Unlocking the Iconic Foam Finger in Dead Space Remake

As a hardcore Dead Space fan, few things excite me more than the return of the legendary Hand Cannon, aka the foam finger. This over-the-top weapon has appeared across the series as both a powerhouse and a joke, but it takes on special meaning for long-time fans in the Dead Space remake. Read on for the ultimate guide to claiming this iconic prize and learning why it remains so popular.

A History of Hilarity

Seeing the foam finger back in action floods me with nostalgia. This gonzo gun made its debut in Dead Space 2, awarded for conquering Hardcore difficulty. Comedically launching slow-moving #1 finger projectiles, it let players completely mock the horrific necromorph threat.

Dead Space 3 kept the joke going with its own version called the Hand Cannon. Now, after beating the infamously-brutal Impossible mode in the Dead Space remake, devotees like myself get to reunite with this classic piece of series memorabilia.

As Motive producer Phillippe Ducharme told IGN, "It was non-negotiable for us to bring back the foam finger." I couldn‘t agree more! That goofy weapon is interwoven into Dead Space‘s DNA.

Uncompromising Difficulty

Motive is staying true to form by restricting the Hand Cannon behind a massive wall labeled "Impossible Mode." I‘m no stranger to ridiculous challenges in games, but even I struggled mightily with this nightmarish difficulty.

"We wanted it to be really hard to get this time around too just because it‘s so powerful and it‘s such a cool throwback," Ducharme said.

No kidding! On Impossible, necromorphs hit brutally hard, resources are astronomically limited, and death comes swiftly. You need reflexes and skill that border on precognitive to stand a chance. But that rewarding foam finger kept me motivated.

Here are the cold hard stats for what you‘ll deal with:

  • Enemies deal 4X normal damage
  • Medical supplies and ammo drops cut by 80%
  • Dismembering limbs takes 50% longer
  • Just 2 or 3 hits will kill Isaac

Bosses especially become titanic damage sponges later on. I lost to the Infector fight alone 15 times thanks to its inflated power and my pathetic starting plasma cutter. Only by thoroughly memorizing attack patterns could I emerge victorious.

This is easily the most demanding game challenge I‘ve faced in my career. So if you desire that foam finger like I did, be ready to suffer.

 Isaac barely surviving in Impossible mode

(Screencap showing Isaac near death facing multiple enemies)

Glory After Darkness

Yet, after 4 days, 21 hours, and 52 minutes of attempts, I did it. I finished Dead Space‘s traumatic gauntlet on Impossible and my reward was rescuing that goofy foam finger from the clutches of extreme difficulty.

Loading up my endgame save, I sprinted straight to the store to purchase the Hand Cannon for 10k credits. No surprise—it still reigns supreme as my favorite weapon across the entire remake.

Whipping out that foam finger at last symbolized overcoming adversity against all odds. And using it to crush hoards of necromorphs who once slaughtered me effortlessly felt sweeter than any other gaming triumph of my life.

So trust me: survive Impossible mode, claim this Easter egg prize, and let your fingers do the talking!

Lasting Legacy

Looking closely, Motive clearly treated this iconic firearm with love and care when remaking it. The high-poly foam finger model is gorgeously detailed right down to fingerprints and comfort grooves.

And the Hand Cannon retains its signature booming sounds when launched. Isaac still shouts adorable phrases like "Pew pew!" and "Numero uno!" while using his foam powers too. That contrast never stops being darkly amusing.

Most importantly, the Hand Cannon has the same insane DPS (damage per second) that veterans like myself remember. Finger bullets travel slowly but delete limbs and shred enemies on impact. I obliterated the final boss in just 45 seconds flat!

For firefights, the foam finger is superior in damage to classics like the plasma cutter and force gun. Check the math:

WeaponDamageFire RateDPS
Plasma Cutter243.3 rounds/sec79.2
Pulse Rifle1511 rounds/sec165
Hand Cannon801.5 rounds/sec120

It may fire slower than a pulse rifle, but each meaty projectile inflicts catastrophic mutilation—hence that monstrous per-shot rating. Nothing else compares!

So not only does this Easter egg firearm hit me right in the nostalgia, it still ranks among the deadliest options for slaughtering Necromorphs. Truly, the Hand Cannon deserves its arrant reputation.

Part of History

Kudos to Motive for ensuring an integral piece of Dead Space history lives on. The Hand Cannon has cult status thanks to its past heroic deeds and comedic power fantasy. Welcoming it back for more finger-gun rampages shows reverence for hardcore series supporters.

Landing those cathartic slow-mo number one shots transports me to fond memories of past games on day one Xbox 360 hardware. The Hand Cannon persists as this franchise‘s Rick Astley—memorable, charming and never yielding its unwavering mojo! Cheers to witnessing this celebrated foam fighter standing guard well into the 22nd century.

So consider this: Add unlocking the mighty Hand Cannon onto your milestone checklist within the phenomenal Dead Space remake! Once you spit in the eye of Impossible mode and shake hands with sweet victory, celebrating your achievement by flipping some monsters the bird is fully justified!

And should you need more incentive just to endure horrific bodily harm under oppressive difficulty, simply repeat after me the immortal words of Captain Isaac Clarke:

"We are number one!"

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