Elden Ring Prophet Class Build Guide

The Prophet class in Elden Ring focuses on incantations and spells that utilize Faith. With low Vigor and mediocre armor, surviving early game combat can be challenging. However, once you obtain some key offensive and support incantations, the Prophet‘s damage and versatility really start to shine.

In this guide, we‘ll cover how to best utilize the Prophet class from the beginning of the game, weapons that complement a Faith build, essential spells to find, and late game tactics to melt even the hardest bosses.

Starting as a Prophet

When you first select the Prophet, you‘ll notice starting Vigor is only 10. This means you can be killed extremely quickly if caught by a combo. Try to avoid direct confrontation until you can boost Vigor. The starting gear provides strong magic resistance but weak physical defense.

The Prophet‘s starting weapon is the Budding Horn Shortspear. While fast, its damage is subpar. But paired with the brass shield, you can block attacks while poking safely. Early on, play defensively with hit and run tactics. As soon as you can, start upgrading to a more formidable main hand armament.

Your bread and butter spell is Catch Flame. With 8 FP cost and fast casting, it empowers your melee strikes momentarily. The other initial incantation, Heal, is slow but can save your life in dire situations. At first, focus less on boosting Mind and more on Vigor/weapon stats.

Leveling Priorities

Here are the basic stats you‘ll want to focus on as a Prophet:

  • Vigor: Boost to 20-25 first for better survivability before damage stats
  • Mind: Increase Mind to around 20-25 for more FP and incantation slots
  • Strength/Dexterity: Level to meet weapon wielding requirements
  • Faith: Main damage stat, take to at least 50 for late game
  • Endurance: Helpful for heavier armor, 15-20 is a good target

Ignore Arcane and Intelligence early on since you‘ll rely on Faith. And while not a main priority, get Dexterity to 12 for the casting speed boost.

Best Early Game Spells

These are some of the best Faith-based sorceries you can obtain fairly early:

Catch Flame

  • Deals fire damage in melee range
  • Fast cast speed
  • 8 FP cost
  • Requires 12 Faith
  • Obtained automatically

Catch Flame enhances your melee strikes with bonus fire damage. The fast casting speed allows proper timing to combo with your weapon attacks. While the damage isn‘t incredible, it scales based on your Faith.

Urgent Heal

  • Restores HP
  • Faster casting than standard Heal
  • 10 FP cost
  • Requires 14 Faith
  • Sold by Brother Corhyn at Roundtable Hold

Having a reliable healing spell early is hugely beneficial. Urgent Heal casts faster than the starting Heal spell to cure more HP in a shorter window. It costs slightly more FP but still relatively minimal.

Lightning Spear

  • Ranged lightning attack
  • 46 FP cost
  • Requires 22 Faith
  • Found in a chest at Tombsward Ruins in Limgrave

Lighting Spear gives you a formidable ranged attack – a necessity for any caster build. It has decent damage and range, allowing you to soften tough enemies before an engagement. The high FP cost is balanced by the power that‘s still relevant in end game.

Weapons for a Prophet

The Prophet‘s starting Budding Horn Shortspear can be replaced by any of the following excellent Faith-scaling weapons:

Winged Scythe

  • Found in Weeping Peninsula, dropped from cemetery shade enemies
  • Sacred affinity by default
  • Scales primarily with Faith
  • Causes blood loss build up

The Winged Scythe has a great moveset for keeping pressure on bosses. The angel wing slashes cause blood loss for percentage-based damage. And the inherently sacred attribute scales damage directly with Faith.

Sword of Night and Flame

  • Dropped by Swordstress Puppet in Caria Manor
  • Deals magic and fire damage
  • Int/Faith scaling
  • Skill does huge damage

This mythical straight sword combines Intelligence and Faith scaling to deal both magic and fire damage. Its skill triggers a wave of gray flames followed by a magical slash, decimating groups or bosses.

Blasphemous Blade

  • Dropped by Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy
  • Restores HP on kill
  • Skill unleashes big fire damage
  • Pure Faith scaling

This greatsword does pure fire damage based on your Faith. Landing the Weapon Skill erupts lava from the ground, savaging groups. And any defeat with the blade heals you for a percentage of max HP – excellent sustainability.

Essential Late Game Spells

With higher Mind and Faith, you can utilize these devastating advanced spells:

Swarm of Flies

  • Requires 15 Faith / 12 Arcane
  • Found in Weeping Peninsula, dropped by Magma Wyrm Makar
  • Spawns blood flies that cause hemorrhage buildup
  • Also buffs bleed on your weapon

Swarm of Flies is deadly against tough enemies and bosses vulnerable to hemorrhage. It rapidly builds bleed status causing huge percentage chunks. Maintain the swarm while slashing away with your own blood-coated weapon.

Elden Stars

  • Calls astral golden shards and falling star that track enemies
  • 65 FP cost and requires 35 Faith
  • Sold by Brother Corhyn after giving him Goldmask‘s Raging Wolf armor set
  • Melts groups and demolishes bosses

Elden Stars tears through enemies with waves of holy damage from tracking projectiles. Against bosses and dragons, it will steadily chip away massive chunks of health. The high FP cost requires Mind investment but is well worth the power.

Flame of Frenzy

  • Throw a ball of ragefire that explodes
  • Costs 28 FP
  • Requires 38 Faith
  • Rewarded by Hyetta at the Mountaintop of Giants Brace of the Haligtree area

This devastates packs and bosses alike with a ball of molten flames that explodes on impact for high fire damage. Charging this spell and managing FP lets you hurl these repeatedly. The damage this spews is insane for a relatively fast cast speed and animation.

Boss Melting Tactics

Against slower bosses, punish openings by charging up Flame of Frenzy for huge damage. Faster bosses require hit and run tactics by pelting them with Lightning Spear when they pause attacks. Maintaining Swarm of Flies throughout the fight melts away health.

The Blasphemous Blade‘s weapon skill can flatten bosses quickly but often requires trading hits. Let your summon draw aggro while you charge up the lava explosion. And the HP regain ensures you recover from any trades.

By end game, combining high Faith weapons with charged casting tears through the hardest enemies and bosses. Patience managing FP allows wrecking with Flame of Frenzy while Elden Stars passively eats away health. The Prophet easily disintegrates enemies without the need to learn complex melee movesets.


While challenging at first, the Prophet builds into a powerhouse of divine destruction. Self-buffing weapons with bloodflame and sacred damage backed by ranged devastation and sustainability make you an unstoppable force. Attunement slots let you adapt to any situation with burnt, blood loss, holy, lightning, magic, and physical hybrid damage.

What early game spells have worked for your Prophet? And what tactics melt the end game bosses? Let me know your experiences in the comments!

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