Tears of the Kingdom: A Comprehensive Soryotanog Shrine Guide

The upcoming Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will feature the mysterious Soryotanog Shrine, hidden among the vast sand dunes of the Gerudo Desert. This ancient shrine, known to some as the "Buried Light," contains over 2000 years of history tied to Hyrule‘s rich mythology. As a passionate gamer and Zelda expert, I‘m here to fully illuminate the secrets locked within this sand-strewn labyrinth for new players.

Legends of the Soryotanog Shrine

Little is known about the origins of this this puzzling shrine. Based on the Sheikah aesthetic and presence of Guardians, we can surmise this technology dates back over 10,000 years when this tribe was charged with protecting the goddess Hylia. The name "Buried Light" refers to an ancient legend depicting a sacred oracle who bestowed magical abilities unto Hyrule‘s tribes in eras long past.

However, a great battle ensued between the groups that ultimately buried the oracle‘s temple under the sands of time. Passing lore indicates that divine gifts still reside in the ruins for one pure of heart and sharp of mind to uncover. Could the Monk‘s blessing be a remnant of this long lost oracle? We shall find out!

Now situated in the ruthless Gerudo desert, Soryotanog poses hazards from intense heat, venomous creatures, and bandits who also seek this shrine‘s treasured secrets. But for those properly prepared, overcoming these threats reveals four puzzle-filled rooms testing one‘s skill with physics and spatial logic. Let us shed some light on conquering this mini-labyrinth room-by-room!

Recommended Gear and Supplies

  • Ancient armor set – boosts guardian resistance
  • Flamebreaker armor – protects from heat
  • Shock resistant elixirs or armor
  • food/elixirs to boost strength and stamina
  • Two handed weapons to smash Stone Talus
  • Explosive and shock arrows
  • Magnesis, Stasis, Bomb, and Ultrahand Runes

Walkthrough and Puzzle Solutions

Follow along below for a complete walkthrough including puzzle solutions and the location of all hidden rooms and treasures.

First Room: Unsealing the Dungeon Gate

The first puzzle involves unlocking the barred dungeon gate which blocks progress deeper into the shrine. Sadly, no visible key can be found nearby. Using the Magnesis rune to scan under sandy terrain reveals a buried Fan artifact which proves quite useful in eroding a suspicious dune along the left wall.

Sure enough, locked below this unassuming sand pile lies a treasure chest containing the essential Dungeon Key to open the first gate. Through logical environmental deduction and magical enhancement of perception, the path ahead is now unlocked!

  • Be sure to grab that trusty Fan gadget before leaving, as it will aid puzzles in subsequent rooms.
  • Buried treasures often hide inconspicuously under sandy terrain. Utilize Magnesis frequently to uncover hidden loot and clues.
  • 50% of Soryotanog‘s puzzles involve manipulating sand dunes and platforms in some manner.

Second Room: Activating the Crystalline Beam Lock

Entering this chamber immediately triggers a battle against a durable Stone Talus enemy. This foe curls into a rolling boulder attacking with smash damage and shockwaves. I recommend utilize shield parries and two-handed weapons to flip the Talus over, exposing its vulnerable ore deposit center. Detonate bombs against this spot or pummel it with heavy strikes to defeat the mini-boss.

With the room now cleared, a strange wall emits streams of light across the way. Glide or climb upward to reach an elevated perch, then blast the fractured brick barrier with a bomb arrow, unlocking this light‘s source. Inside sits a crystalline lock requiring direct light exposure to activate the adjoining gate.

Use Magnesis again to unearth a Buried Mirror artifact and angle its reflection to redirect the overhead beam into the crystal across the gap, unlocking the path forward. Light physics and mirrored angles represent core components to Soryotanog‘s puzzles. Mastering reflective trajectories paves the way deeper into the shrine.

  • Bomb arrows make swift work of cracked or false walls hiding secret paths
  • Buried Mirrors play pivotal roles in beaming light to activate locks and doors
  • Practice angling mirrors to bounce beams into the proper receptacles

Third Room: Seeking the Optional Reward Chest

Disposing a second Stone Talus mini-boss awards access an the third chamber which contains the shrines optional treasure cache. This fight plays out identically to the first Talus encounter. Defeat it to prevent interruption navigating the rewarding bonus room.

Searching all four sandy corners with Magnesis locates Ancient Gears which unlock the eastern gate. Return these artifacts to their rightful pedestals to raise the barrier protecting the bonus chest containing 10 precious Bomb Arrows! Leave no secrets untouched!

Having claimed the extra bounty, lets return our focus to the main objective – reaching and unlocking the Final Room.

  • Optional rooms provide useful munitions like arrows for your trouble!
  • Ancient Gears commonly bind gates until replaced in their corresponding sockets.
  • Talus weak points remain consistent – wait for it to expose its vital back ore deposit!

Final Room: Unsealing the Monk‘s Blessing

Entering the last chamber pits you toe-to-toe against one final Stone Talus. This bruising mini-boss has all the same attack patterns and weaknesses from those you‘ve already toppled. Use tried and true tactics of bombing/slamming then striking the rear ore clump. With the shrine guardian felled once more, the last puzzle is unveiled!

The exit door glows with Ancient Energy fed by twin conduits along the wall. But no visible key or switch reveals the opener. Sunlight pouring through a overhead window hints at the solution. Indeed, one final Buried Mirror lies nearby which can directly this light into a beam receptor on the rune-marked doorway, unsealing the lock with solar radiance.

Angle and adjust the mirror incrementally until light floods the door to disengage the seal. With the path now open, a Monk awaits inside the heart of the shrine eager to bestow a Spirit Orb blessing unto courageous Link as reward for conquering all puzzles and foes within Soryotanog!

  • Shrine quests culminate with unsealing the Monk who grants Link upgrades
  • Light beams commonly disengage final door locks and barriers
  • Meticulously adjust mirrors to aim beams across gaps into receptors

Soryotanog Shrine Completion Report

  • Total Rooms Explored: 4
  • Enemies Defeated:
    • Stone Talus – 3
    • Guardian Scout – 1
  • Runes Utilized:
    • Magnesis – 12 instances
    • Cryonis – 0
    • Stasis – 1
    • Bomb – 4 bombs
    • Ultrahand – 3
  • Treasure Found:
    • Dungeon Key – 1
    • Ancient Gears – 4
    • Bomb Arrows – 10
  • Shrine Blessing: Spirit Orb x 1

Tips for Success

  • Check sandy terrain and dunes with Magnesis to unearth buried treasure
  • Glide, climb, and use bombs & arrows to reach seemingly impossible heights
  • Locate beams of light then trace their direction to identify crystal locks
  • Defeat Stone Talus foes by bombing their armored backs during curling rolls
  • Try every mirror angle to redirect beams across gaps into receptors
  • Use Heavy Weapons and Perfect Guards to collapse durable Talus

Stay light on your feet, keen of eye, and broad of mind to unravel the desert shrine‘s myriad mysteries! May this guide illuminate solutions to even darkest rooms of Soryotanog and all labyrinths Link explores!

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