Mastering the Pinnacle: An Elite Player‘s Guide to the Level 6 Advanced Soldier RIG

As a Dead Space enthusiast with over 200 hours across the franchise, finally donning the Level 6 RIG in the remake was a monumental gaming moment for me. This imposing exosuit represents the peak of player power fantasy – transforming Isaac Clarke from fragile engineer to unstoppable angel of vengeance.

But earning this elite armor requires dedication across playthroughs. Here I‘ll leverage my passion and knowledge to guide you through optimally obtaining, upgrading, and dominating with the Advanced Soldier: Dead Space‘s apex combat RIG.

Statistical Breakdown: What the Level 6 RIG Delivers

Let‘s begin by quantifying what gameplay perks the suit provides in terms of Isaac‘s core stats:

StatisticStandard RIGLevel 6 RIG% Improvement
Health300 HP300 HP0%
Duration5 Minutes5 Minutes0%
Energy80 Units80 Units0%
Inventory Slots20 Slots30 Slots50%
Damage Resistance0%30%Infinite
Fall Damage Reduction50%90%80%

As this table demonstrates, the main statistical gains involve drastically increased inventory capacity alongside enormous damage resistance. The latter essentially functions as +30% health on top of Isaac‘s 300 HP by reducing all incoming attacks.

These two upgrades alone provide extreme survivability enhancements – but can be amplified further through the game‘s RIG skill tree:

Level 6 RIG Upgrade Tree

Health Upgrade 1+25 HP
Duration Upgrade 1+30s RIG Lifespan
Energy Upgrade 1+30 Energy Units
Specialized Leg PaddingImmune to Fall Damage
Charge Speed Upgrade 120% Faster Stasis Recharge
Health Upgrade 2+50 HP (75 Total)
Energy Upgrade 2+50 Energy Units (80 Total)
Duration Upgrade 2+45s RIG Lifespan
Locked more upgrades…

Fully upgrading delivers an imposing 375 HP juggernaut RIG with ample operating duration even on Impossible difficulty. Next let‘s assess how long that takes.

Hours Played to Unlock: Estimates

While skilled Veterans can unlock the Level 6 RIG faster, here are rough gameplay length targets to budget:

  • Campaign Completion: 14-16 Hours
  • Supply Gathering: 6-8 Additional Hours
  • Total Initial Playthrough: ~25 Hours

This allows substantial farming for the 99,000 credit price tag. Fortunately New Game Plus also grants a 50,000 credit bonus immediately – leaving just 49,000 to collect via selling items, weapons, etc.

After unlocking NG+, reaching the Level 6 Suit takes about:

  • 45 Minutes (Rushing to Store in Chapter 1)
  • 1 Hour (If Scavenging Extra Credits)

So a 26-27 Hour total time investment is realistic before donning this apex gear. Certainly no small feat – but the power cannot be overstated…

Gameplay Experience: Wielding Superiority

Isaac Clarke in Level 6 Suit

Stepping into the Advanced Soldier Suit for the first time brings awe-inspiring confidence. Where survival once dictated tense resource rationing, now you eagerly seek out combat encounters. 30 inventory slots encourage carrying an entire armory of upgraded weapons like the Ripper, Force Gun, and plasma cutter at once.

The RIG‘s 30% damage reduction further minimizes frustration from a single unlucky hit. What could instantly kill Isaac in basic suits, the Level 6 reliably endures even on Impossible. Its augmented leg padding also enables safely dropping from heights that would normally result in injuries.

Altogether, the progression path brilliantly captures Isaac‘s vengeance-fueled determination. By New Game Plus, players have mastered core mechanics and the Advanced Soldier legitimizes domination. Its skull-like helmet strikes bone-chilling intimidation into Necromorph foes before tearing them asunder with jaw-dropping firepower.

Advanced Tactics & Loadout Recommendations

While the Level 6 RIG‘s base stats appear godlike already, properly complementing it with equipment and strategy amplifies Isaac to even more unfathomable extremes. Here is how I recommend outfitting your Advanced Soldier:


Equip upgraded high-damage options to capitalize on the RIG‘s durability:

  • Level 5 Plasma Cutter
  • Level 5 Pulse Rifle
  • Level 5 Contact Beam

This loadout provides extreme DPS across short and longer ranges. Administer final blows with the Contact Beam to vaporize enemies.

Support Gear

Use available inventory slots for sustainability:

  • 2 Large Med Packs (+12 Health Kits)
  • 2 Large Stasis Packs
  • 2 High-Capacity O2 Tanks

Replenish health with kits while deploying Stasis liberally. The O2 ensures breathing room in vacuum.


Confidently rush enemies and detonate limbs. With ample resources and armor, even the largest hordes can be decimated quickly.

Follow these tips and the Advanced Soldier RIG enables conquering Dead Space‘s horrors with awe-inspiring prestige. You are the monster Necromorph abominations now fear in the darkness…

Key Takeaways: Is the Grind Worthwhile?

While requiring real dedication spanning 25+ hours, mastering Dead Space Remake with the Level 6 RIG proves an immensely gratifying milestone for any seasoned player. If you‘re struggling with certain encounters or desire ultimate power, this apex suit delivers.

Here are the vital keypoints to remember about attaining the pinnacle Advanced Soldier:

☑ Grants immense sustainability from +30 inventory slots and 30% damage resistance

☑ Expect a 25+ hour initial playthrough to farm 99,000 credit price

☑ Unlock during New Game Plus in Chapter 1‘s Store location

☑ Upgrading further via RIG Tree builds an immense 375 HP juggernaut

☑ Complement with high-damage plasma/pulse weapons to dominate

For devoted fans, few gaming accomplishments feel as rewarding as finally accessing this legendary gear. The Advanced Soldier RIG richly validates all Isaac‘s hardship thus far, elevating players to heroes that inspire hope aboard the nightmarish Ishimura.

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