Uncovering Wutai‘s Network of Spies in Crisis Core

As Zack Fair continues his journey to become a respected SOLDIER operative in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, he occasionally crosses paths with Wutai spies infiltrating various parts of Midgar. While searching for these undercover agents may seem trivial, finding all six spies allows Zack to earn rare rewards and trophies.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll be showing all six Wutai spy locations in Crisis Core Reunion. You‘ll learn how to initiate the side quest, detailed directions to each area, helpful tips, and the rewards for catching every sly agent!

How To Begin The Search For Wutai Spies

You can kickstart the process of looking for Wutai spies by talking to a Shinra infantryman in Loveless Avenue, Sector 8. He‘ll inform Zack about spotting various suspicious individuals sneaking around classified areas of Midgar and stealing valuable intel.

The soldier will then request your assistance in identifying all six spies. Choose the option to help him, which marks the beginning of this extensive side quest.

Helpful Tips

  • This mission must be completed before reaching Chapter 7, or else it will become permanently missable.
  • Avoid initiating certain story conversations in Chapter 7 that may lock your progress.
  • You‘ll need to find the spies in the correct order from 1 to 6.
  • Interacting with a spy three times will eventually lead them to blow their cover.

Wutai Spy #1 Location – Loveless Avenue

After accepting the soldier‘s plea for help, he‘ll reveal valuable intel regarding the first Wutai spy blending in the streets of Loveless Avenue. You simply need to take a right from the 8th Sector fountain and head to the far east corner.

There will be an old, run-down pickup truck near a grey-shirted man. Strike a conversation with him three times to initiate a cutscene where he attempts a daring escape, only to be caught red-handed!

Wutai Spy #2 Location – Slums Market

For the second Wutai spy, travel to the Slums Market in Sector 5 via Sector 1‘s train station. Take an immediate right turn into the market and look for a shady Shinra infantryman. Despite his claims of patrolling the area, repetitively chatting with him will eventually lead the soldier to catch this spy as well!

Wutai Spy #3 Location – Shinra Building

The third spy has managed to sneak past Shinra security and enter the building under the guise of an employee. Simply use the bluish-black stairs on the left side of the entrance to access the main elevator. Wait for an employee to exit from the right lift and converse with them thrice. Like clockwork, this corporate impostor will attempt to make a run for it after being found out!

Wutai Spy #4 Location – Sector 8 Plaza

For the fourth Wutai spy, climb up the white stairs across from Loveless fountain leading to Sector 8‘s upper plaza. You‘ll find a suspicious woman chatting with a bearded gentleman. Catch them off-guard by repeatedly talking and watch the chase unfold as she tries escaping detection down the stairs!

Wutai Spy #5 Location – Shinra Exhibition Hall

This spy was able to sneak past heavy security yet again to enter Shinra‘s confidential Exhibition Hall. Simply access the exclusive upper floors and look to your right after exiting the elevator to spot a bald man in a suit observing historical Shinra space technology.

Like the previous impostors, make him nervous by interacting thrice to initiate another comedic catching sequence!

Wutai Spy #6 Location – Sector 6 Slums Park

For the final spy, take the elevator to the Exhibition Hall and exit the Shinra Building. Travel through Sectors 5 and 6 via the Slums to enter a small park area. There will be a young Wutai supporter behind you eager to share war stories. Chat repeatedly to unravel his true identity as the last of Wutai‘s elusive spies!

Rewards For Catching All Spies

After catching the final spy, the infantryman will reward Zack with a rare Walnut Wood item and access to hidden combat simulations. Players can also earn the "Wutai‘s Nemesis" and "Midgar Full of Flowers" trophies after completing this extensive side quest!

The Walnut Wood is a special material that allows Zack to build a Flower Wagon for Aerith later in the story. As for difficult bonus missions, catching all the spies unlocks the M4-3 and M4-3-6 challenges.

Hopefully, this guide has helped identify all sneaky Wutai spies for you to easily earn incredible rewards! Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments below!

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