How To Get A Good Ping In Online Games [8 Ways]

How To Get A Good Ping In Online Games

A high ping above 50ms may cause lag, blurry graphics, and slow gameplay. You can get a good ping in online games by using a strong internet connection & closer server, adjusting your frame rate, reducing background apps, modifying your router setup, etc.

A high ping wouldn’t be so good when you are gaming, therefore, you might need to lower it to have a seamless gaming experience. A high ping causes a delay in processing your inputs. A ping (latency) is the time taken for data to transfer across a network. A good ping is below 50ms.

The higher the ping rate, the longer the delay. Therefore, whenever you make a move in your game, you will notice a lag in the server responses. At times, you may still get a high ping with a fast internet connection therefore, you can consider optimizing your PC for gaming or get a PC specific for gaming.

In this article, we will learn more about what causes a high ping rate and how to lower it for the best gaming experience.

What Can Cause A High Ping Rate When Playing Online Games?

High Ping Rate When Playing Online Games

A low ping ensures a smooth gaming experience. However, a high ping can occur due to some reasons:

  1. Server distance – If you connect to a server in a different continent or country this can increase a ping. That’s why it is recommended to play games with servers nearby to reduce any lag.
  2. Unstable internet connection – An unstable internet connection can also lead to slow server responses and this will lead to a lag.
  3. Router location – A long distance between where you are and the internet router you are using can lead to a high ping. Therefore, you can try to play games while near the router.
  4. Multiple device connections – If at the time you are playing games, many devices are connected to the router, it may lead to slowness and lead to a high ping. Also, if your device has many background processes taking place, it can lead to a lag. Therefore, you can consider closing them all.
  5. Game optimization – How you have optimized the game can also affect your experience. Therefore, consider using the default settings or just the recommended settings. Also, check your firewall to see whether it is causing some data issues when you are replying.

How To Get A Good Ping In Online Games?

A good ping should be around 50ms and not exceed 100ms. However, if you note that you have a high ping when gaming, don’t feel disoriented, there are strategies you can take to reduce the ping rate and have a seamless gaming experience.

1. Check your internet speed

Check your internet speed

First, check your internet speed to see whether it is the major cause of the high ping in online games. Luckily, there are a couple of resources on the internet that you can use to test your internet speed like Fast or Speed Test.

Therefore, you can know the speed and decide whether it is what is leading to the delay. If the internet speed is low, you can consider either connecting to an Ethernet cable or a faster router.

2. Use an Ethernet cable

In case many other people are using the same internet network as you, you can consider using an Ethernet cable that will only be specific to your computer. Therefore, you will attain a stable internet connection in real-time.

In as much as using an Ethernet cable may seem outdated, it can help you achieve a reliable internet connection. You want that, right? With the cable, data is transferred instantly in the wired connection without any disruption.

3. Reduce the devices connected to the same internet connection

If you don’t want to use an Ethernet cable, you can reduce the number of devices connected to the same network. If your device is the only one connected, you are assured of a faster connection, lower ping, and ultimately a seamless gaming experience. Disconnecting other devices will free up the bandwidth.

4. Modify Your Router Setup

Modify Your Router Setup

The distance between you and the router can play a huge role in whether you will have a low ping or high ping. When playing strategically position yourself near the router to minimize disruptions like walls, etc.

Also, check whether your router has any malware or viruses that can lead to it malfunctioning or not performing to its full potential. Moreover, regularly reset your router to clear the cache that might have buildup causing any slowness.

Alternatively, you can replace the router in case it seems worn out, or you have used it for a long time. This is especially essential for professional gamers – just imagine getting gaming issues when live-streaming on Twitch. It can be disappointing to your followers if you are a content creator. You can also modify your router to prioritize gaming traffic.

5. Reduce Background processes

If many background processes are occurring concurrently when you are playing online games, it can lead to a lag. This is because background processes will use up your CPU and GPU which are needed in your gaming.

Just ensure no other apps are open, no updates ongoing, no downloads or any other program. Ensure your computer is free from everything except what you are playing.

6. Choose a closer server

Choose a closer server

The proximity between your region and the gaming server can also play a role in whether you have a low or high ping. Therefore, always choose a nearby server. If in the same country the better, if not, then consider choosing one much closer. Also, you can use a gaming VPN to reduce the ping.

7. Adjust your frame rate

The frame rate helps to make your graphics and game animations look great. However, this can also cause a high ping. Therefore, you can consider adjusting the frame rate to see whether it will improve your gaming experience.

8. Restart your computer

If you don’t always experience a high ping when playing games, then it might be a short-term issue. Therefore, you can consider restarting your computer to ensure it has a fresh start if you have kept it in sleep or hibernation mode for long.

Also, you can consider updating pending software on your device to ensure that is not causing the issue. If your computer is all right, then it shouldn’t cause an issue.

However, if your computer also seems outdated or is too old, it can’t be the best for gaming. Therefore, you can consider replacing it.

Boost Your Online Gaming with a Good Ping

Experiencing lag and blurry graphics when gaming can be disappointing. That’s why you need to ensure you have a good ping of below 50ms. This will ensure you have a smooth gaming experience.

Additionally, you can consider changing your router settings, using an Ethernet cable, reducing background processes, adjusting your frame rate, checking your computer’s compatibility with gaming, and choosing a closer gaming server. This will help you to enjoy your gaming at all times without any issues.

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