The Complete Guide to Division 2 Backpack Trophies

In The Division 2, backpack trophies are cosmetic keychains that hang from the bottom of your agent‘s backpack, adding some visual flair and allowing you to show off major accomplishments. As an avid Division gamer myself, I‘ve made it my mission to collect all 40+ astonishingly detailed and creative trophies that this game has to offer.

Some people may see trophy hunting as a waste of time – virtual trinkets with no real purpose. However, for those of us who have delved hundreds of hours into building our agents, backpack trophies let us display our dedication and veteran status. Trust me, lower-level players know not to mess with an agent decked out in Gold raid trophies and Ivory Keys!

In this insider‘s guide, I‘ll be revealing how to capture all trophies, even the most elusive ones locked behind brutal battles. Collecting these trophies requires patience, skill, and most importantly – an obsession with checking every last box and objective!

Backpack Trophy Basics

Where to Find & Equip Trophies

Backpack trophies are equipped in the apparel menu, under the Backpack Trophies tab. You can equip any unlocked backpack trophy regardless of your current specialization.

Trophies do not provide any stats or bonuses, they are simply for aesthetics and bragging rights. But for dedicated agents, that‘s more than enough!

Rarity Levels

Based on fansite polls and my own extensive research, trophies seem to fall under these rarity tiers:

  • Common (61%+ ownership)
  • Uncommon (31-60% ownership)
  • Rare (11-30% ownership)
  • Very Rare (0-10% ownership)

I‘ll denote trophy rarity in their sections. The rarest trophies require insane luck, skill, and determination to unlock. We‘ll get into those soon!

Open World & Mission Based Trophies

These trophies emerge from exploration and replaying story missions. They‘re on the common side, but no less rewarding!

The Sacrifice [Common]: Awarded for defeating Tidal Basin on Hard or above. Tidal Basin ramps up the difficulty with tighter mechanics – coordinate bursting down the boss between Immunity phases.

Carnival Games [Uncommon]: Complete Coney Island Ballpark on Story. This mission cradles nostalgia for Division veterans, closing the NYC chapter. Take in the scenery before blasting through Luna‘s vestiges.

And 5 more trophies: Heat Wave, Fail-Safe, Pedal to the Metal, Bring Home the Beacon, Gearset Trophy. All require basic progression through endgame missions and unlocking all gearsets – nothing veterans break a sweat over!

Dark Zone & PvP Trophies

Only 29% of agents set foot in the tense Dark Zones these days – hence the increased trophy rarity here. But braving their unforgiving battlegrounds pays off!

Eyes on the Prize [Rare]: Extract a contaminated item from the DZ. Managing to extract anything from the chaos and betrayal is an achievement alone. Constantly eye the extraction sites!

Daemon [Very Rare]: Earn 500 PvP kills from Conflict matches or the DZ. That likely means over 5,000 encounters given average kill rates. Prepare for months of rage and broken controllers on the road to 500!

And 4 more brutal PvP/DZ trophies up for grabs, if you dare…

Exotic Based Trophies

The coveted Exotic weapons have drop rates around 5%, making their trophies appropriately rare. I‘ve recorded the ideal farm methods for each:

  • Sharpshooter [Rare]: Snag the Nemesis marksman rifle by crafting it or praying to the RNG gods (0.67% drop rate).
  • Pyromaniac [Very Rare]: Nab the Chatterbox SMG from Grand Washington Hotel boxes or as a world drop (0.04% rate).

And trophies for equipping the Merciless, Diamondback, and Dodge City Holster. Various boss farms and missions needed for all.

Hunter Based Trophies

Slaying all 16 sadistic Hunters tests every bit of your combat prowess. But displaying those blood-coated keys and masks proves your elite status.

Ivory Keys [Rare]: Only 4% of agents collect all keys to unlock the special White House chest. Each key takes perfect Hunter takedowns across the map. I‘ve compiled key strategies here.

Plus the mask trophies: White Death, Death Mask. My advice? Stack explosive and crit chance for high burst damage against their disrupted healing.

Raid & Global Event Trophies

The Operation Dark Hours and Iron Horse raids make all other content feel like child‘s play. With intricate mechanics and ruthless enemies, their completion trophies indicated mastery.

  • Dark Hours [Very Rare]: Full raid clear rate is an abysmal 3%. Watch guides, build a strategic loadout, and pray matchmaking teams hold up!
  • Iron Horse [Very Rare]: Slightly easier than Dark Hours according to clear rate, but no picnic at 5%. Bring specialized builds like Eclipse Protocol CC to control the chaos!

Global Event trophies like Cache Out are also scarce, tied to rare GE active windows. Set schedule reminders!

Special & Rewards Based Trophies

Shepherd [Uncommon]: As community veterans, guiding new recruits through early game is part of our duty. Drop 30 endorsements across your sessions to nab this trophy.

The remaining trophies here fall under general progression, special editions, and random rewards. Easy enough over time, but require heavy grind periods.

The Trophy Hunt Community

What drives sane people to dedicate large swaths of time chasing virtual accolades? For trophy hunters and completionists, displaying rare collectibles lets us show off our dedication and mastery of complex game mechanics that casual players may never engage with.

Hunter masks and shiny Exotics separate the experts from the amateurs. Whenever I‘m admired in social hubs for my Blood Money backpack trophy or squadmates squeal over my Pyromaniac, the dopamine rush of prestige keeps me chasing the next elusive icon.

If you‘d like to link up with fellow trophy hunters, sites like Div2 Trophy Hub connect our proud and obsessed community. We‘ll be the first to provide guides when new trophies drop!

Gazing Into the Trophy Future

Even after bagging all current trophies, I analyse PTS notes and data files eagerly awaiting the next rare collectible. If past Division trends play out similarly, we could see trophies related to:

  • New Year 5 specialization (perhaps for maxing it out)
  • Completing Master difficulty missions if added
  • Future new map expansions and modes
  • Events like holiday seasons and ETF Delta anniversary
  • Reward program giveaways

I even have an ambitious concept around trophies locked behind scavenger hunt puzzles across the map‘s wings. Or locating echoes of critical story moments!

As a passionate Division enthusiast for years now, I‘ll be ready to tackle each challenge thrown my way. And to help agents not quite at endgame level yet understand the complex road to flashy trophies through guides like this.

So strap on your backpack, Agents! A long and glorious hunt awaits us…

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