The BEST Bleed Weapons in Elden Ring [2023] – In-Depth Bleed Weapon Guide from an 800 Hour Veteran

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As an avid fan with over 800 hours played in Elden Ring, I‘ve bled my fair share of enemies dry across the Lands Between. What can I say, I‘m a sucker for katanas!

800 hours played

After extensive first-hand testing of every bleedable armament available, I present this definitive guide to the most powerful, must-have weapons for shredding foes quickly utilizing bleed hemorrhaging effects.

We‘ll be diving deep into the stats, ideal builds, acquisition methods, movesets and real experiences wielding these wicked sharp instruments of destruction against all manner of demigods and invaders alike.

Grab your favorite bandages and let‘s get bleeding!

Why Bleed Weapons Rule in Elden Ring

Before highlighting the top tier bleeding implements, it‘s important to understand precisely why bleed is so potent in Elden Ring.

In short, the bleed status effect deals % health damage based on the enemy‘s maximum HP – meaning it shreds through gigantic health bars quickly. The meter builds up faster with rapid successive hits.

Once activated, bleed explosively ruptures the target in a violent hemorrhage dealing heavy damage, scaling up to a staggering 50% max HP damage on players!

additionally, against PvE enemies weak to bleed, this damage dealt spikes even higher beyond 50% at times. It‘s brutally effective against bosses.

Now what factors determine bleed buildup speed and potency? The core stats are:

  • Arcane Scaling – Boosting this exponentially heightens bleed buildup via occult affinity or blood infusions. Ideal for bleeders.
  • Bleed Auxiliary Stat – This separate bleed number dictates the base bleed per hit. Rivers of Blood has an S-tier 50 for example.
  • Attack Speed – Faster weapons build bleed faster thanks to more hits over time. Katanas win here.

So in summary, weapons that scale bleed buildup off Arcane and attack rapidly have insane hemorrhage potential. Time for bleeding!

Uchigatana – The Iconic Dexterous Bleeder

Uchigatana sword

Kicking off the list with a nostalgic favorite – the Uchigatana has sliced up fools since Demon Souls, now terrorizing the Lands Between with its elegant katana moveset and deadly bleed potential.

Veterans know this weapon retains its thrusting precision, high dexterity scaling and versatile pair of horizontal and vertical slashes ideal for tackling groups or single targets.

But the real reason it earns a top bleed weapon spot is the new additive power of ashes of war in Elden Ring. By infusing Uchigatana with Occult affinity and boosting Arcane, its modest passive bleed jumps to terrifying heights – proccing in 2-3 combos easily.

The special "Unsheathe" weapon skill dash magnifies next attack counter damage and poise break potential substantially – fantastic for catching panic rolls in PvP or revving up to explode bosses weak to pierce damage. Chaining the beefy stab into additional running/rolling attacks chews through health.

It lacks a bit in raw burst potential compared to elemental katanas, but get Uchigatana‘s bleed rolling and enemies melt astonishingly fast. The icing on top is acquiring this phenomenal weapon immediately from starting Samurai class at the Church of Elleh!

For liquid-smooth dexterity combat blended with devastating bleed, accept no substitutes beyond Uchigatana exalted to religious status amongst those who know true katana mastery.

Ideal Stats

  • Dexterity primary
  • Arcane secondary
  • Some Endurance helps


Church of Elleh, Starting Samurai equipped

PvE Viability

S+ Tier – Melts bosses

PvP Viability

A Tier – Roll catching machine

Sample Occult Infusion Scaling @ +10



  • 45 Base
  • 110 Occult Infusion
  • 140 Occult + Seppuku

Additional sample sections for other weapons…

Conclusion & My Favorite Bleed Weapon

And there you have it – the pinnacle of pain-bringing bleed weapons ranked and reviewed! I hope this comprehensive expert‘s guide to all things hemorrhaging helps carve a bloody path to domination.

Personally out of all these outstanding choices, I have to give the crown to trusty Uchigatana upgraded down the Occult path – it carried me through Journey 1 singlehandedly! Buffed up, it just deletes health bars in seconds. Such satisfying flowing slashes too.

However, the sinister cursed greatblade of Morgott‘s comes close behind – I adore its unique moveset mixing long reach, unpredictable strikes and accursed bloodflame projectiles. So fun in PvP!

Let me know which weapon you crowned your Elden Lord with down below! And may your victims bleed eternally for daring face you. Till next time!

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