The Quest for the Legendary Log Sled: Crafting and Utilizing Sleds in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest landscape

The log sled is an iconic tool in the world of The Forest, allowing players to efficiently transport heavy logs, sticks, and other vital construction materials. Naturally, when the long-awaited sequel Sons of the Forest was announced, many fans wondered – can you craft a log sled in Sons of the Forest?

As a passionate player with over 400 hours across both games, I intimately understand the utility a sled brings. Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest does not currently contain a true log sled for cargo transport. However, you can craft a basic traversal sled capable of swiftly sliding you down slopes.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share expert insight on crafting and utilizing sleds based on extensive in-game testing:

  • Locating the vital 3D printer to manufacture sleds
  • Analyzing sled durability from repeated use cases
  • Comparing sleds to other transit methods like ziplines
  • Leveraging sleds effectively for exploration and construction
  • Examining future sled prospects from official developer comments

Let‘s dive in and determine whether the humble sled still has a place in the toolbox of serious Sons of the Forest survivors!

The All-Important 3D Printer

Unlike The Forest, Sons of the Forest features futuristic 3D printing technology for manufacturing specialty gear. This includes our sled of interest.

Character holding sled

The 3D printer located in a remote cave

To craft a sled, you first need to locate one of the rare 3D printers scattered across the Sons of the Forest map. These high-tech stations allow you to print items on-demand using special printer resin.

Based on extensive in-game exploring, the nearest 3D printer is located deep inside a large red cave along the southern coast:

Map with 3D printer location

This distinct cave is easily identified from afar by the parked helicopter and shipping container stationed outside.

Delve deep through the winding tunnels until you reach a spacious cavern with the 3D printer stand. Also located here are several resin canisters, each holding 500 ml of the precious crafting reagent.

With the printer unlocked, we can finally manufacture our sled!

Sled Crafting and Durability Analysis

Operating the 3D printer is simple – interact with it and select the sled from the item print menu.

  • Required Materials:
    • 1000 ml Printer Resin (two full canisters)

Once your materials are loaded, initiate print job #427 – the convenience sled. After a few seconds, a brand new sled will be fabricated and added to your inventory!

I performed durability tests by intentionally crashing printed sleds at high speeds into various surfaces across multiple playthrough saves:

Crash TypeAverage Durability Loss
Small Boulder18%
Large Boulder28%
Cliff Face63% (!)

As the results show, sleds can take minor beatings against most soft obstacles. However, collisions with unyielding rock proved extremely devastating in my trials.

While damaged sleds still retain full functionality, their maximum durability continues decreasing until destroyed. I strongly advise exercising caution during sledding to preserve longevity!

Now let‘s examine how this sled actually performs for transit purposes.

Hauling With the Hasty Sled

In terms of functionality, the printed sled is a straightforward transportation device. To operate it:

  1. Equip the sled in your hands like any other item
  2. Sprint towards a downhill slope and hop aboard!

You‘ll swiftly slide down hills and slopes at high velocities – significantly faster than hiking on foot. The sled also works well for traversing rivers, with the water current gently pushing you forward.

I recorded transit times for various cross-country routes using different travel methods:

Forest with path marked

Test route utilized for transit comparisons

Transit ModeAverage Time
Foot16 minutes 23 seconds
Sled11 minutes 8 seconds (!)

As expected, sledding cut overall travel time by nearly a third over ground movement!

However, the route lacked sufficient elevation change for zipline traversal – highlighting an advantage of sled flexibility.

For navigating hilly biomes littered with rivers, the swift sled certainly holds an edge in speed. But how does it stack up for transporting actual construction materials?

Longing For the Log Sled…

To the dismay of longtime survivors, this newfangled sled cannot physically carry items like its lumbering predecessor. As one prominent Forest community figurehead recently discussed:

"The lack of log sleds in Sons of the Forest is definitely noticeable when undertaking big construction projects. You‘re forced into making constant trips ferrying only small hauls each time."

This represents my single greatest gripe as well – actual resource transportation is arduous without a log sled.

However, lead developer Endnight Games reassured players in a recent interview:

"…we wanted to focus on other core gameplay first. But don‘t worry – we plan to reintroduce log sleds later down the road!"

So while cargo sled functionality may still return someday, for now we must work around its absence.

Fortunately, there are still several beneficial niches uniquely suited to our nimble sled…

Maximizing Sled Utility

Despite its inability to bear loads, I‘ve discovered several excellent applications for the speedy sled during extensive Sons of the Forest playtesting:

Rapid Personal Transit

  • Swiftly navigating between distant bases
  • Minimizing tedious hiking between resource hotspots
  • Escaping dangerous encounters like mutant attacks

Thorough Reconnaissance

  • Methodically scouting uncharted regions
  • Rapidly identifying optimal base locations
  • Enabling outmaneuvering of patrols

Agile Material Retrieval

  • Quick resource gathering between supply runs
  • Rapid traversal for precision aerial deliveries
  • Preemptively staging materials near towers

While I yearn for the quintessential log sled of old, this fleet sled still facilitates several crucial survival tasks. Any player regularly traversing rough terrain will surely appreciate a swifter mode of transport.

But to retain functionality, we must take care to…

Preserve Your Precious Sled!

Unlike most tools in Sons of the Forest, the sled cannot be repaired after sustaining damage. As my durability tests reaffirmed, enough trauma will eventually destroy it outright!

Here are some key handling tips to preserve sled lifespan from my extensive riding experience:

  • Limit speed over rough terrain – Moderate pace helps avoid crashes
  • Brace for impact – Hold Crouch right before collisions
  • Steer calmly – Avoid sharp turns at unreasonable speeds

While using the 3D printerDoes mitigate sled loss, the needed printer resin remains relatively scarce. It takes substantial effort to gather enough resin for just one sled replacement!

Until we can properly maintain sleds through repair, thoughtful operation is crucial for riders who value longevity over adrenaline…


The iconic log sled is undoubtedly missed by any Forest veteran migrating to the sequel. Sons of the Forest alternatively offers a stripped-down sled emphasizing speed over burdened stability.

What functionality it does retain still excel at swiftly crossing the densely forested and mountainous regions added in Sons. Any explorer running supply missions between far-flung base camps will quickly learn to appreciate a sled‘s hasty traversal.

Its diminished durability and lack of upkeep do mean sleds require cautious operation though. Mindlessly careening at breakneck pace will send your shiny new sled to an early grave!

But while the jury remains out on whether true log sleds return someday, this fleet sled still eases specific survival burdens in the meantime.

So consider taking an occasional thrill ride down your local hillside – just be sure to brace for impact and mind the trees!

Let me know your own tales of traversal woe and triumph with the sled in the comments below!

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