Elden Ring Best Fist Weapons [Top 5]

As an avid Elden Ring player with over 800 hours logged, I‘ve had plenty of time to experiment with fist weapons. Despite their short range, fist weapons provide a unique sense of satisfaction when you use them to take down enemies.

In this guide, I‘ll be sharing my picks for the top 5 best fist weapons in Elden Ring, along with detailed information on stats, scaling, upgrades, locations, and more.

1. Clinging Bone

The Clinging Bone is a creepy fist weapon crafted from a skeletal arm. It requires 8 strength, 22 dexterity, and 16 arcane to wield.

Stats and Class Recommendation

The Bandit starting class comes the closest to meeting the Clinging Bone‘s requirements out of the gate. Just level dexterity 9 times and you‘ll be set.

Upgrades and Scaling

The Clinging Bone scales best with dexterity and arcane. It can only be upgraded with Somber Smithing Stones to +10. At max level, it has B dexterity scaling and C arcane scaling.

I recommend using it on a dexterity/arcane bleed build for strong results. The weapon art Lifesteal Fist is also very unique and fun to use.


Obtained by defeating Ensha the Royal Remains inside the Roundtable Hold.

2. Star Fist

The spiked Star Fist delivers aggressive punches to pummel foes. It needs 12 strength and 8 dexterity to equip.

Stats and Class Recommendation

Many classes like Samurai, Vagabond, Confessor, and Hero can wield the Star Fist right away. It‘s quite versatile.

Upgrades and Scaling

Has around D/E scaling for strength and dexterity. Can be infused and upgraded to +25 with regular Smithing Stones on any build like strength, dexterity, quality, etc.

I recommend a bleed infusion for insane hemorrhage build up.


Found on a corpse in Leyndell, Royal Capital. Specifically the balcony area on the left side of the Colosseum.

3. Cipher Pata

The Cipher Pata is a holy fist weapon forged from coded ciphers. Bear in mind it needs 30 faith to equip.

Stats and Class Recommendation

The Prophet starting class already has 16 faith. Just level it up a bit to wield the Cipher Pata soon after beginning the game.

Upgrades and Scaling

Can only be reinforced to +10 with Somber Stones. Has C faith scaling out the gate, eventually reaching A at max level. Infusions aren‘t allowed.

Works very well on pure faith builds due to high holy damage and scaling. The Unblockable Blade weapon art pierces guards too!


Obtained early on inside Roundtable Hold. Look for a room to the left of the Twin Maiden Husks.

4. Grafted Dragon

The Grafted Dragon comes from Godrick‘s dragon arm graft. Requires 20 strength, 14 dexterity, 16 faith.

Stats and Class Recommendation

The Confessor has 12 strength, 12 dexterity, and 14 faith by default. Invest a few more points to use the Grafted Dragon quickly.

Upgrades and Scaling

Reinforced with Somber Stones to +10. Has C strength and D dexterity/faith scaling at max upgrade level.

Works nicely on strength, quality, and paladin builds. Bear Witness weapon art spews high fire damage. Can‘t be infused though.


Obtained by trading Godrick‘s Remembrance to Enia at Roundtable Hold after defeating him.

5. Veteran‘s Prosthesis

Commander Niall‘s lightning-infused prosthetic leg is the crowning fist weapon. Needs 15 strength and 12 dexterity.

Stats and Class Recommendation

The Vagabond starts with 14 strength and 13 dexterity innately. Just invest 1 more strength point and you‘re set to use the Veteran‘s Prosthesis very soon.

Upgrades and Scaling

Upgraded with Somber Smithing Stones to +10 maximum. Has C strength scaling and D dexterity scaling at max.

Goes perfectly with strength and quality builds. The Storm Kick weapon art ensnares and strikes foes with lightning.


Dropped by Commander Niall inside Castle Sol legacy dungeon located on the Mountaintops of the Giants.

And those are my picks for the top 5 best fist weapons in Elden Ring based on my extensive experience! Let me know which one seems the most interesting to you. I‘m happy to provide more details if needed. Have fun out there, Tarnished!

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