The Ultimate RPK Loadout for Dominating Warzone 2

The RPK light machine gun is a slept-on powerhouse in Warzone 2. With the right attachments and perks, it becomes a highly versatile weapon that can beam enemies at long range just as well as it shreds in close quarters combat.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll be breaking down the best RPK loadout to use in Warzone 2, including:

  • How to unlock the RPK
  • The optimal attachments and tuning
  • Recommended perks and equipment
  • Strong secondary weapon pairings
  • Tips for getting the most out of the RPK

So let‘s get right into it!

How to Unlock the RPK

The RPK is unlocked by levelling up the Kastov-762 to Level 4. This early unlock level means you can start dominating with the RPK without too much of a grind.

Alternatively, you can unlock a unique RPK blueprint called the RPK Caution Tape by completing a Weapon Case Event in DMZ mode. This involves killing an AI Juggernaut and extracting the Weapon Case from the area.

RPK Caution Tape Blueprint

RPK Caution Tape Blueprint – DMZ Weapon Case Reward

While that RPK blueprint has a cool unique look, the attachment options are limited. I recommend unlocking the base RPK via the Kastov-762 to have full flexibility in building your custom RPK loadout.

Optimal RPK Attachments

Here are the best RPK attachments to transform it into an all-round beast:

  • Muzzle – FTAC Castle Comp
    • Increases bullet velocity and recoil control
  • Barrel – 23" Bruen Echelon
    • Improves bullet velocity, damage range and recoil smoothness
  • Optic – Schlager 3.4X
    • Clean mid-range scope perfect for the RPK
  • Underbarrel – FSS Sharkfin 90
    • Major boost to recoil control so you can beam more accurately
  • Magazine – 100 Round Belts
    • Quadruples magazine size so you can down entire teams

This loadout maximizes the RPK‘s damage potential at medium to long range, while keeping recoil extremely manageable even during full auto spray. The huge 100 round magazine ensures you won‘t be caught off guard during extended fights.

I‘ll expand more on why these are the best RPK attachments, as well as how to unlock them.

FTAC Castle Comp

The FTAC Castle Comp muzzle is unlocked at Level 9 for the M4. This muzzle adds bullet velocity and recoil control at the cost of some aiming stability. However, the recoil control boost ensures beams stay tight.

This muzzle helps push the RPK‘s damage potential out to longer ranges, ensuring it can compete with ARs and snipers. The sound suppression is just an added stealth bonus.

23" Bruen Echelon

The Bruen Echelon barrel massively scales up the RPK‘s effective damage range, bullet velocity and recoil smoothness. Unlocked at Level 13, this barrel does have the tradeoff of slower movement and ADS time.

But for a lumbering LMG like the RPK, you‘ll be posted up mounted whenever possible anyway. The movement and ADS con isn‘t very relevant, but the range and velocity boost is huge.

Schlager 3.4X

This super clean mid-range 3.4X optic is perfect for taking advantage of the RPK‘s enhanced long range capabilities. Unlocked for the SP-R 208 at Level 7, this scope provides precision while not limiting peripheral vision.

The downside is slightly slower ADS time compared to iron sights. But the visibility and accuracy tradeoff is well worth it.

FSS Sharkfin 90

The Sharkfin 90 underbarrel grip massively reduces vertical and horizontal recoil, unlocked at Level 10 for the FTAC Recon. This allows you to beam targets with tight shot groupings even during full auto.

The recoil control bonus ensures you can down enemies quickly even chaining headshots together at range. It does come at the cost of some hip fire accuracy, but you‘ll spend most of your time aiming down sights with the RPK anyway.

100 Round Belts

One of the RPK‘s main advantages over other LMGs is magazine capacity. The default 75 round mag is already high, but the 100 Round Belts unlocked at Level 23 almost eliminates the need to reload entirely.

You can wipe whole squads and continue firing without reloading. This allows you to rack up kills and apply constant pressure. Wall-banging through surfaces to get sneaky kills is also easier with tons of ammo to spare.

The movement penalty is steep, but manageable. The infinite ammo vibes are well worth it.

RPK Loadout Attachments

The fully specced out RPK is a long range tack driver

Loadout Tuning and Stats

To optimize this RPK build, I tune for maximizing ADS speed in the Gunsmith to offset some of the mobility penalties:

  • Muzzle: Prioritize ADS Speed and Bullet Velocity
  • Barrel: Prioritize ADS Speed and Bullet Velocity
  • Underbarrel: Prioritize ADS Speed and Recoil Control
  • Optic: Default Settings
  • Magazine: Prioritize ADS Speed and Ammo Capacity

This helps give a responsive and agile feel more suited to an LMG role.

Here are the final RPK stats with this loadout:

Fire Rate~615 rpm

You can see why the RPK is so devastating – the baseline damage and range is very competitive with top tier ARs. And the accuracy, control and mobility is respectable for an LMG.

Top that off with a fire rate over 600 rpm and huge 100 round magazine, you get a recipe for dominating enemies all over Al Mazrah.

This loadout makes the RPK extremely effective at mid to long range gunfights where it can leverage the boosted bullet velocity and recoil control.

The buffed mobility and ADS also ensures you can be aggressive while firing, and quickly snap onto enemies instead of being a slow turret.

Next let‘s cover how to complement the RPK‘s strengths using the rest of your loadout.

Strong Secondary Weapons

I recommend pairing an SMG or akimbo pistols as your secondary weapon to offset the RPK‘s sluggishness in close quarters:

Fennec 45 – This vector absolutely melts up close with its insanely high fire rate. With the right build it‘s great for room clearing and winning fights under 10 meters. Overkill allows you to carry it as a handy backup for when things get dicey.

X13 Auto Pistols Akimbo – Lightning fast, these hand cannons combined with the XRK Power Mag let you dish out a terrifying stream of accurate shots. Great backup for finishing a fight when you need to reload the RPK.

An Overkill RPK + Fennec combo lets you adapt to any situation and range. The X13 Akimbos are a powerful option if you want to grab the extra perk afforded by not running Overkill.

Best Perk Package

Since LMGs lock you in place and limit mobility, I suggest perks that improve information gathering, situational awareness, and ammo replenishment:

Base Perks

  • Spotter – Detect enemy equipment and scorestreaks through walls to avoid surprises.
  • Scavenger – Resupply ammo from dead players to feed the RPK‘s hungry magazine.

Bonus Perk

  • Fast Hands – Swap weapons faster which is great for quickly transitioning to your SMG/pistol in close quarters.

Ultimate Perk

  • Survivor – Enhanced reviving capability to get fallen teammates back in the fight quicker.

For equipment, I recommend:

  • Lethal: Frag Grenade – Great for flushing enemies out of cover
  • Tactical: Stim – Heal yourself and quickly reposition when pinned down

And the Munitions Box field upgrade gives you tons of extra grenades and equipment to bombard enemies.

This build maximizes your impact with the RPK by keeping ammo flowing, equipment supplied, and awareness high so you can pay attention to firing and gunfights rather than running scavenger missions mid game.

Getting the Most from the RPK

Here are some key tips to get the most effectiveness from the RPK:

  • Play medium-long lines of sight like roadways or alleyways and mount up whenever possible. This limited mobility suits an LMG playstyle.
  • Focus on beam accuracy – the boosted recoil control keeps shots on target, so stay persistent.
  • Reload between engagements if possible. If caught in a fight, that 100 round belt gives tons of flexibility.
  • Hip fire up close only when necessary. Otherwise stick to ADS for accuracy.
  • Pair with a fast killer like the Fennec to lead the charge on objectives and room clearing.
  • Use equipment and killstreaks to force enemies into your line of fire.

The RPK lacks mobility, but makes up for it with tremendous damage potential at nearly any range. Play to its strengths and it will reward you nicely!

Give this souped up RPK a try next time you hop into Warzone 2. I‘m confident you‘ll find it a very competitive and enjoyable weapon that can stand toe to toe with even meta ARs and SMGs.

Let me know what you think of the RPK and if you have your own favorite loadout! I‘m always trying new setups so I‘d love to hear recommendations.

Thanks for reading and enjoy unlocking the RPK‘s full potential on the Battle Royale battlefield!

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