10 Best DNS Servers for Gaming in 2023 For Speedy Connections

Best DNS servers for Gaming

Would you like to get a better gaming experience? Just replace your default DNS with some of the best public DNS servers for gaming and you’re good to go.

The Importance of DNS in Gaming

The Importance of DNS in Gaming

DNS (Domain Name System) refers to a system that changes domain names into IP addresses when you surf the internet. Consequently, they make it possible for people browsing the internet to access various websites and other internet resources.

Although DNS doesn’t have a direct effect on how a player controls characters in online gaming, it influences your gaming experience. For instance, faster DNS servers offer a better gaming experience by lowering your ping time.

Here are some of the best DNS servers for gaming that you should try.

1. Google Public DNS

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

It is a free public DNS from Google, which you can use to access the internet if you don’t want to use your default DNS. You will likely get more valid results, better performance, and enhanced security when using Google Public DNS.

Additionally, the DNS also helps in reducing the load on ISP’s DNS servers and makes the web faster and more secure. When it comes to gaming, Google Public DNS is very reliable. You will get a better gaming experience with Google Public DNS.

2. Cloudflare

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

You already know that Cloudflare is one of the fastest DNS globally if you are an experienced gamer. It’s suitable for enhancing the gaming experience when using XBOX One, PS4, and PS5. The good thing about Cloudflare DNS is that it never shares client data with a third party. On top of that, this DNS is completely safe, and you don’t have to worry about your privacy when using it. Users of Cloudflare enjoy speedy connections and top-notch 24/7 customer support.

3. QUAD9

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

You should go for QUAD9 if you’re looking for a DNS server for gaming that has the approval of major IT companies such as IBM.  This DNS is a completely free public technology that safeguards the security and privacy of users. QUAD9 protects users by dropping the connection to malicious websites. It also doesn’t record user IP addresses or share their registered data. Therefore, you can rest assured that QUAD9 will protect you from cybercrime and cyber threats as you enjoy your favorite game.

4. OpenDNS

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

This DNS has over 90 million users from different parts of the world, and it comes with numerous sifting choices and parental controls. The good thing about OpenDNS servers is that they can block adult content, thus being suitable for gaming with children. This DNS is faster than Cloudflare and one of the best gaming DNS that you can easily find in the market. You can also use its VIP version to access the features and tools that Google DNS offers.

5. CleanBrowsing

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

Now let us look at this great DNS server for gaming that is completely free. CleanBrowsing comes with various filtering options that ensure users the best security. You don’t have to worry about malware sites and phishing when using CleanBrowsing. Users can also access superior features of this DNS by purchasing its premium plans. This is the DNS to go to enjoy a smooth gaming experience without compromising your online security and privacy.

6. Comodo Secure DNS

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

Are you looking for a DNS server that offers the best speed and safest internet browsing? Then it would help if you went for Comodo Secure DNS. You can play any online game smoothly using this DNS without exposing yourself to online threats. Remember that you don’t have to download and install anything to use Comodo Secure DNS. However, you need to configure the DNS settings of your networks with the Comodo DNS IP address to enjoy a smooth and much faster gaming experience.

7. Alternate DNS

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

As the name reads, Alternate DNS provides you with the best alternative to acquiring the best DNS servers for gaming. It has amazing functions that enable users to block adult, harmful sites, malware, trackers, and other malicious content. However, you need to acquire its Family Premium DNS at $2 per month to enjoy premium features. You also enjoy a faster browsing process when using Alternate DNS. On top of that, the DNS offers decent performance, and it’s compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols

8. Verisign Public DNS

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

This DNS is for gamers looking for stability and a secure network. You don’t have to worry about your online security when using this tool because it doesn’t share user data with third-party vendors. Verisign Public DNS has been in the industry for many years, and it’s popular among gamers for putting more emphasis on stability, privacy, and security. The good thing about Verisign is that it is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Windows, among others.

9. OpenNic

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

You can never go wrong using OpenNic DNS servers if you want a better gaming experience. It’s far much better than using your default DNS server. You don’t have to worry about your privacy when using OpenNic because it protects you from attackers. It’s may not be the best DNS server in the market, but it will give you a smooth gaming experience.

10. SafeDNS

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

The last on the list of the best DNS servers for gaming is SafeDNS. It offers gamers reliable and stable protection from all types of attacks. You don’t have to worry about your online security and privacy as you enjoy your favorite game. The good thing about SafeDNS is that it doesn’t record user IP addresses or share their registered data.

How to find the fastest DNS

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Generally, finding the fastest DNS depends on your geographical location and DNS distance. It is important if you want to enjoy a better ping, upload, and download speed. Here is a simple guide on finding the fastest DNS for your location.

Step 1: Launch Google and search for “DNS benchmark” (without quotes).

Step 2: On the findings page, Open the “GRC’s | DNS Nameserver Performance Benchmark” option

Step 3: Once the GRC page opens, scroll down to the “Download Now” option to download the program, extract it and drag it to your desktop.

Step 4: Go to the download on your desktop and double-click it. Navigate to the “Nameservers” tab and click it.

Step 5: Allow DNS Benchmark to update the list and choose the “Run Benchmark” option. Be patient because the process could take a few minutes.

Step 6: Once the speed test run is complete, DNS Benchmark alerts you to create a custom DNS benchmarking list for results that accurately reflect your system, locale, and connection.

Step 7: You can easily identify the fastest DNS for your system from the list created.  You can replace your default DNS to get a better browsing or gaming experience.


Now you know some of the best DNS servers that you can use in gaming and general web browsing to get better results. If you feel uncomfortable with the DNS assigned to you by your ISP, then you can use one of the above alternative DNS to enhance your online privacy and security, and gaming experience.

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