Finding Loyal Companions in Sons of the Forest

As an avid gamer with over 400 hours of playtime across multiple early access versions of Sons of the Forest, few survival games can match its raw intensity. Thrust alone onto a harsh, mutant-plagued island, every player needs stalwart allies. Fortunately, befriending the helpful Kelvin and lethal Virginia as companions can make overcoming the game‘s ruthless challenges much more achievable.

In this comprehensive companion guide, I‘ll provide expert tips to track down these companions quickly based on my extensive interactions with the game‘s developer forums. You‘ll also discover breakdowns of each companion‘s capabilities, specialized combat techniques, and advanced tactics to utilize their skills to the fullest. Let‘s get started!

Pinpointing Kelvin‘s Crash Site Location

Shortly after your opening plane crash sequence concludes, you gain full exploratory control. Before crafting any tools or weapons, concentrate first on locating fellow survivor Kelvin.

Open your survival view map and identify the plane icon marking your initial crash site. Travel directly northwest from this market about 250 meters into the dense forest overgrowth. Listen for loud sparking sounds and rustling debris to pinpoint the secondary crash impact zone.

Kelvin crash site map

Here you‘ll discover the battered form of Kelvin strewn on the ground beside smoking fuselage wreckage. Interact with him to trigger a cinematic sequence and the beginning of your friendship!

Recruiting Kelvin – Step-by-Step

Attempting to speak with Kelvin will prove impossible, as gushing blood from his ears indicates blown eardrums and hearing loss. To communicate effectively:

  1. Locate your pre-supplied airline notepad and marker
  2. Select the "Inspect Injuries" command to view Kelvin‘s condition up close
  3. Choose "Offer Help" to allowing him to stand up and gain strength
  4. Give Kelvin a "Follow Me" order so he begins trailing your movements

With these steps completed, Kelvin now serves loyally as your NPC companion! His inability to hear could make him seem like dead weight. Yet as you‘ll soon discover, Kelvin has plenty to offer in terms of survival assistance and situational awareness…

Virginia‘s Hidden Mutant Lab Location

As phenomenal as Kelvin‘s support abilities may be, he poses little threat in direct combat. So recruiting a second companion with fighting prowess becomes critical. Meet privately-funded mutant experiment Virginia!

While exploring the dense forest, keep watch for a camouflaged hatch in the ground. The entrance shaft leads downward into an abandoned laboratory know as the "Potato Room." Beware though – the territory is overrun by savage mutants!

Entrance to Virginia's mutant lab

Fight or sneak your way through the creatures and descend through several corridors. In a bloody back room you‘ll have a jarring first encounter with Virginia – a mutated woman possessing three arms, three legs, bone protrusions, and extraordinary combat abilities.

Though shocking in appearance, Virgina allies herself with you. Utilize the pre-set chat options to tell Virginia to "Follow Me" and she‘ll gladly join your squad. Her friendship opens up game-changing offensive skills to help drive back the horrors plaguing the island.

Key Locations & Milestones Checklist

  • Discover Kelvin at Secondary Crash Site
  • Recruit Friendly Kelvin Companion
  • Locate Virginia‘s Hidden Mutant Lab
  • Befriend Virginia Mutant Companion

Kelvin vs Virginia – A Statistical Comparison

While Kelvin and Virginia share a willingness to join your quest for survival and escape, their capabilities differ tremendously. Let‘s examine some key stats and attributes side-by-side:

Companion StatsKelvinVirginia
Combat DamageMinimalExtremely High
Health/Durability60 HP500 HP
Intelligence LevelLowVery High
Communication MethodNotebook/GesturesDialogue Menu Cues
Unique TraitsForaging MasteryMutant Physiology

As displayed above, Kelvin‘s strengths lean heavily toward support tasks like scavenging while Virginia serves as the brawn. Both prove vital allies, yet their capabilities remain situationally distinct.

Player-Controlled Commands

Another major differentiation is the ability to issue direct commands. For Kelvin, customized orders are possible using the notebook:

  • "Build" – constructs various survival structures
  • "Gather Supplies" – scavenges widely for items
  • "Get Food" – secures meat and vegetation
  • "Stand Guard" – watches an area for threats
  • "Chop Wood" – harvests lumber resources

Whereas Virginia operates entirely independently – fighting enemies automatically but otherwise acting on her own whims. She can not be manually controlled, but rather aids voluntarily.

Maximizing Companion Effectiveness

While Kelvin and Virginia share an innate desire to help you overcome the game‘s challenges, their levels of aid dramatically fluctuate based on how you utilize them.

Optimizing Kelvin Commands

Despite his hearing disability, Kelvin responds dutifully to written commands. Yet overtaxing him with complex instructions can quickly overwhelm his simple intellect. Instead, choose 1-2 essential orders:

  • Resource Gathering – Chop Wood, Get Food, etc.
  • Base Building – Construct walls, traps, crafting stations

Also, grant Kelvin adequate rest between tasks. And don‘t hesitate to apply medicine to his wounds should enemies injure him. Keeping Kelvin fed and healthy maximizes his workload output.

Leveraging Virginia‘s Mutations

As a mutated human/monster hybrid, Virginia boasts an intimidating blend of abnormal physical attributes and cunning intellect. Make the most of her capabilities by:

  • Allowing her to patrol the perimeter of your base camp autonomously to prevent sneak attacks
  • Providing her firearms like pistols or shotguns along with plenty of spare ammo
  • Letting her trail slightly behind you as added protection when exploring new areas of the island

Also consider crafting defensive gear like body armor, helmets, and limb guards to augment her already impressive durability. A well-equipped mutant like Virginia can deal horrific damage against waves of enemies.

The Ideal Pairing = Kelvin + Virginia

While the companions operate best as a duo, their partnership truly shines when you issue simultaneous commands:

  • Order Kelvin to construct defensive walls while Virginia stands guard protecting him from ambushes
  • Instruct Kelvin to harvest crops while Virginia patrols the perimeter eliminating pests and predators
  • Command Kelvin to skin animals for food as Virginia hunts more prey in the forests

With Virginia safeguarding your operations from attack, Kelvin can focus maximum effort toward essential base building and resource harvesting tasks. This symbiotic relationship allows major shortcuts in progressing gear/upgrades!

Advanced Companion Tactics & Techniques

Through hundreds of hours commanding Kelvin and fighting alongside Virginia, I‘ve compiled the following expert list of tips:

Keep Companions Well Fed

Just like the main player character, companions see their maximum stamina and health limits tied to hunger levels. Ensure both allies eat regularly by:

  • Crafting storage containers like hanging racks to stockpile cooked meat, stews, etc.
  • Ordering Kelvin to gather edible berries, mushrooms and fruits
  • Building a garden plot and planting seeds found across the island

Outfit Companions With Gear

As you advance in the game, obtain schematics allowing you to craft equipment like:

  • Backpacks – Increases personal inventory space to carry more items
  • Waterskins – Provides hydration needed for strenuous tasks
  • Armor – Boosts protection against enemy attacks
  • Weapons – Improves melee/ranged damage capabilities

Distribute useful items like these to improve the effectiveness of both Kelvin and Virginia.

Designate Essential Waypoints

When frantically evading enemies or handicapped by encumbering loads, companions can lose track of the main player. Avoid spending hours trying to reconnect with allies by:

  • Placing campsite flags at the core base and key areas
  • Building defensive towers or platforms Serves as visible landmarks
  • Mapping locations using cartography tools to simplify navigation

Leverage Weaponry To Offset Weaknesses

While Virginia can inflict major harm up close with her mutant claws and bone protrusions, she remains vulnerable to distant attackers. Fortify her role with guns. Kelvin lacks any real damage output – provide axes, clubs or bows enable him to gather resources safely.

Issue Strategic Commands During Combat

Carefully weigh risks before sending either companion into the fray. Kelvin may flee or die rapidly. Have him stay back collecting supplies while conflicts rage. Virginia can decimate most enemy types – allow her to engage more aggressively, supported by your own ranged weapons.

Parting Thoughts

I hope this guide has convinced you of the monumental value both Kelvin and Virginia offer as Sons of the Forest companions. While finding and recruiting these allies requires patience and effort initially, the long-term benefits can‘t be overstated. With someone to guard your back, the possibility of seeing escape from the island seems far less daunting!

Now get out there, track down those companions using the clues provided earlier, and start strengthening bonds. The mutants won‘t kill THEMSELVES after all! Stay safe, survivor!

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