Call of Duty: Comparing Ground War and Invasion Game Modes

COD Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has introduced two new large-scale multiplayer modes – Ground War and Invasion. Both modes support up to 64 players, expansive maps with multiple objectives, and chaotic action. However, there are some key differences in how each mode plays. This guide will compare Ground War and Invasion to help you understand the unique gameplay of each.

Overview of Ground War

Ground War is Modern Warfare 2‘s take on the classic Domination game mode, boosted to a larger scale. Key details include:

  • 64 players – 32v32 battles with real players, no AI bots.
  • 5 objectives – Control flags similar to Domination, spread across large maps.
  • Points for objectives – Hold flags to gain points. More flags = more points per second.
  • 20 minute matches – Longer matches to promote intense back & forth battles.
  • Vehicles – Tanks, helicopters etc to assist in capturing objectives.

The goal is to gain the most points by the end of the 20 minutes. This involves capturing and defending the objectives against the enemy team. Points are scored based on how many flags you control at one time.

Ground War promotes a tactical playstyle – using teamwork and strategy to attack and defend key positions. Loadouts should be suited for medium to long range gunfights near objectives. Vehicles also play an important role in battles.

Overview of Invasion

Invasion is an entirely new 64 player mode for Modern Warfare 2 focusing on frantic combat. Details include:

  • 64 players – 32v32 split between real players & AI combatants
  • No fixed objectives – Pure deathmatch style gameplay.
  • First to 2000 points wins – Fast and frenetic matches.
  • AI enemies – 20 AI bots per team in addition to real players.
  • Dynamic events – Random events such as jailbreaks and cash drops.

The goal is to reach 2000 points before the enemy team. Points are earned by getting kills – against both human players and AI bots. There are no fixed objectives to attack or defend.

Invasion emphasizes relentless run & gun action on a large scale. The inclusion of AI bots ensures constant combat even with minimal real players. Loadouts should focus on CQB and flanking gameplay.

Key Differences

While both modes support 64 players, Ground War and Invasion play very differently. Some key contrasts include:

Objectives vs Kills – Ground War prioritizes team strategy to capture objectives. Invasion is pure killing with no objectives.

Tactical vs Chaotic – Ground War encourages more tactical squad play. Invasion is faster paced and chaotic.

Long vs Short Matches – Ground War lasts 20 minutes. Invasion matches end swiftly once a team hits 2000 points.

Vehicles vs AI Bots – Vehicles play a big role in Ground War. Invasion includes AI bots instead.

Domination vs Team Deathmatch – Ground War is fundamentally Domination mode at scale. Invasion is more like scaled up Team Deathmatch.

Playing Styles Compared

Due to the differing focus of each mode, you‘ll need to adjust your playing style.

Ground War Gameplay

In Ground War, stick with your squad and play the objectives. Recommended tactics include:

  • PTFO – Playing the objective is imperative – ignore K/D ratio. Capture and defend flags.

  • Squad Spawning – Spawn together on squadmates near objectives for coordinated attacks.

  • Long Range Loadouts – Equip weapons suited for medium to long range fights near objectives.

  • Use Vehicles – Transport squads in helicopters & vehicles. Provide air support.

  • Counter Enemy Killstreaks – Shoot down enemy helicopters, gunships etc which can devastate objectives.

Invasion Gameplay

For Invasion, adopt an aggressive lone wolf or flanking approach. Tactics include:

  • Flank Enemies – Use the chaos to get behind enemies and rack up kills.

  • Target Real Players – Defeat real players rather than AI for more points per kill.

  • Equip CQB Loadouts – Short range weapons excel for flanking and indoor fights.

  • No Objectives – Ignore flags etc and just focus on getting kills.

  • Use Killstreaks – Offensive killstreaks like gunships can devastate the enemy team.

Recommended Loadouts

Your weapon loadout should match the playing style needed for each mode.

Ground War Loadouts

For Ground War, equip weapons suited for medium to long range firefights near objectives:

  • Assault Rifles – Reliable and accurate all-rounders. Good for defending objectives.

  • Marksman Rifles – Pack a punch at range with great precision for picking enemies off objectives.

  • Sniper Rifles – Lock down lanes of approach to objectives and provide overwatch.

Also equip equipment to destroy enemy vehicles & killstreaks attacking your flags.

Invasion Loadouts

In Invasion, use CQB loadouts to ambush enemies in close quarters and rack up kills:

  • SMGs – Agile and hard hitting weapons perfect for flanking.

  • Shotguns – Extreme damage up close to melt enemies before they can react.

  • Pistols – Great as a backup for their speed and handling.

Bring offensive killstreaks like Cluster Strikes to devastate groups of enemies.

Mastering Each Mode

Both Ground War and Invasion offer intense large-scale combat – but with very different approaches.

Ground War encourages tactical objective-based gameplay requiring teamwork and strategy. Equip versatile loadouts to clear and control flags.

Invasion delivers relentless run-and-gun chaos. Bring CQB weapons to ambush enemies and leverage the frantic pace.

Mastering both modes means adjusting your playstyle and loadout to match their unique gameplay. Learn each mode‘s flows and you‘ll excel on Modern Warfare 2‘s epic 64 player battlegrounds.

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