Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Classes: A Detailed Guide

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Classes are an integral part of the Academies in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. As a student, you can choose to attend various classes to gain knowledge, participate in exams, and earn rewards. While optional, attending classes provides plenty of benefits. This guide will explore the classes, their importance, exam answers, and the rewards you can obtain.

Overview of Classes

There are seven classes available at the Academies:

  • Biology: Learn about Pokemon behaviors, breeding, eggs
  • Math: Understand damage calculation, percentages, formulas
  • History: Discover Paldea‘s lore and historical sites
  • Languages: Gain basic language skills and Pokemon communication
  • Battle Studies: Develop battle strategies and techniques
  • Art: Acquire knowledge about the Pokemon world
  • Home Economics: Learn cooking meals and food for Pokemon

The classes serve as a tutorial for beginners to understand the game‘s core mechanics. Each one is brief, comprising of a 3-4 minute lecture and a question for students. As you progress through the gyms, more classes unlock.

While optional, attending classes is highly beneficial. You gain knowledge to enhance your journey and receive rewards for participating.

Importance of Classes

So why should you attend classes? Here are the key reasons:

Knowledge and Skills: The lectures provide valuable insights for new players about gameplay mechanics, stats, and strategies. This information prepares you for the more advanced parts of the journey.

Earn Rewards: Every class offers XP candies as rewards for completing exams. The candies help Pokemon gain experience points and level up quicker.

Required for 100% Completion: If you want to fully complete the Pokedex and achieve 100% game completion, you need to pass all the class exams.

In summary, classes act as a tutorial, provide knowledge to boost your skills, and offer useful rewards. While skippable, attending them enhances the overall experience and progression.

Class Exam Answers

Each class holds a midterm exam after 3 lessons and a final exam after 6 lessons. Here are the exam questions and answers:



Q1: B) ZR Button

Q2: A) A, 2

Q3: B) Walking Around

Q4: A) Giving them a Berry

Q5: C) Gym Badges


Q1: Two

Q2: False

Q3: B) No, it won’t

Q4: B) 1 in 4000

Q5: False



Q1: C) Double Damage

Q2: A) Half Damage

Q3: C) Eleven

Q4: B) About 4 percent

Q5: A: B) One-and-a-half times as much


Q1: A) Five

Q2: B) 75

Q3: C) About 12 percent

Q4: B) Triple Damage

Q5: C) 2



Q1: A) The Great Crater of Paldea

Q2: C) Treasure

Q3: B) Approximately 2,000 years ago

Q4: A) 805 years ago

Q5: C) Knowledge


Q1: B) Area Zero

Q2: A) 805 years ago

Q3: B) A Folding Fan

Q4: C) Heath

Q5: C) 10 years ago



Q1: A) Thank you

Q2: B) Delicieux

Q3: D) Time to eat

Q4: A) Compliment them

Q5: C) Salvatore


Q1: B) Delicieux

Q2: B) I love you

Q3: B) Anger

Q4: A) Happiness

Q5: D) Salvatore

Battle Studies


Q1: B) Special

Q2: C) The move’s name

Q3: B) Four

Q4: B) Terastallizing and attacking

Q5: A) Fighting


Q1: A) Go all out!

Q2: C) Auto Battles

Q3: B) Exchange Materials

Q4: A) Lv. 50

Q5: A) True



Q1: A) Tera Jewel

Q2: A) The Grass type

Q3: B) Hexagon

Q4: C) Medali

Q5: D) There’s no correct answer


Q1: B) The Treasure Eatery

Q2: C) Surrendering Sunflora

Q3: A) Two

Q4: B) Levincia

Q5: B) False

Home Economics


Q1: C) Increasing Speed

Q2: A) Fillings and condiments

Q3: C) Oran Berry

Q4: A) True

Q5: B) False


Q1: A) Sparkling Power

Q2: B) It helps hatch strong Pokémon

Q3: C) Make food with others

Q4: A) Pokémon Wash

Q5: B) It doesn’t matter

Class Rewards

By attending and passing exams, you can earn the following rewards:

Midterm – 5 Small EXP Candies (per class) + 35 Small EXP Candies (all classes)

Final Exam – 5 Medium EXP Candies (per class) + 35 Medium EXP Candies (all classes)

Complete All Exams – 5 Large EXP Candies

Teacher Rewards: Varies per teacher (SPECIAL ITEMS)

The EXP candies are incredibly useful for leveling up your Pokemon quicker. With the full set of rewards, you obtain a ton of candies to boost your entire party.

Some teachers will also gift special items if you develop close friendships with them after class. These items include evolution stones, power-up ingredients, shards to change Tera Types, and more.

So attending classes pays off with knowledge, exam prizes, and teacher gifts!

Should You Attend Classes?

While optional, I highly recommend all players attend classes for the benefits highlighted above. The knowledge itself is handy, but the XP candies will supercharge your progress.

Here are some final tips:

  • Use the exam answers provided in this guide to easily earn prizes
  • Talk to teachers after finishing their lessons to get special gifts
  • Complete all exams across every class for maximum rewards
  • Buy lots of sandwiches, juice, etc. from the school cafe before exams!

Actively participate in the Academies, and you will reap sweet rewards while firming up your Pokemon mastery.

So get enrolled, become a star student, and let the classes guide you to glory! All the best on your Paldea journey.

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