is reviving all teammates that died recently when she is close to them.

5. Tracer


Tracer is the face of Overwatch, a brilliant young girl who got caught in an experience that allowed her to manipulate time at the cost of not being able to touch reality. However, after getting the help she needed, Tracer joined overwatch.

She has short brown spiky hair, and she is wearing a yellow suit. She has two short weapons that deal lots of damage in a short period, but they will be needed to reload frequently. Tracer can blink using her chargers, and she can go back in time.

6. Sombra


A Mexican hacker that teamed up with Reaper. Sombra has purple eyes and stylish black hair with purple lines. She has a fancy purple dress and special gloves. Her primary weapon is a short automated gun.

Sombra can teleport from one spot to another using one of her devices. She can also become invisible and stealthy. Sombra can also locate enemies with low health. Her unique ability is shutting down enemy barriers and disabling them from using abilities.

7. Mei


Mei is a kind, timid girl. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She wears black glasses, and her body is covered with a blue coat and white fur. Her weapon is the opposite of a flame thrower. She uses it to freeze enemies as it spreads through the air, making it a great crowd control tool.

If taking lots of damage, she can make herself immune to everything by locking herself in a large piece of ice. She can also create walls of ice to block enemies’ paths. Her ultimate ability is using her buddy robot to freeze all enemies in a large area.

8. Brigitte


She is the daughter of Torbjörn and the right hand of Reinhardt. Brigitte has long brown hair that is put into a long ponytail. She wears heavy armor, making her very tank for a support role. Using her mace, she can attack enemies from a medium range.

The chains on the mace allow her to go for long-ranged whips. She can use her shield to create a barrier, and using that barrier; she can bash it at her enemies. Brigitte can inspire her allies and rally them, increasing their speed and defense.

9. Zarya


A large and muscular woman. Zarya has short pink hair. Her arms can be seen having scars and tattoos. Zarya fills the role of a tank. She carries a giant cannon that shoots a beam up to a medium range. Her canon can also launch grenades.

Zarya can create barriers around herself to tank more damage. She can also create barriers around her allies. Her ultimate is a tide changer when it comes to team fights; she fires a gravity orb that swallows all enemies caught in its radius.

10. Moira


Moria covers herself in an elegant long black dress with long sleeves. She has short ginger hair and wears a face mask that covers her left eye. Moira is themed similar to witches. Her ability can heal allies, but the beam can easily be seen as poisonous.

She can launch a bouncing orb that heals allies or launch an orb that can hurt enemies. She can also fade, becoming invisible. Her ultimate fires a large beam that heals your allies and damages your enemies.

11. Pharah


The daughter of Ana. Since she was young, Pharah has seen the Overwatch group, and she looked up to them. Inspired by her heroes, Pharah became a powerful fighter. She has an Egyptian style with the way her straight shoulder-length hair is styled and the mark on her face.

Wearing a heavy blue suit, she can use the jets to fly in the air and shoot powerful rockets through her canon. Her ultimate ability fires a barrage of rockets that rain down on the enemy, making her a scary foe to deal with.

12. Ana


Ana is one of the original veterans of Overwatch. She is the mother of Pharah, and she takes on the role of support. She has white hair covered under her cloak; her bang, however, can be seen covering her right eye over her eye badge.

She has a sniper that shoots darts that heal her units or damage her enemies. Her powerful darts can also put enemies to sleep. Her Nano Boost makes her ally faster, deals more damage, and takes less damage.

13. Ashe


Ashe is a western-themed cowgirl; she has white hair above her shoulders, red eyes, and a beauty mark near her lips. Her primary weapon is a semi-automatic rifle that requires precise aim to use. Her primary role is damage.

She can launch an attack that knocks enemies away from her. She can also throw dynamite that puts people on fire. Her ultimate summons Bob, her robot ally. Bob attacks all enemies in sight after knocking them up.

14. Orisa


Orisa is a tanky robot with 6 limbs. She has four feet and two arms, one of them being an automated gun. Her face is orange-colored, and she has two big horns. Orisa can generate a barrier from one of her devices. Meaning she won’t have to hold back while a barrier is activated.

She can use superchargers to boost her attacks, as well as her allies. Orisa can become unstoppable and reduce incoming damage. She can also use Halt to fire an orb that pulls all enemies at once.

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