New Era: The Media Fightback Against AI

New Era

As the dust begins to settle on the monumental impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the finance and media world, growing skepticism and mountain calls for regulation have got the creators of multiple AI platforms on the backfoot. Initially, AI producing long-form pieces of data, essays, and highly sophisticated answers to complex questions was a giant leap forward in technological innovation.

However, now that writers and those in the media have realized that a lot of this technology is harmful to the future of human-written research, industry, and innovation, the calls for change are becoming much louder. Big media companies are spearheading the challenge against these companies’ emergence and potential global dominance by putting their stopgaps and measures in place.

From Gambling to Healthcare – How AI Is Changing Society

From Gambling to Healthcare

If you explore the rise of other industries, such as the internet, it happened throughout several decades but accelerated within the last fifteen years. Although the media are feeling the full impact of AI at the moment, and it might appear that this meteoric rise has happened overnight, other industries have been implementing AI changes for quite some time.

It’s hard to compare such differing industries, but healthcare and gambling have operated alongside AI instead of fighting back against it. However, there isn’t much comparison, given that jobs, livelihoods, and the entire fabric of the industry are at stake in original writing, journalism, and other jobs within the media.

Gambling on the other hand can implement changes that AI has enacted, and it has led to many areas of the casino industry becoming more streamlined and convenient. AI is used to break down information about gamblers and information from specific games like roulette and allow real-time information to make its way to website pit bosses to drive more traffic to certain areas of gambling websites or mobile apps.

So, while you are playing casino games for real money online or participating in a tournament just for the sake of competition, although you might be unaware of it, AI plays a much more prominent role in how you play your casino games.

From the way your activity is monitored or divulged to pit bosses to the way mobile app and web designers create the latest games so that AI technology and themes can keep up to date with the latest games, unlike the media industry, the gambling sector is welcoming AI and the changes it is bringing in.

Why Have Media Companies Turned Against AI?

Due to the scope of the potential changes on the horizon, it’s not a conclusive opinion within the sector that AI is a dangerous creation and idea that will spell disaster for the industry. Some writers will use AI to create article titles and structure or help them collate basic facts on the sector or industry they’re writing about.

However, large media companies have stated that AI technology is collecting information from their sites en masse, without their permission and breaching a vast amount of intellectual property laws – which has led to some of the world’s biggest news sites, such as The Guardian, blocking AI companies being able to scan their site to cherry-pick legitimate human-written journalism, opinion, and content.

Many content writers and journalists see the rise of AI as the antithesis of original design. Although the importance of originality within all artistic spheres has diminished immensely over the last few years thanks to the emergence of banal hyper-entertainment and media like TikTok, the fact AI is now threatening the livelihood of tens of thousands of writers, artists, and journalists worldwide is a daunting prospect for any civilized society.

The End Game for AI & Written Content

The End Game for AI

Multiple countries aim to become a solid foundation for AI companies to base their operations. Artificial Intelligence will bring in significant changes and pioneer incredible innovations within society, ranging from healthcare to finance. Still, it is far more problematic regarding human writing, creativity, and innovation.

So long as regulation allows AI to have a positive impact and not completely take over this industry, there’s room for it to have a net positive impact. However, at the moment, with stronger calls for global regulation to come into the industry as soon as possible, the future remains uncertain for writers and artists who understandably feel threatened at the prospect of increasingly intelligent AI being able to mirror human-written designs and content.

It’s been less than a year since ChatGPT exploded onto the scene, and the truth is that it is far too early to say where the end game lies. Regulation is crucial, and this will shape the future direction of the entire industry. Media has already had to deal with smaller profit margins because of the disruptive innovation of the internet, so the new addition of AI coming to take what’s left of the job online is mostly unwelcome within creative industries that strive for originality.

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