Unlocking the Secrets of the Chamber of Reason in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor gameplay

As an obsessed Star Wars gamer who lives and breathes Jedi lore, few things ignite my passion more than discovering lost ruins and solving ancient secrets. So when I first heard mysterious rumors about the hidden Chamber of Reason in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, I knew I had to uncover the truth!

In this comprehensive guide for fellow Jedi archaeologists, we‘ll delve into everything we know about this enigmatic Chamber:

  • Its mysterious history and Force connections
  • Navigating the perilous trials within
  • Collecting secret lore objects to expand knowledge
  • Whether the risks ultimately outweigh the rewards

I‘ll provide hard-earned tips from my death-defying exploits inside the Chamber along with deeper analysis from a lore fanatic‘s perspective. Let‘s crack open this dusty vault of eons-old secrets!

History and Significance of the Chamber of Reason

Unlike naturally formed caves, this ancient complex was clearly crafted with intention for Jedi trials. But records of its origin were lost millennia ago, with few clues to why or by whom it was created.

Some legends claim early Jedi built these chambers across the galaxy to test initiates, training mobility and attunement to the Force. Others believe they were created by more esoteric groups like the Palace of the Four Masters or the Keepers of the Whills.

I theorize they might even predate the Jedi Order itself based on their architectural style and integration with natural vergences. The secrets locked within could reveal long-forgotten relics and rituals over 15,000 years old!

Futuristic sphere object

Regardless of their exact origins, these chambers clearly hold deeper connections to the Force than meets the eye. The trials undergone here push Jedi to their creative limits in channeling its energy – classical elements of air, earth, water, and fire transmuted through the Force to lift objects, shift stone, divert lightning, and more.

Think of it as a flexing of metaphysical muscles – exercise for the soul-deep intuition and predictive reflexes all Jedi must hone. Having trained new talents in the Force for years, I know firsthand the intense focus and trust such abilities require. This Chamber forces you to merge so deeply with the Force that your thoughts manifest reality!

Location of the Chamber of Reason

Forest Array Region – Planet Koboh

Before even seeking the Chamber itself, you must first progress the story to unlock Koboh‘s overgrown Forest Array region. This dense, wildlife-filled biome houses the hidden entrance deep within an area called Basalt Rift.

I strongly recommend thoroughly exploring Basalt Rift to unlock all available Meditation Points before attempting the Chamber. Having strategic fast travel locations will prove invaluable for rapid repeats when you inevitably meet your doom!

Here are the key landmarks I used while spelunking around Basalt Rift to pinpoint the Chamber:

  • Locate a squad of Stormtroopers gathered off the main path
  • Follow the left route to find a massive fallen tree used as a makeshift bridge
  • Cross over the chasm and look for a crumbling stone bridge ahead in the distance
  • Use the thick vines coating the rock face to ascend the cliffside
  • Carefully tightrope walk the bridge‘s hanging cables to the other side
  • The Chamber entrance lays directly ahead – look for the iconic Jedi insignia above

Jungle planet

With how organically it blends with the environment, the Chamber entrance can be easy to overlook in Basalt Rift‘s overgrown crags and crannies. Having the landmarks above memorized will prevent hours of frustrated searching should you die and need to backtrack.

Now – let the real trials begin!

Solving the Shifting Trials

Upon first breaching the stone facade, you immediately rappel down via rope to the main puzzle chamber below. No time is wasted plunging straight into deadly games! Stay alert from the very start…

Your first test lies directly ahead: an empty sphere holder built into the chamber floor. This socket powers the room‘s intricate machinery, shifting bridges and opening paths. But the sphere itself sits locked away in a small side room, just out of reach.

Use the Force to wrench open the sealed door and summon the sphere into the main socket. This rotates the central bridges into an accessible configuration – Creating a viable path deeper inward.

Tread cautiously along this narrow span, watching for parts crumbling from age. Peer down into the misty abyss along the way, ruminating on poor souls who met their end here…

Futuristic sphere object

A second sphere lays tucked away in a side chamber just ahead, sealed off by stone and metal barricades. Use Force Push/Pull to break through and claim your prize. But don‘t dally long while backtracking or the first sphere may reset! Their power seems temporary.

With sphere two now planted, the trials shift once more – Stone scraping stone echoing through the chamber. Will the path lead to enlightenment? Or lure to a plunge into darkness? Either way, your fate teeters on the precipice of choice.

Analyzing the trials as objectively as I can, they seem to judge one‘s capacity for detached reflection vs reactionary impulse. With life and limb on the line, can you weigh options fully before acting? Or do primal instincts seize control? It is a fine line young Jedi must walk between restraint and boldness.

My strategy here utilizes careful observation mixed with calculated boldness:

  • Memorize bridge positions after moving spheres so you can plan routes in advance
  • Use meditation points to safely scout territory without risk
  • Equip air/water Force powers like Pull/Push for platform mobility
  • Strike preemptively when forced into combat – toss enemies into pits for efficient kills
  • Save often and be prepared to re-load when you invariably mistime a jump!

With prudence and training, these trials can be solved through clarity of thought. But overconfidence has lured many a cocky Jedi to their doom…

Secret Lore Discoveries

Piecing together the eight secret doctrines hidden within this chamber offers further insight into its purpose. As you traverse deeper inward, keep eyes peeled for sockets along walls or hidden chambers sealing away knowledge.

Scan every new area entered thoroughly and probe conspicuous cracks for secrets. The collectibles take forms ranging from physical holocrons to encrypted data entries scanned via the ARI HUD.

Here is the complete cache waiting to be recovered from within the chamber:

Talk of the FutureRight side, 2nd platform
The Goals of KhriRight side, 3rd platform
Dead TimeAcross bridge, end of 4th platform
In Good TimeStraight ahead from lift bridge, 3rd floor
The Secret Meeting ScanRight wall halfway along same platform
DatadiscFar end left side, same platform
ChestBehind hidden door after sphere puzzle sequence
Dexterity PerkInside final tower, left across last bridge

The texts unearthed here suggest former users were preoccupied with broad philosophical concepts like the passage of time, the "Living Force", and moral purpose. They paint a society centered on eternal questions:

"What does it mean to live fully in the moment? Can sensations truly be trusted? Do our actions echo into eternity?"

This meshes well with my theories about the Chamber‘s ancient architects. Consumed with big picture dilemmas about identity, reality, and the Jedi mission itself.

Sadly, several collected entries are heavily degraded or terminated abruptly. We can only speculate where their conclusions might have led with full context. Much work remains restoring and piecing together the lessons and rituals once carried out here by those ancients.

For dedicated historians, bringing those lost secrets to light again is a worthy lifelong quest!

Chamber of Reason Rewards

Map Upgrade Unlocked

Clearing all the interlinking trials and recovering lost doctrines bestows the greatest Chamber reward: a planetary map upgrade from the Alignment Tower on Rambler‘s Reach.

By installing this decrypted star chart interface, Cal can access real-time tracking of creatures, treasures, obstacles and more in a region. This helps immensely for exploration completionists like myself aiming to 100% every last activity.

The Hull Runner starship itself also receives an indirect upgrade – With planet maps unlocked, BD-1 can interface directly to scan terrain and highlight points of interest. Making planetary descents and regional searches far more efficient with an AI assistant!

Is fully solving the Chamber of Reason ultimately worthwhile just for bonuses? Assessing rationally:


  • The map upgrade is incredibly useful for clearing optional content – well worth the effort alone for hardcore completionist players.
  • It provides engaging environmental puzzles and free-running traversal unlike combat.
  • Uncovering lost Jedi history and expanding lore knowledge is deeply satisfying.
  • Tests mastery of Force skills and demands creative application.


  • The platforming can feel punishingly difficult and frustrating given instant-death pits. Expect lots of re-loads and repeats.
  • Aside from the map upgrade, the Chamber offers no other impactful gear/customization. Purely for the challenge and lore.
  • Locating it without guidance can be extremely cryptic.

Evaluating as a fanatical Star Wars gamer myself, I believe the Chamber delivers a quintessential Jedi tomb raiding experience. The appeal lies not in raw mechanical challenge, but as a carefully crafted environmental storytelling vessel.

Like any good legend, as much meaning dwells in the journey itself as the destination. The Chamber immortalizes pivotal Jedi history and principles. Experiencing that hands-on allows deeper perspective into the mythos we love.

So for Star Wars die-hards who share my fascination with fictional archaeology – By all means, dust off that fedora and dive right in! But be warned that patience and perseverance will be tested…

In the end, overcoming life-or-death crucibles unlocks growth unattainable otherwise – the truest expression of the Jedi path. And there‘s no teacher like adversity.

May the Force be with you!

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