Best Volibear Skins Ranked Worst to Best [2023]

Volibear Skins in League of Legends

Volibear’s skin is very popular among people, thanks to the number of times it has appeared on the track. Maybe you are also tempted. Do you want to get one?

Volibear, the god of storms and war, is a savage and violent fighter. With ages spent traversing the Freljord’s tundra, long before any humans did, he has developed palpable disgust and hate for civilization and its impact on the environment.

Now he patrols the Freljord looking to return it back to its pristine ways.

At the time of publication, Volibear has 5 skins (excluding chroma skins). Here are our favorites:

1. El Rayo Volibear

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  • Release date: June 01, 2014
  • Price: 750 RP

Plagued by rumors of a man hiding in a bear costume, professional wrestler, El Rayo, is out for blood as he proves his detractors dead wrong by inflicting damage only a grizzly can.

Experienced in dealing with multiple opponents at once, El Rayo employs his majestic roar and relentless storm to devastating effect. Being a showman, he also mocks his defeated enemies with his sick dance moves, reveling in his destructive power

2. Captain Volibear

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  • Release date: November 28, 2014
  • Price: 750 RP

The sheriff is back in town, and he doesn’t play nice. Dressed in the standard blue of the police force, gargantuan badge and gloves, this polar bear has only one goal: destroy everyone who stands in his path of righteous justice.

An agent for good, he borrows the powers of the gods and calls down lighting on perpetrators. He combines the brute strength of a polar bear with the viciousness of a silverback to deliver a frenzy of attacks sure to eliminate every opposition.

3. Runeguard Volibear

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  • Release date: April 29, 2013
  • Price: 975 RP

Decked out with massive gauntlets-shield hybrids and a fleece jacket, Runeguard Volibear is the perfect marriage of attack and defense in one.

He takes huge devastating bites at his enemies and is able to deal damage to multiple attackers at once with his radial lightning strikes. With his rolling thunder ability, he is able to significantly increase his speed by running on all four legs. This enables him to blitz the competition before they even have time to recover

4. Thunder Lord Volibear

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  • Release date: November 29, 2011
  • Price: 520 RP

With shining gold and blue armor, Thunder Lord Volibear is a testament to the times before humans, when great beasts ruled and siblings fought amongst themselves for supremacy.

Purple lightning cackles through his gauntlet as he delivers strike after strike. His frenzied maul splatters the blood of his opponents all over the arena. An absolute force of nature, he is an amazing skin choice with multiple abilities.

5. Northern Storm Volibear

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  • Release date: November 29, 2011
  • Price: 750 RP

With thick heavy fur and massive metal plates, the only thing cold about Northern Storm Volibear is his hard stare. With such a massive size, it’s a surprise how nimbly he can move.

He tears at his enemies with huge swoops of his claws and headbutts them with his metal-plated forehead, causing massive damage. His Q skill also involves throwing his opponents over his head and even getting a significant power-up for some seconds utilizing his Relentless Storm ability.

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