4 Popular Variations of Solitaire to Try


Everyday new games are introduced, some take on the world, others are forgotten. In this fast-paced dynamic world of gaming, Solitaire remains unbothered. Despite being introduced three decades ago in 1990 with Windows 3.0, Solitaire is still loved by many and played by millions. So, knowing about Solitaire is still important for you if you love to play games.

It is one of the most well-known, classic games that has been going strong ever since its introduction. It’s interesting gameplay, fun triggering mode, and critical thinking touch combine together to make this card-game addictive for the players. You feel the urge to play again and again. Another reason why you never feel bored while playing this game is its various versions. Solitaire has more than 100+ variations and all are equally interesting and fun.

If you feel like playing a new version of Solitaire, don’t worry, we have compiled a list for you. Here are four popular Solitaire variations you must try:

1. Klondike


Klondike has various names, called Canfield, Patience, American Patience…and Solitaire. Yes, most people know Klondike as the usual Solitaire game that everyone knows because it is the most popular version of Solitaire. But being popular doesn’t mean it is an easier version. It is a one player card game, played with a single deck. The goal is simple: to clear the board by compiling all cards of the same color in an ascending order on each other.

Mind you, clearing the board is not easy and you can only understand this when you struggle to drag five on a black six that is buried under a stack of face down cards. You know that a single card can help you win, but you are stuck in the track. So, yeah! Klondike can give you a mental breakdown but this struggle is worth it because nothing can beat the pleasure of completing all stacks and winning the game that is announced with fireworks and rolling cards. If you want to get this pleasure, Klondike is waiting for you!

2. FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell is a puzzle-like variant of the famous Solitaire game that was introduced after the immense popularity of Klondike. But this Solitaire version also has its own fan base that never lets this version go off the scene and keep it relevant in this age as well. The good thing is that if you have played Klondike, you might find this one deck game with all face up cards, a piece of cake (still, don’t take it too lightly because it gets difficult if you lose the track!).

The goal of this puzzle-like Solitaire is to build 4 stacks from ascending order to descending order by moving cards arranged in 8 tableaus, all face-up. It is a good game for beginners who are just taking a jump start in the world of card games. But it is also equally fun for adults! So, no matter which age group you belong to, it is never too late to try this game.

3. TriPeaks Solitaire

TriPeaks Solitaire

TriPeaks Solitaire is the perfect game for Solitaire players who want to play a card game that breaks the typical Solitaire style and comes up with a different gameplay. TriPeaks Solitaire is one of the latest versions that is unlike Klondike, Spider, or Free-Cell Solitaire. In this game, you don’t go for making stack piles in any order. Instead, your goal is to destroy the peaks.

The game begins with three pyramids or famously called Peaks, layered in 3 layers form. All three peaks have 6 cards, the lowest has 3, middle two and the top layer has just one. All these cards are staged face down. However, the fourth layer placed under three peaks has 12 face-up cards.

The game has a complicated formation that makes this game very exciting. The goal is to move cards from peaks to the waste pile, slowly revealing all the face-down cards. Like other Solitaire games, this game is also available in app and online form. So, you can play this game anytime, anywhere, and easily keep on trying your hands on it until you win.

4. Pyramid Solitaire

Like TriPeaks, this game has a different format and rules than typical Solitaire variations. You can call it a sister variation of TriPeaks in terms of card formation, but it has different gameplay. Instead of debunking cards in the waste pile, you have to remove cards by pairing them in a rank of 13.

You can call it a pairing game in which cards are structured in a pyramid of seven layers. You have to empty the board by removing cards in the pair form. It needs critical thinking as well as a bit of maths. So, freshen up your maths before playing this game (wink!). Once you get the hang of it, it will become your most favorite Solitaire variation. Try it!


These are just a few variations of Solitaire. You can find many more on different online websites such as: Play Solitaire, Solitaire Bliss and Solitaired. It is an amazing game that is not only interesting and adds fun in your life, it is also very good for your mental health.

It saves you from boredom, enhances critical thinking and planning skills, gives you the opportunity to have some quality ‘me’ time and keep your mind sharp. So, Solitaire is not just a card game, but also a valuable game to detoxify your mind and learn new things. If you haven’t tried Solitaire in your life yet, it is the right time to start playing it now. You will not regret your decision! Happy playing!

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