The Top 8 Midfielders You Need in FIFA 23

As an experienced FIFA player with over 500 hours logged across the series, I‘ve compiled extensive research on the top midfielders that can take your team to the next level in FIFA 23. Whether you prefer possession-based play or direct attacking football, having the right midfield trio is essential.

After analyzing key stats like passing, dribbling, defending, and more, I‘ve identified the 8 best midfielders that should be on your radar. From well-rounded box-to-box players to creative maestros that unlock defenses, this list has something for every formation and style.

1. Kevin De Bruyne (91) – The Complete Midfielder

Kevin De Bruyne

The Belgian superstar Kevin De Bruyne is arguably the most complete midfielder in FIFA 23 with a 91 overall rating. Playing for Manchester City as an attacking midfielder, De Bruyne has an astounding 91 passing, 89 dribbling, and 80 defending. He can thread inch-perfect through balls, blast long shots, and has the stamina to contribute at both ends of the pitch.

If you want a midfielder that can create and score goals just as well as he can win the ball back, De Bruyne is your man. His combination of attributes allows him to dictate the tempo from the middle third and transition play from defense to attack seamlessly. Partner him with a more defensive-minded player like Fabinho or Rodri to get the best out of him.

2. Toni Kroos (88) – The Metronome

Toni Kroos

Representing Real Madrid and Germany, Toni Kroos is a midfield maestro that perfectly dictates the flow of matches. Nicknamed "The Metronome" for his precise passing range and control, he boasts a staggering 93 passing, 90 vision, and 87 long shots in FIFA 23.

While Kroos won‘t be making mazy dribbling runs or chasing down opponents, he sets the tempo from deep and spreads play to put his teammates in dangerous positions. If you need a midfielder to remain composed under pressure and recycle possession, Kroos is tailor-made for the role.

3. Frenkie de Jong (87) – The Box-to-Box Virtuoso

Frenkie de Jong

Representing Barcelona and Netherlands, Frenkie de Jong is arguably the best all-around box-to-box midfielder in FIFA 23. With 87 dribbling, 86 passing, 84 pace, and 80 defending, he contributes tremendously at both ends while linking play in transition.

De Jong has the technical ability to glide past opponents with ease and spark attacking moves from deep positions. Defensively, he possesses great awareness to cut off passing lanes and win the ball aggressively. If you want a complete midfielder who‘ll rack up goals, assists and tackle opponents all over the pitch, de Jong is tailor-made for the role.

4. Luka Modrić (87) – The Skillful Strategist

Luka Modric

The Croatian maestro Luka Modrić is still going strong at 37 years old with an 87 rating. Orchestrating Real Madrid‘s midfield, Modrić boasts 91 dribbling, 89 passing and 87 ball control attributes. Despite lacking pace and physicality, he manipulates matches with his close control, vision, and ability to play accurate long balls.

Modrić specializes in unlocking stubborn defenses by threading delicate through passes between the lines. His press resistance and technique allows him to retain possession under pressure and transition play seamlessly. If you need a creator to pull the strings from central midfield, Modrić perfectly fits the bill.

5. Marco Verratti (87) – The Feisty Controller

Marco Verratti

The Italian midfield dynamo Marco Verratti earns his spot among the elite midfielders in FIFA 23. Representing PSG, his key stats include 91 dribbling, 88 short passing and 87 ball control. Standing at 5‘5” with high agility and balance, Verratti is incredibly press resistant and thrives in tight spaces.

Despite his small stature, Verratti is also a fierce ball-winner who snaps into tackles. Combined with his technique and passing range, he transitions play from defense to attack with ease. If you want a tenacious controller who‘ll boss the midfield with skill and combativeness, Verratti is your pick.

6. Joshua Kimmich (86) – The Utility Midfielder

Joshua Kimmich

The German utility player Joshua Kimmich earns his place among FIFA 23‘s elite with well-rounded attributes befitting his versatility. Representing Bayern Munich as a right-back or defensive midfielder, he boasts 85 short passing, 84 long passing, 83 crossing and 80 standing tackle.

While not spectacular in any one area, Kimmich contributes tremendously at both ends of the pitch from multiple positions. His stamina, work rate and technical quality allows him to shuttle up and down as an attacking full-back or hold his own as a “number 6” defensive midfielder.

7. Leon Goretzka (86) – The Box-to-Box Engine

Leon Goretzka

Rising to fame in recent years at Bayern Munich, Leon Goretzka has become one of the best box-to-box midfielders in world football and this is reflected by his 86 overall rating. Boasting 87 stamina, 86 short passing and 83 long shots, Goreztka truly covers every blade of glass with relentless running.

While not the most technically gifted, Goretzka‘s athleticism and engine allows him to contribute in all phases of play. He excels at pressing opponents in midfield before initiating devastating counter-attacks with surging runs forward. If you want a tireless two-way midfielder who‘ll empty his tank game after game, Goretzka is your man.

8. Dani Parejo (86) – The Creative Quarterback

Dani Parejo

The Spanish midfield maestro Dani Parejo has been a standout in La Liga for over a decade, now representing Villarreal at 33 years old. As a deep-lying playmaker, he boasts 90 short passing and 89 long passing for pinging pinpoint diagonals and through balls.

While lacking pace, power and defensive ability, Parejo‘s world-class passing range and flawless technique means he dictates games from deep midfield positions. He‘s able to control possession under pressure and spray passes over the top for pacey forwards to chase. If you need a midfield creator to supply ammunition, Dani Parejo is your man.

Honorable Mentions

Beyond the top 8, the likes of Toni Kroos (88), Rodri (87) and Marcelo Brozović (87) narrowly missed out. While they don‘t make the cut in this year‘s edition, they remain world-class options to anchor your midfield.

The emergence of young talent is also highlighted by the likes of Federico Valverde (86), Aurélien Tchouaméni (86) and Ryan Gravenberch (78) who have enormous potential to develop into elite players that shape the next generation.

Finding the Right Balance

While this list highlights the top individual midfielders to use in FIFA 23, finding the right balance across your midfield three is equally important. Blending defensive solidity with attacking flair often yields the best results to control matches in midfield.

The top teams typically combine a robust holding midfielder like Fabinho or Rodri alongside box-to-box engines like Goretzka or De Jong. This allows them to attack and defend in transitions. Finally, a creative force like De Bruyne or Modrić then connects midfield to attack and provides an additional goal threat.

At the end of the day you should choose midfielders that complement each other‘s qualities across the pitch. However, including one or two of the players in this list will undoubtedly strengthen your team and bring you more success.

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