The Top 10 Faith Weapons in Elden Ring

As an avid Elden Ring player with over 800 hours logged, I‘ve had the pleasure of trying out every faith weapon the Lands Between has to offer. In this guide, I‘ll be counting down my picks for the 10 best faith weapons in Elden Ring, including details on locations, stats, scaling, and more.

Before we dive in, let‘s go over some key things to know about faith weapons:

  • They scale their attack power with the Faith stat, making them ideal for faith builds
  • Many deal holy or fire damage in addition to physical damage
  • They can be buffed with incantations to further boost their offensive potential
  • Iconic faith weapons tend to have unique Ash of War skills

Now, let‘s get to the rankings!

1. Blasphemous Blade

The #1 faith weapon is the ultra greatsword known as the Blasphemous Blade. Attained by transposing the Remembrance of the Blood Lord, this colossal weapon does strike, fire, and physical damage with each slash.

It scales incredibly well with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith, rated S in holy scaling when fully upgraded. And its skill, Taker‘s Flames, hurls a fiery projectile while also replenishing HP. This self-sustain Combines beautifully with its high damage output.

How to Get It: Defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy and transpose his remembrance.

Location: Volcano Manor, Mt. Gelmir


  • Physical Attack: 162
  • Holy Attack: 130
  • Fire Attack: 96
  • Guard Boost: 68
  • Scaling: S in Faith (B Str, D Dex)
  • Skill: Taker‘s Flames

2. Sacred Relic Sword

Up next is a sword that defines holy power: the Sacred Relic Sword. Attained by transposing Elden Beast’s Remembrance, this weapon utilizes holy damage to tear through enemies with righteousness.

Its skill, Sacred Order, unleashes a devastating wave of golden light to punish groups. And the strong faith scaling empowers its attacks to heavenly levels. It also deals a mix of physical and holy damage with normal swings.

How to Get: Transpose the Elden Beast remembrance with Enia at Roundtable Hold

Location: Dropped by Elden Beast boss in Farum Azula


  • Physical Attack: 149
  • Holy Attack: 110
  • Guard Boost: 57
  • Scaling: S in Faith (D Str, E Dex)
  • Skill: Sacred Order

3. Golden Order Greatsword

If you‘re searching for a divine faith weapon with unique flair, look no further than the Golden Order Greatsword. Made by transposing Radagon‘s Remembrance, this large holy blade is embedded with remnants of the shattered Elden Ring.

It serves up a harmonious mix of physical, holy, and fire damage with each swing. The skill, Order Healing, bursts enemies with gold and fire while restoring HP. And the split faith and intelligence scaling work great for Paladin builds.

How to Get: Transpose Radagon‘s Remembrance with Enia

Location: Leyndell, Royal Capital City


  • Physical Attack: 121
  • Magic Attack: 82
  • Fire Attack: 82
  • Holy Attack: 82
  • Guard Boost: 55
  • Scaling: B in Faith and Intelligence (C Str, D Dex)
  • Skill: Order Healing

4. Sword of Night and Flame

The legendary Sword of Night and Flame makes its mark as one of Elden Ring’s most versatile armaments. Providing the tools of both magic and faith in one sword, it empowers spell blade and battle mage builds beautifully.

It unleashes waves of fire damage with its skill. Or it can channel the lunar sorcery of the Carian royal family and cast waves of the Night Comet spell. The intelligence and faith scaling also facilitate formidable spell power.

How to Get: Found in a chest in Caria Manor

Location: Northwest Liurnia Lakes


  • Physical Attack: 140
  • Magic Attack: 103
  • Fire Attack: 103
  • Guard Boost: 46
  • Scaling: B in Intelligence and Faith (E Str, E Dex)
  • Skill: Flaming Strike or Night-and-Flame Stance

5. Godslayer’s Greatsword

Wield the flames of the gods themselves with this exceptional faith weapon. Boasting one of the most useful attack skills, it hurls a projectile storm of black fire that tracks targets. The Godslayer Greatsword is attuned to take down creatures with god-like powers.

It scales strongly with dexterity as well as faith, making it suitable for skilled players. And all of its attacks consist solely of fire damage, including regular R1 and R2 swings, making it a fiery force to be reckoned with.

How to Get: Dropped by NPC Invader Black Knife Alecto in Evergaol

Location: Underground Roadside site of grace, Altus Plateau


  • Fire Attack: 151
  • Guard Boost: 55
  • Scaling: B Faith, C Dex
  • Skill: Black Flame Tornado

6. Siluria‘s Tree

Harnessing the essence of the Erdtree itself, Siluria‘s Tree makes for one of the most striking faith great spears out there. Transposed from the Remembrance of the Grafted knight, its design evokes a large Erdtree branch in the form of a polearm.

It scales very well with strength, dexterity, and faith; splitting its holy and physical damage between sweeping slashes and thrust attacks. The skill, impaling thrust, delivers a devastating charge attack that inflicts madness buildup.

How to Get: Transpose the Remembrance of Grafted from Leonine Misbegotten/Grafted Scion boss

Location: Redmane Castle Plaza, Caelid


  • Physical Attack: 132
  • Holy Attack: 60
  • Guard Boost: 58
  • Scaling: C Strength, Dex, Faith
  • Skill: Impaling Thrust

7. Cipher Pata

Want to live out your battle-priest fantasy with a holy fist weapon? Look no further than the Cipher Pata which empowers brawlers with faith-based attacks. Taking the form of gloves engraved with holy script, they channel the wearer’s belief into deadly fists.

Featuring decent range and speed for a fist weapon, they attack using slash and strike damage which scales purely with faith. The Ash of War provides an unblockable punch to put pressure on turtling foes. It’s one of the most fun close-combat faith weapons out there.

How to Get: Found in Roundtable Hold

Location: Roundtable Hold


  • Holy Attack: 102
  • Guard Boost: 92
  • Scaling: B in Faith
  • Skill: Unblockable Blade

8. Maliketh’s Black Blade

Held by Maliketh The Black Blade, this curved greatsword of jet black steel is thick with Destined Death. Imbued with the Rune of Death itself this ominous weapon inflicts the Death blight alongside dealing physical and holy damage.

Its Ash summons a circular aura that expands, delivering the Destined Death debuff in a wide area. And it scales very strongly with dexterity, faith, and arcane; making it especially deadly in agile hands.

How to Get: Dropped by Maliketh, The Black Blade boss

Location: Farum Azula


  • Physical Attack: 132
  • Holy Attack: 94
  • Guard Boost: 58
  • Scaling: B Dex and Arcane, A Faith
  • Skill: Destined Death

9. Winged Scythe

A favorite for dexterity/faith builds, The Winged Scythe provides excellent mobility and Bleed status buildup. Found early-game, this weapon features a cool triple-bladed wing design that slices in elegant motions.

Its Nebula skill unleashes an acrobatic slice that prevents Flask use—great in PvP. With good range, speed, Bleed buildup and B holy scaling when upgraded fully, it’s a great offensive option on top of most halberds and reapers.

How to Get: Found in a chest in Tombsward Catacombs

Location: Weeping Peninsula


  • Physical Attack: 106
  • Holy Attack: 82
  • Bleed Buildup: 55
  • Guard Boost: 47
  • Scaling: B Faith, Dex
  • Skill: Nebula

10. Marika‘s Hammer

The weapon wielded by Queen Marika herself against the Greater Will, this sacred hammer packs a righteous punch. Transposed from Radagon’s Scarseal, it serves up a nice balance of physical blunt damage and holy damage with each strike.

But its true power lies in the skill – Radagon’s Rings of Light. A holy area of effect attack that hurls disc projectiles to pummel groups of enemies. With decent strength/faith scaling, its skill combos nicely with strong melee attacks.

How to Get: Craft after obtaining Radagon‘s Scarseal talisman

Location: Transpose at Finger Reader Crone – Roundtable Hold


  • Physical Attack: 137
  • Holy Attack: 94
  • Guard Boost: 60
  • Scaling: C Strength, D Faith
  • Skill: Radagon’s Rings of Light

And there you have it, my picks for the very best faith weapons in Elden Ring for pure holy damage, versatility, skills, and more! Let me know in the comments which weapon ended up being your favorite and why. Thanks for reading this guide!

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