Top 10 Best Weapon Mods in Remnant 2

Weapon Mods in Remnant 2 are special attachments that provide unique buffs or effects to your guns. These can shoot out projectiles, apply status effects, or even summon entities to aid you in combat. With over 60 mods to discover, it can be overwhelming finding the best ones to use.

In this guide, I will be counting down the 10 most powerful and useful weapon mods in Remnant 2. We will analyze what makes them so effective, what guns to equip them on, where to find their crafting materials, and more.

Introduction to Remnant 2 Weapon Mods

Before we jump into the mods themselves, let‘s briefly go over what makes these accessories so valuable for your arsenal:

  • Damage Multipliers – Some mods directly increase your weapon damage, scaling their effects.
  • Status Effects – Many apply dangerous debuffs like Burning, Shock and Corrosion to melt enemies.
  • AOE Abilities – Explosions, trails and splash damage to demolish groups of foes.
  • Utility – A few provide defensive barriers, knockbacks, stuns and other tactical functions.
  • Synergies – They stack and interact with other equipment for devastating combos.

You can equip a single mod at a time on each gun. So what are the very best options? Let‘s dive in!

#10 Bore

Effect: Shoots a drill projectile that embeds itself in enemies, creating a temporary weak spot for bonus damage. If it hits an existing weak point, ranged critical chance is increased.

Materials: Mutated Growth (Obtained by defeating Abomination boss) + Other Common Items

Bore creates dangerous weak points on enemies that you can exploit for big damage. It also boosts critical chance if aimed at innate weak spots like on bosses. Useful for taking down elites and mini-bosses faster.

This mod allows you to strategically shred tough enemies by repeatedly hitting the generated weak point. Combine Bore with hard-hitting Primordial or Radiant armor sets to easily crit for over 100k+ damage on weak point hits! It works better on slower, heavier guns to precisely drill enemies.

#9 Energy Wall

Effect: Deploys a defensive barrier that blocks incoming enemy projectiles while allowing player and ally shots to pass through.

Materials: Ionic Crystal (Found in N‘Erud region) + Other Common Items

Energy Wall is the only defensive mod in Remnant 2, providing temporary cover from ranged attacks. Use it when swarmed to safely recover or revive teammates. Doesn‘t work as well against melee foes or boss attacks dealing area damage.

This shield wall is excellent for clutching intense battles where you‘re starting to get overwhelmed. Pop it up to buy some breathing room! Also handy for protecting objectives in campaign modes. Sadly the barrier‘s 500 health isn‘t enough for higher diffs.

#8 Voltaic Rondure

Effect: Fires an electric orb that shocks nearby enemies. Can be shot to overcharge for increased area damage.

Materials: Bone Sap (Dropped by Bloat King boss) + Other Common Items

Voltaic Rondure deals consistent electric damage to groups of enemies. By shooting the orb, you can boost its shock radius and damage significantly. Great crowd control tool for solo or co-op play.

This mod excels when frying monster hordes that bunch together. Lead them toward the orb and blast it for mass electrocution! Also handy for stunning elites mid-attack. Plus the damage scales with your incredibly powerful end-game guns and gear…

#7 Fargazer

Effect: Marks an enemy in your sights, dealing stacking madness damage over time. Max 10 stacks.

Materials: Agnosia Driftwood (Dropped by Legion boss) + Other Common Items

Fargazer is extremely powerful single target damage. It melts through tough elites and bosses thanks to its madness stacks. Excellent for precision weapons and secondary guns.

This mod is every sniper‘s dream, allowing you to tag a priority target from long range while your stacks whittle down its health. Each stack hits for 3 damage per second – that‘s 30 DPS at max madness! Insane for poking dangerous enemies.

#6 Witchfire

Effect: Shoots an explosive flask that ignites enemies with area-of-effect fire damage.

Materials: Alkahest Powder (Dropped by Gwendil the Unburnt boss) + Other Common Items

Witchfire allows you to hurl deadly molotovs that scorch groups of enemies. Great against mobs of monsters and small enemies that tend to clump up.

Every Remnant 2 player knows the agony of being swarmed by the wretched little critters spammed each encounter. Witchfire wrecks their day, roasting entire hordes alive! It also cuts down casters hiding in the back – just aim near their feet.

#5 Skewer

Effect: Fires spear projectiles that impale enemies and explode to damage nearby targets.

Materials: Dread Core (Dropped by Venom boss) + Other Common Items

Skewer is risky to use but deals immense single target and area damage if aimed well. It also remains stuck in enemies temporarily, working well with environmental hazards.

Skewer takes practice to land correctly but utterly annihilates whatever it penetrates. The explosion can wipe out weaker grouped up enemies too. Combo it with Corrosive Aura or other DoTs to keep punishing skewered targets!

#4 Hot Shot

Effect: Ignites enemies with burning fire damage over time. Also boosts ranged damage.

Materials: Root Ganglia (Found early in prologue) + Other Common Items

Hot Shot is one of the earliest and most useful mods you can obtain. It wrecks groups with its burning damage and ranged power increase. Useful from start to finish.

15% extra gun damage pairs perfectly with late-game firearms like the Submachine Gun, Beam Rifle, and Autocannon. Combined with the scorching 200 burn damage, Hotshot carries hard regardless of your level!

#3 Tremor

Effect: Fires shockwave grenades that knockback and damage enemies in a wide radius.

Materials: Cordyceps Gland (Dropped by Mother Mind boss) + Other Common Items

Tremor excels at crowd control thanks to its shockwaves that damage and interrupt packs of enemies. Allows you to damage safely from a distance.

This gem staggers hordes of adds, stopping rushers dead in their tracks. The wide knockback radius gives you breathing room while dealing solid AOE damage too. Fantastic utility for tougher co-op fights.

#2 Stasis Beam

Effect: Generates a freeze ray that slows then freezes enemies in place for easy shattering.

Materials: Stasis Core (Obtained by completing N‘Erud‘s Zombie Cave event) + Other Common Items

Stasis Beam immobilizes enemies with slowing effects that transition into a frozen state. This leaves them vulnerable to high burst damage from your main guns.

Few things feel better than nuking groups frozen in time by your beam. Line them up, freeze, then obliterate with melee smashes or storm barrage! Bosses require extended freezing but get melted by teammates when locked down.

#1 Defrag

Effect: Shots apply a malware debuff. Killing enemies leaves glitches that buff damage or create damaging fields.

Materials: Necrocyte Strand (Dropped by Cancer boss) + Other Common Items

Defrag is an innovative mod that enhances your offense through glitches and viral zones. Collecting glitches provides a 20% damage boost for 15 seconds—huge increase!

Scoring a glitch devilishly empowers your slaughter, allowing you to mow down waves before the buff expires. The viral debuff also shreds mob health bars! Defrag rewards aggressive play and pairs perfectly with heavy AOE abilities.

Mod Attribute Comparison

Let‘s see how some of the top mods stack up across various attributes:

Mod NameEffect DurationDamageCooldown
Defrag15s Buff/FieldMedium-High2s
Stasis Beam10s FreezeLow-Medium5s
Tremor6s WavesMedium3s

As we can see, the top mods provide lasting bonuses or effects for you to capitalize on. Tremor and Stasis Beam offer fantastic crowd control despite lower damage. While Defrag brings very competitive DPS through glitch buffs and virus pools.

Ideal Mod and Weapon Synergy

To get the most out of your shiny weapon mods, you need to smartly pair them with compatible guns. Let‘s go over some lethal combinations:

  • Fargazer – High fire rate precision weapons like Sniper Rifle or Burst Pistol
  • Skewer – Hard hitting Shotgun or Hunting Rifle for explosions
  • Witchfire – Fanning Repeater melts packed weak mobs
  • Voltaic Rondure – Beam Rifle pierces orb for mass electrocution
  • Hot Shot – Auto-Shotty blankets areas with burning pellets

These are just a few examples of ideal pairings. Experiment to discover your favorites, like Freeze Ray + Tremor blowing away immobilized enemies!

Where To Obtain Rare Mod Materials

While most mod crafting components come from boss kills, a few exceptions exist. Here are tips on snagging rare materials:

  • Stasis Core – Complete Zombie Cave event in N‘Erud
  • Agnosia Driftwood – Defeat Legion in Yaesha‘s Twisted Chantry
  • Root Ganglia – Kill Root Mantis in intro Earth region
  • Cordyceps Gland – Slay Mother Mind in Yaesha‘s Nameless Nest

I recommend exploring every nook to discover these hidden events and special monsters guarding coveted crafting components.

Total DPS Increase From Weapon Mods

By adding a single weapon mod, you can expect a massive damage spike across your kit. Let‘s crunch the numbers on potential DPS gains:

  • Hot Shot – 15% Ranged Damage Buff – Huge DPS increase!
  • Skewer – 320% Damage Explosion – Destroys groups
  • Defrag – 20% Total Damage Buff (Glitch) – Extreme spike
  • Fargazer – 200 DPS (Max Stacks) – Melts bosses

As you can see, the damage ramp on some end-game mods is downright terrifying… we LOVE it! Combine 2-3 mods across both guns for 1000%+ increased destruction.

Parting Words

And there you have it, the cream of the crop when it comes to Remnant 2 weapon mods. Grab these game-changing accessories ASAP to crush hordes of foes with deadly new abilities. Let me know which mods seem the most destructive to you! Maybe I‘ll test out some spicy gun and mod builds in upcoming videos. Until then, stay tuned and keep fragging baddies in style!

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