Unlocking Unlimited Ammo Cheats in Resident Evil 4 Remake

As an avid Resident Evil gamer since the early PS1 classics, I‘ve come to embrace the tense survival horror experience defined by limited ammo and inventory slots. However, after mastering those core gameplay challenges, I love upending things on repeat playthroughs with unlockable infinite ammo weapons – like a true bonefide cheat code earned through dedication and skill.

In this comprehensive guide from a passionate RE fan, I‘ll walk you through how to get infinite ammo on the most powerful guns in Resident Evil 4 Remake across platforms – from the iconic Chicago Typewriter to the explosive Rocket Launcher.

History of Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil Games

Unlocking special weapons with bottomless magazines has been a tradition since Resident Evil 1 Remix on the GameCube. Getting the Tommy Gun or Gatling Gun made repeat runs more enjoyable, letting veterans blast through familiar zones.

This expanded in future remasters and ports as completionist rewards for achieving high rankings or item collections. Having powerful gear with unlimited ammo enables fun "overpowered" playstyles – similar to activating cheat codes back in the day.

Infinite ammo becomes an exceptional prize after initially beating languishing through RE4‘s tense, resource-management driven campaign. So let‘s get into the specifics on grabbing each unlimited weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

What is Infinite Ammo and Why Would You Want It?

Infinite ammo provides players unlimited reloads on supported firearms by removing the bullet consumption mechanic. This means you never have to scavenge for ammo pickups to use select guns.

Transforming weapons like magnums and rocket launchers into endlessly firing destroyers offers incredible power. Infinite ammo unlocks enable delightful "cheat" moments like:

  • Easily farming PTAS and materials
  • Quickly shredding bosses
  • Obliterating groups of Los Ganados
  • Trivializing previously tough zones
  • Experimenting without consequence

Unlocking these rewarding late-game modifiers enhances replayability and fun during subsequent speedrun attempts.

However, given the game balance, actually earning each infinite ammo weapon first requires dedication through rankings, collectibles, No Damage clears, or money grinding. Let‘s break down how to acquire each unlimited gun.

Unlocking the Cat Ears Accessory for All Weapons

The cute cat ears outfit unlockable for Leon grants unlimited ammo to all guns except launchers and knifes after a grueling challenge run:

Leon Kennedy with cat ears

Perk: All weapons can be reloaded indefinitely without consuming ammo pickups.

How to Get: Complete the main story on Professional difficulty with an S+ rank in under 5 hours 30 minutes and only 15 saves.

Shop Price: 3000 CP

Achieving S+ rank demands skillful play, routing knowledge, and luck to progress quickly with minimal saves. Players must maximize critical headshots while avoiding excess damage and deaths. This earns high combos to meet the overall point threshold.

The cat ears ticket then appears in the Extra Content Shop for 3000 CP. Simply equip them on Leon to enable the unlimited reloading exclusive skill! This works flawlessly every playthrough after unlocking it once.

Now let‘s cover weapons with built-in unlimited ammo…

History and Overview of Special Weapon Rewards

Capcom introduced bonus post-game weapons for Resident Evil veterans years ago, commonly boasting automatic reload or rocket ammo regeneration attributes. These armaments combined unique firing behavior with entertainment value.

As example, Resident Evil 2 Remake players can unlock the SMG-like Extender weapon with an underslung flamethrower attachment! Meanwhile, the first 1996 Resident Evil offered a Gatling Gun and Rocket Launcher through completion rewards.

Let‘s explore the standout infinite ammo firearms waiting for diligent RE4 Remake players today.

Unlocking the Handcannon Magnum

The Handcannon .50 cal magnum blends immense stopping power with unlimited ammo after some effort:

Unlocked Handcannon magnum

Perk: Unlimited magnum rounds

How to Get: Beat Professional mode without any bonus weapons or get S Rank across all Mercenary stages.

Shop Price: 1000 CP

This menacing magnum can down most enemies in 1-2 shots or blow limbs off Ganados. Having infinite rounds for the Handcannon allows easily wiping out groups from a distance without hesitation.

Players must conquer RE4 either completely "clean" using no special weapons or achieve S rank on all Mercenary minigame stages. This proves your mastery of mechanics and weapon handling to unlock the prize Handcannon.

Upgrading it fully activates the exclusive unlimited ammo perk as well, letting you topple El Gigantes and Bosses with ease!

Chicago Typewriter SMG Obliterates Enemies

This classic M1 Thompson SMG variant sports a massive drum magazine with unlimited ammo capacity:

3D rendered Chicago Typewriter

Perk: Unlimited SMG ammo.

How to Get: Beat Professional mode in under 7 hours for A-Rank time.

Shop Price: 1000 CP

The iconic staccato of the Chicago Typewriter shredding Ganados never gets old. Unloading infinite .45 caliber slugs at a blazing rate empowers players to lock down areas. This gun seems to fire as fast as you can pull the trigger while packing major damage – especially once upgraded.

Players near the A-Rank threshold anyway should grab this unlimited ammo SMG to enjoy mowing down groups, demolishing bosses quickly, or quickly farming kills. Did I mention majestically hip firing this classic gangster gun?

Comparison Between the Handcannon and Chicago Typewriter

With both the Handcannon and Chicago Typewriter offering infinite bullets for 1000 CP after certain challenges, some players may wonder which special gun to pursue first. Let‘s contrast them:

Damage – The Handcannon delivers significantly more damage, capable of dropping most enemies in 1-2 crit shots. The Chicago Typewriter requires expending more rounds but makes up through blistering 4.0 fire rate and easier handling.

Accuracy – The Handcannon offers excellent mid-range accuracy with the long barrel and scope. Meanwhile, the Chicago Typewriter has massive recoil kicks but enters aim down sights mode for tighter spreads.

Ammo Types – Handcannon utilizes the shared Magnum pool while Chicago Typewriter draws from the common Submachine Gun ammo stash.

Playstyles – The Handcannon rewards careful aim similar to the Killer7 magnum. The Chicago Typewriter shines best by emptying full auto SMG spray at closer ranges.

Overall I recommend unlocking both at some point to expand your arsenal if the playstyle suits you. The Handcannon trivializes powerful enemies like Garradors thanks to extreme damage. Meanwhile the Chicago Typewriter excels at quickly overwhelming groups or shredding bosses up close daringly. Choose your flavor!

Let‘s move onto the most expensive but devastating infinite ammo firearm…

Purchasing the Infinite Rocket Launcher

Veterans surely remember the iconic rocket launcher with regenerating rockets debuting in the original Resident Evil 2. RE4 Remake preserves this destructive tradition:

Infinite rocket launcher firing

Perk: Unlimited rocket ammo.

How to Get: Purchase from the Merchant for 2 million PTAS.

No other weapon replicates the incredible high of checking targets off your hitlist with infinite explosive ordnance. A single rocket instant kills most common enemies and decimates bosses with splash damage alone.

However, the corresponding price tag befitting this awesome firepower demands farming plenty of PTAS across a New Game+ playthrough beforehand. Finding the "figurine" trinket slightly lowers the fee. Once bought, quickly remind Los Illuminados who the real threat is!

Primal Knife: Unlimited Durability

Finally, attaining the peaked Primal Knife upgrade bestows unlimited durability:

Primal knife model

Perk: Indestructible blade

How to Get: Discover and destroy all 16 Castellan statues

Stabbing skulls and slashing Plagas parasites sustains noticeable wear on standard knives. But the rugged Primal Knife retains its razor sharpness perpetually after locating all collectible statuettes.

Saving precious ammo by rapidly sinking steel into Ganados flesh works wonders. Never worrying about breaking your last-ditch melee defense alleviates a subtle stress during lengthy battles too.

Upgrading this combat knife fully after collecting all statues triggers the exclusive "Unbreakable" perk – delightful for New Game+ skirmishes.

Comparing All the Infinite Ammo Weapons

Before concluding, let‘s quickly contrast the various infinite firearms once more:

Ease of Use – The Chicago Typewriter and rocket launcher offer overwhelming power easily. The Handcannon trades raw strength for precision. Knives require daring up close and personal tactics.

Stopping Power – The infinite rocket launcher demolishes all enemies and most bosses rapidly. Meanwhile, the Handcannon elimiates threats with 2-3 accurate Magnum rounds.

Reward Value – The Cat Ears offer unlimited ammo across all weapons after a demanding rank run. Weapons like the Handcannon serve as mid-tier prizes by comparison for one flexible gun.

Playstyle Suitability – Prefer wasting hordes quickly? The Chicago Typewriter sprays endless lead like a firehose. Take your time landing Dead Eye slow-mo headshots? The Handcannon shines. The rocket launcher and knife cater to opposite aggressive approaches as well.

Ultimately no wrong answers exist on which weapons suit you best. Many players pursue the entire unlock checklist for infinity overpowered fun!

Concluding Thoughts on Infinite Guns

And there you have it – a detailed breakdown for unlocking every infinite ammo weapon within Resident Evil 4 Remake after some dedication. I cannot understate how impactful of a transformative upgrade each brings after struggling through the initial survival horror journey.

Wielding unlimited ammo allows tackling missions, farming runs, or speed attempts dynamically with experimental loadouts. The key tip is delaying these satisfying overpowered unlocks until subsequent playthroughs rather than trivializing your early experience outright.

Through skillful play and collecting all bonuses initially, you earn the right to blast, stab, and detonate perpetually! Adding these guns fundamentally enhances replayability and fun once the basic challenge is overcome.

Let us know which infinite ammo firearm became your favorite and why in the comments below! As a lifelong Resident Evil fan, I‘m happy this beloved side reward system persists strong as ever while attracting new players with RE4 Remake.

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