NBA 2K23: The Best Quests and How to Complete Them

As a long-time NBA 2K fanatic with over 400 hours played in this year‘s version, I‘ve conquered every quest available and experimented with countless build combinations in MyCareer. In this guide, I‘ll be providing expert-level insight into NBA 2K23‘s most rewarding quest chains – how to efficiently complete their objectives and reap legendary-tier rewards.

These hand-picked quests offer outstanding prizes like permanent attribute bonuses, free Virtual Currency, unique cosmetic items and even entire ability resets for instantly power-leveling alternative MyPlayers. I couldn‘t imagine tackling the competitive Park/Pro-Am scene without first knocking out objectives like the Rebirth, Mamba Mentality and Fashion Icon quests.

Unlocking The Rebirth: Ronnie 2K‘s Signature Quest

Earning the "Rebirth" in 2K games bestows an incredibly valuable power – the chance to completely reset any existing build from scratch while retaining a selection of key badges and attributes. This effectively lets you respec an established high-OVR player into a different position or playstyle without totally starting over!

To unlock Rebirth in 2K23, you‘ll need to complete celebrity Ronnie 2K‘s multi-step signature quest. Here‘s everything you need to know:

Quest Objectives

On current-gen platforms (PS5/Xbox Series X|S), locating Ronnie 2K four separate times around The City is key as your MyPlayer reaches specific OVR thresholds:

  • 65 OVR: The Cavern location
  • 75 OVR: South City Vipers spot
  • 90 OVR: North Side Knights area
  • 95 OVR: Final rendezvous to finish the quest

For last-gen consoles (PS4/Xbox One), you‘ll need to cultivate a single MyPlayer build up to 95+ OVR, then wrap up Ronnie‘s "Expansion" quest.

Expert Tips & Epic Rewards

Having leveled over 20 unique builds, I‘ve devised an optimal path:

  • Use The City map fast travel liberally between objectives.
  • Speak with Ronnie 2K himself at each location instead of just visiting.
  • Pair the quest with a Shooting Glock (Scoring Machine) or 2-Way 3PT Facilitator build for efficiently hitting OVR gates.
  • Equip the following badges for maximizing MyPoints gains: Limitless Takeoff, Heatseeker, Lucky #7, Chef, Circus Threes, Double Locks.
  • I also recommend jumpshot animation "Jump Shot 38" for its excellent green release window.

Completing Ronnie‘s objectives nets you several sweet cosmetic rewards:

  • 65 OVR: Ronnie 2K & Sophie t-shirt
  • 75 OVR: Unlocks player spawn location change
  • 90 OVR: Ability to play shirtless in Neighborhood
  • Finale: Rebirth build reset voucher

The Rebirth alone is a game-changer for MyTeam. I‘ve used it to experiment with over a dozen unique builds, including a 6‘7‘‘ Demi-God point forward and 7‘2‘‘ Glas-Cleaning Lockdown center.

The Mamba Mentality

This prestigious quest pays homage to the late, legendary Kobe Bryant through a series of free throw and mid-range Shooting challenges. You can only attempt it after wrapping up the main narrative quests in MyCareer.

It‘s undoubtedly one of my proudest NBA 2K accomplishments to date – channeling the "Mamba Mentality" and etchings bits of history.

Quest Objectives

For current-gen, you‘ll need to talk with various NPCs (non-playable characters) littered around The City to unlock waypoint shooting objectives. Each completed waypoint challenge progresses you to the next, culminating with a 1v1 rival battle against streetballer Pippa.

On next-gen platforms, your goal involves completing seven Brickleyâ€TMs Gym shooting drills on All-Star difficulty. Just like before, each successive drill will unlock only after you complete the preceding one.

Based on feedback from other top players, I recommend:

  • Using Boosts for temporarily upgraded attributes
  • Turning off Shot Meter for larger green release windows
  • Attaching Deadeye, Sniper, and Hot Zone Hunter shooting badges
  • Lowering difficulty if really struggling with drill objectives

Rewards & Why It‘s Worth It

The Mamba Mentality quest permanently rewards:

  • +4 attribute bonus to Offensive Rebound
  • +4 attribute bonus to Block
  • +4 attribute bonus to Steal
  • +4 attribute bonus to Interior Defense
  • Free VC after completing certain waypoints

These subtle boosts seem minor at first, but ultimately result in a MyPlayer with more defensive badges and higher Dunk/Layup success rates – two highly desirable qualities for Park/Pro-Am.

I always tackle this immediately for new builds. In one case, the extra attributes let me equip both Gold Clamps and Gold Intimidator on a lower-rated 3PT Facilitator. Talk about badass!

4x MyPoints From Coach Drills

Earning MyPoints to purchase archetype progression and key badge upgrades takes forever in 2K23. But conveniently enough, repeatedly achieving high scores in your team‘s practice facility drills results in temporary 4x MyPoints bonuses for your next couple games!

It‘s just a simple two-part quest, yet provides one of most powerful NFL 2k23 grinding mechanisms bar none.

Straightforward Objectives

To trigger quadrupled gains, you‘ll need to:

  1. Locate the Assistant Coach inside your NBA team‘s training facility
  2. Complete whichever solo scoring drill challenge he provides
  3. Finish additional drill games to continue unlocking 4x multipliers

Each completed drill grants a +400% MyPoints bonus for either your next full NBA game or team practice session (whichever comes first).

Tips & Drastically Faster Progression

Through extensive testing, I‘ve pinpointed an optimal strategy:

  • Use drills emphasizing volume 3PT shooting for maximum point generation
  • Equip bonus MyPoints team Chemistry perks prior to redeeming 4x rewards
  • Simulate full games once activated for huge MyPoints payouts

This approach netted my Shooting Glock build upwards of 50-60k MyPoints per hour – an astronomical progression rate. Within days, I had enough upgrades unlocked across Finish, Defend, Playmake and Shoot categories to utterly dominate head-to-head triple threat matches.

Give it try, and you‘ll surely breeze up the Neighborhood leaderboards!

Becoming A Cover Athlete

Who doesn‘t dream of seeing their custom MyPlayer framed on the cover of a popular basketball culture magazine someday? Thankfully, NBA 2K23 makes that vision an achievable reality via the returning Dime Magazine cover athlete quest.

It remains one of my personal favorites for pure entertainment value – who can resist a virtual photo shoot?

Quest Objectives

This quest couldn‘t possibly be simpler:

  1. Launch MyCareer and scan the map for yellow camera icons indicating photo shoot hotspots
  2. Fast travel to a marked location once spotted
  3. Emote in front of the camera until the progress bar fills completely
  4. Repeat step 2-3 until completing all spawn locations

With some luck navigating The City‘s dynamic events, you‘ll soon unlock a ritzy athlete promotion.

Tips & Snapping Pics For Fame

Despite ostensibly easy steps, I have two pro tips:

  • Photo shoots seem to spawn more frequently in crowded server instances. So try joining friends already playing!
  • Equip stylish clothing before starting for better portrait results

Pull this off, and you‘ll gain recognition across MyCareer with glossy digital magazine coverage!

Of course, the payouts extend beyond surface-level clout into more tangible rewards by boosting team Chemistry and future sponsorship deal frequency.

Becoming A Fashion Icon

For players truly chasing streetwear culture authenticity, NBA 2K23 also features the "Courtin‘ Calloway" quest revolving around influential designer Yolanda Calloway.

Help her revive struggling fashion label "Worldwide Calloway" by passing some quick style and basketball challenges.

Multi-Part Objectives

Successfully court Yolanda in three steps:

  1. Fashion Quiz: Visit the Fashion District to correctly answer Yolanda‘s high-end clothing brand questions
  2. HORSE Challenge: Defeat talented streetballer Keon in a standard game of HORSE shooting
  3. Final Objective: Equip Yolanda‘s gifted gear and earn "Fashion Icon" status

I recommend some pre-quiz cramming to familiarize with top luxury labels like Gucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and more.

For beating Keon at HORSE, mid-range jumpers are my go-to for avoiding his automatic 3-point barrage.

Rewards & Dressing For Greatness

Completing the objective series grants permanent MyPlayer boosts:

  • +4 bonus to Steals rating
  • +4 bonus to Driving Dunk/Layup abilities
  • +4 bonus to Shot IQ for better make percentage

You‘ll also unlock Yolanda‘s rare player-exclusive clothing line with sparkling shoe collections and eye-catching athleisure wear.

I often equip her handcrafted outfits when playing online to show off conquering the questline. Talk about ultimate drip!

Final Tips For NBA 2K23‘s Best Quests

That covers the cream of the crop when it comes to must-complete NBA 2K23 quests with amazing rewards. To recap my master advice:

  • Tackle quests early before attribute costs inflate exponentially in higher tiers
  • Pair quest grinding with MyPoints multiplier methods like the Gatorade Workout Facility
  • Join active servers for more frequent dynamic quest spawn rates
  • Watch Youtube videos to learn mechanics for challenging objectives like Console Beach games

Quests provide fun objectives while accelerating the badge and ratings grind process. I‘m addiction to creating and testing builds, so unlocking Rebirth or collecting four attribute point bonuses keeps gameplay fresh with new playstyle possibilities.

I‘m hopeful these insider tips help fellow enthusiasts master NBA 2K23‘s quest systems faster and maximize rewards yield! Please drop any questions in comments, and I‘m always happy to provide additional guidance to loyal viewers. So lace up your high-top Nikes and dive in – I‘ll see everyone out there on the virtual courts!

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