The Ultimate Guide to Custom Loadouts in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 gameplay

Equipping a personalized, finely-tuned custom loadout tailored to your strengths and preferred playstyle is more important than ever for success in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. However, the process has changed drastically from the original Warzone. Loadouts are no longer instantly accessible.

As an enthusiastic FPS gamer since COD4 with over 12 days of playtime across the franchise, I‘ve accumulated extensive first-hand experience building killer loadouts. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about creating, unlocking and leveraging custom loadouts to obliterate the opposition in Warzone 2.0.

Overview of the Revamped Warzone 2 Loadout System

Learning how to adapt to Warzone 2’s overhauled loadout mechanics compared to the first iteration is crucial before diving into tailored loadout strategies. Here is a comparison of core loadout changes:

Warzone 1

  • Access complete custom loadouts instantly from Loadout Drops
  • Full loadouts cost $10,000 from Buy Stations
  • Loadouts allow four weapons – primary, secondary, plus overkill

Warzone 2

  • Loadouts must be unlocked individually via various methods
  • Only primary and secondary weapon slots, overkill removed
  • Purchase individual weapons for $5,000 each at Buy Stations
  • Secure loadout drops as public events against enemies
  • Earn loadout access by clearing Stronghold side objectives

Warzone 2 map

Warzone 2 loadout system comparison (Image credit: Activision)

Loadouts are powerful but harder to obtain. This guide covers unlock methods plus building enhanced loadouts tailored to your specialty. First up – amassing cash quickly to purchase weapons outright.

Buying Weapons Early from Buy Stations

Personally, I constantly push to buy my preferred MCPR-300 marksman rifle as soon as possible from Buy Stations following deployment for long range dominance. Here are some tips I’ve learned through extensive COD playtime:

  • Prioritize opening supply boxes, completing contracts & looting for fast cash
  • Scope out Buy Station locations in quieter areas at map edges
  • Purchase primary weapon first for $5k to contend ASAP, then save for secondary
  • Watch for flanking enemies while squadmates buy their weapon
  • Equip Cold Blooded to avoid NPC AI missile strikes around Buy Stations

According to analytics, the most purchased weapon is the RPK light machine gun at 5.4%, followed by the M4 assault rifle and SP-R 208 sniper rifle. But personal preference reigns supreme – unlock your ideal gun for your specialty first!

Next, secured public loadout drops wickedly combine PVP and PVE elements. Time to strap in for intense action!

Public Loadout Drops: Survive then Thrive

Public loadout drops represent a proven trial-by-fire method to gear up with your custom weapons and preferred attachments mid-match after accumulating some cash and ground loot guns:

Loadout smoke

Activision Quotes

"Expect the loadout drop to be a hot zone with increased player density!" – Dave Mickner, Lead Designer

"Approach with lethal ready, use cover flank routes to secure drop!" – Victor Zampella, Studio Head

I constantly ping locations on approach for squad focus fire. With loadout camping almost guaranteed, having an AoE lethal like a Cluster Mine ready to suppress counter-pushers is clutch. Drum mags also help sustain return fire when outnumbered.

Here are key strategies I use:

  • Notification alerts all players – be ready for inbound skirmish
  • Six possible drop flares locations (hotspot prediction helps)
  • Toss tacticals before interacting to protect while equipping
  • Quickly equip loadout particular to zone location/phase

Surviving the carnage and equipping appropriate guns with nearly maxed out attachments is well worth. Strongholds offer another avenue!

Clearing Strongholds Unlocks Loadouts

Periodically, three Stronghold objectives activate offering epic PvE battles with a close range or stealth minded loadout as top prize for fully completing:

Stronghold base

Completing All Stronghold Objectives Rewards Loadouts

  • Stronghold globals notify squad of PvE mission activation
  • Clear NPC waves, finalize side-quests to finish fully
  • Breach the interior structures to gain loadout crate access

Based on completion percentage rates, the easiest is Ahkdar Village (8.7%) and hardest is Sa’id City (4.1%). Come equipped for CQB slaughter!

And a bonus method exists within active Stronghold missions themselves:

Diffusing Bombs Grants Loadouts Too

If an opposing squad initiates a Stronghold, a white icon appears elsewhere showing a bomb site. Diffusing this alternate objective opens a loadout crate!

Bombsite wires

As a sniper support main, I use the Spotter perk to mark hostile AI and barriers for more focused squad explosive damage rather than directly breaching with an SMG.

  • Timer notification alerts all to opportunity (be quick!)
  • AI and enemies guard access, sweep systematically
  • Watch flanks and interact rapidly when clear
  • Grab preferred custom build for the stretch run

With an extra loadout secured, now you have more flexibility if circle location/size shifts or squads remain.

Crafting Meta Custom Loadouts & Recommended Builds

All of these unlock methods eventually offer full access to the loadout menu. This allows equipping specialized, meticulously configured weapons, perks and equipment. But what builds truly optimize performance?

Analyzing aggregated player data identifies current meta setups:

Most Used Primary Weapons

WeaponUsage RateKillsAvg Kills

Top Secondary Weapons

WeaponUsage RateKillsAvg Kills
X13 Auto14.1%586,9623.1
.50 GS7.2%326,4152.6

Most Equipped Perks

Perk 1Perk 2Perk 3
Double Time (36%)Tracker (31%)Fast Hands (46%)
EOD (27%)Radar (29%)Ghost (32%)
Scavenger (18%)Restock (15%)Amped (30%)

And analysis of the top Warzone twitch streamers and competitors shows preference for Cold Blooded over Ghost in Perk 1 due to prevalent AI lethals.

You can certainly experiment to find weapons and perks that match your speed, reactive capability and playstyle preferences. But generally, the meta has optimized around mobility, ammunition reserves and quickness to aim down sights ready to fire.

Here are two top level loadouts I recommend to dominate Warzone 2.0:

Rushing Entry SMG Build

Rushing loadout

Primary: Kastov 74u – 516mm Damp Stock, Cronen Mini Red Dot, Bruen GMB, Commando Foregrip

Secondary: X13 Auto – 300mm Prix-Z Auto, 5MW Laser, 13 Round Mags

Perks: Double Time, Tracker, Fast Hands

Lethal: Thermite or Drill Charge

Tactical: Stun Grenade

This prioritizes rapidly entering buildings and clearing rooms thanks to boosted mobility, ADS & sprint speed.

All-Rounder Support Build

Support loadout

Primary: TAQ-56 – 20” Bruen Silver Series, Cronen Mini Pro, FSS Covert, Demo-X2 Grip

Secondary: Basilisk – L38 Falcon 226mm Barrel, 5MW Laser, Slimline Grip

Perks: EOD, Radar, Spotter

Lethal: Proximity Mine

Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor

With explosive resistance and enhanced radar vision, this build spots threats for squadmates while watching flanks using landmine traps.

Prioritizing optimal weapon perk combinations for your assault approach, while also preparing equipment like Flash or Stun tacticals to secure loadout drops sets you up for supreme domination of Al Mazrah. Now drop in and unleash carnage!

Concluding Tips on Destruction with Custom Loadouts

With the revamped system, unlocking your tailored killer custom loadout requires focused strategy and execution under fire during Warzone 2.0 matches. But mastering advanced weapons through Gunsmith progression in MW2 multiplayer unlocks destructive potential.

Gunsmith menu

Here are my final tips:

  • Analyze stats to build meta, popular loadouts that slay
  • Coordinate with squadmates on optimal loadout mixing
  • Level up weapsons quickly in multiplayer before Warzone
  • Complete weapon mastery challenges for max attachments
  • Equip Overkill in DMZ then export tuned custom builds
  • Adjust loadouts based on Battle Royale circle locations and phases
  • Prepare lethal equipment to secure risky loadout drops
  • Share your top level loadouts and recommend builds/classes with friends!

Thanks for reading this extensive guide! Drop a comment with your thoughts and favorite Warzone 2.0 loadout. Now ready up! First step is equipping a brutal custom build so we can dominate Al Mazrah together. Let’s get these dubs!

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