League of Legends: 5 Essential Tips to Get Better At the Game

League of Legends

You’ve no doubt heard of League of Legends, an online game that has more than 180 million active users each month and whose impact on gaming culture has been so great that it’s been a major influence on gaming culture.

Riot Games, has already ventured into both the music industry with K/DA (a virtual pop band made up of 5 characters from the game) and in the series for Netflix with Arcane (series based on the story of Jinx, Vi and other characters from the game).

The game is currently more than 10 years old and is on an excellent path.

Because of that many people outside the genre or video games want to start playing, either out of curiosity or pressure from friends to have more companions in their group.

But with over 150 champions to choose from, a multitude of items and various strategies to follow, it can be a bit overwhelming and complicated to know where to start.

That’s why we bring you this guide with 5 tips that will be very helpful in your adventures in the world of Runeterra.

Make Sure Your Ping is Low Enough

Make Sure Your Ping is Low Enough

The ideal ping value for playing League of Legends varies from 10ms to 60ms. A ping value of more than 60ms will make you extremely uncomfortable and cause a poor gaming experience. So before you even enter a game in League of Legends, test your ping in a custom game.

Even if your internet speed is good, sometimes your ping value may be too high due to technical problems such as data or bandwidth throttling caused by your Internet Service Provider. In such cases, you can easily lower your ping without sacrificing your internet speed by using a VPN with an Australian IP.

Try different champions

Due to the multitude of champions available in the game, it would be ideal to try those that catch your interest in normal games or against bots.

Unfortunately, you will not have all the champions of the game as soon as you start, since you will have to buy them with Blue Essence, a type of credit that you get from loot and rewards that you will get as you play more games.

In addition to that, there is a weekly rotation of champions that will enable some of them to be chosen in normal games, which is quite good to try out new characters every week.

Once we have a champion that we are interested in learning, we must look for guides about him or her to soak up enough wisdom, know what role he or she belongs to and what function he or she should play in the team, and then put it all to the test during practice in League of Legends games.

Know the roles and archetypes

In League of Legends, we have 5 main roles which are known as Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, and Support.

In addition to that, we have different character archetypes such as Fighters, Tanks, Assassins, Mages, etc.

Within a role we can find varied archetypes, for example under the role of Support there are Mages, Tanks, or Assassins to choose from, and depending on the situation it may be beneficial to carry a specific archetype, for which we will have to analyze which characters our teammates carry to complement the team.

The ideal will always be to take a team with balanced archetypes to ensure victory, although there are certain strategies where this may vary.

Always look at the map

Always look at the map

Knowing and paying attention to the points of interest on the map in League of Legends is extremely important to know when to take an objective or guard it against the enemy.

This is especially important in the Jungle role whose job is mainly to kill minor targets on the map to get experience and gold without touching any of the lanes.

The goal of this is to able to have the necessary level and strength to be able to support the other team members in the lanes by surprise attacking the enemies, which is known as “Ganking”.

If we belong to any of the other roles it is also important to pay close attention to the map, place “wards”, and be alert to see when our jungler approaches us to help us or if we see the enemy jungler approaching.

Likewise, if we see the team taking a bigger target such as the Dragon or Baron, we must also be attentive to be able to support them.

Remember that this is a team game and the more you support each other, the better.

Communicate with your team

Taking the last mentioned in the previous tip, League of Legends is a team game, so communication with them is one of the most important things to keep in mind.

A well communicated team can get out of complicated situations, if you see a missing enemy for example, a good action to take is to let your team know by sending a missing signal with the “pings” system of the game, or finally to let them know through the chat.

Although sometimes communicating with strangers is complicated, having a good attitude and boosting morale to achieve team synergy is a free ticket to victory.

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