How to Get a Ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Get a Ladder in Animal Crossing

You may have encountered locations in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that are at a higher altitude and need a particular tool to access. This is when the ladder comes in handy, allowing you to navigate these steep places quickly. The procedure of acquiring the ladder is really simple, and this tutorial will help you if you cannot do so in-game.

Since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you have spent countless hours participating in Halloween through New Year’s festivities. You’ve also spent a lot of time making things, decorating, and changing the landscape. Those who are completely new to the game will immediately discover certain inaccessible areas on their island. They will need to construct a ladder to investigate completely. This article explains how to get a ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Requirements to Get a Ladder In Animal Crossing


You’ll need to use your workbench with the ladder, much like most other things in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You must complete several steps before progressing with the ladder’s crafting. Therefore, without further ado, let’s discuss each of these stages in depth.

1. Invite Villagers


Once you start playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll eventually need Nook Miles, which are the game’s currency and can be earned by daily tasks and long-term challenges. To unlock the recipe for the ladder, you will need to gather a total of 2,000 Nook Miles. After receiving the money, proceed directly to the green Resident Services tent at Tom Nook and approach the green kiosk on the right.

You can get a Nook Miles Ticket for that amount by going to the Nook Miles Rewards menu. Head to the airport and follow the map’s directions to explore Mystery Island. Remember that if you are a new player, you will not immediately have access to the airport. Before you may engage with the airport’s workers, you must first advance through the game.

Once you’ve arrived at your location, you’ll need to explore until you find a wandering animal NPC. Interact with them until you’re given the option to invite them to your island. Remember that you need to go to two more islands and do the same thing to invite two more Nooks Cranny.

2. Unlock Nook’s Cranny


You’ll need to bring some materials to Timmy Nook so that he may finish setting up his shop.

Here is a list of the stuff you must acquire for him:

  • 30 Wood
  • 30 Hardwood
  • 30 softwood
  • 30 Iron Nuggets

The wood collection is one of the simplest jobs in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons world. Hit the trees with your ax, and you’ll have a good wood supply. The above list describes three distinct forms of wood, which you may obtain by felling various species of trees. This looks simple, right? But getting iron will test your patience because there aren’t many rocks with iron. These rocks randomly contain iron, stone, or clay, so you’ll need a little luck.

3. Construct A Bridge

A Bridge

After granting Nook’s wish to open a shop, you must arrange for the three NPCs you requested to visit your island. Since a river falls in the middle of the path, you must construct a bridge for them to cross. Nook will request that you select a suitable spot to construct the bridge, providing you with a recipe for doing so. The recipe requires the following ingredients:

  • Four stones
  • Four clay
  • Four log stakes

Additionally, remember that you will remove the recipe from your inventory after constructing the bridge. Ensure that you position it in a convenient location for easy access.

4. Select A Tract Of Land For Your Prospective Neighbours.


The completion of this phase is crucial to unlocking the ladder recipe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You must now return to Nook’s Cranny and notify him that your bridge construction was successful. Then, he will request that you select a place for each of the three NPCs you asked to become your neighbors. Nook will ultimately provide you with the formula for crafting the ladder when you’ve claimed the land for their future homesites.

5. Crafting The Ladder


The ladder recipe has finally been unlocked in Animal Crossing. Now, all you have to do is go to your crafting bench and make the ladder. To make the tool that will allow you to go to various locations on your island that were otherwise inaccessible, you will need four softwood, four wood, and four hardwood.

How To Unlock A Permanent Ladder


The Ladder Set-Up Kit Recipe must be purchased from Nook’s Cranny to unlock permanent ladders. You have to pay 2,000 Bells for this recipe, but once you have it, you can make as many ladders as you want. Once you know how to make the recipe, you’ll be able to make a Wooden ladder set-up kit. You can put these ladders on any cliff; all you need to craft them is one ladder and five pieces of wood. Once you’ve made your kit, go up to a cliff and choose Set Next to Cliff. Finally, the ladder will be fixed on the side of the mountain. To return your ladder to your pocket, press Y.


That’s it! In New Horizons, obtaining a ladder is easy, as it only requires three types of materials: four hardwood, four wood, and four softwood. After gathering the required materials, players must create the ladder at a nearby workbench. But making the ladder won’t be enough; You will also have to set it up next to the cliff you want to climb.

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