How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft in 2023

How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Do you want to set up a bee firm in Minecraft? Honeycomb is all you need. Read on to learn How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft. Here are detailed instructions on acquiring Honeycomb in Minecraft, its locations, and its uses.

Just like in the real world, bees in Minecraft are essential to the process of pollination. In Minecraft, a honeycomb is required before you may keep bees on your farm. You can obtain Honeycomb in Minecraft from beehives or bee nests. Once gathered, it can be included in various recipes, from the fabrication of novel components to protecting copper blocks from oxidation via a simple wax coating. No way to create a honeycomb in Minecraft with a crafting table or furnace exists. You’ll have to go on a hunt which may be tough, especially if you do not know the exact steps to take.

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Where to Find Bee nests in Minecraft

Possible locations for such a nest include:

  • The meadow (with a 100% probability of bee spawning).
  • The sunflower plains (with a 5% chance).
  • The flower forest (with a 3% chance).
  • The birch forest (with a 0.2% chance).

Locating a Meadow is your best bet. It doesn’t matter what habitat you’re in; bee nests are always located high up on the trunk or a tree’s side, right below the leaves. Now, all you need in Minecraft is to go and locate a hive of bees.

How to find a Bee Nest in Minecraft

Bee Nest in Minecraft

First, keep in mind that shears are a prerequisite for the operation. You are probably wondering where you can get them. 

  • You can create Two Iron Ingots from melting down Iron Ore, which is required to make a pair of shears. Put one Iron Ingot in the middle slot and another in the bottom left of your Crafting Table.
  • The next step is to locate a Bee Nest containing honey. Bees are always buzzing around, and bee nests appear randomly in trees throughout Minecraft’s land. But even if you locate one, you won’t be able to collect honey from its Honeycomb until it’s full.
  • The bees in a Bee Nest will leave the hive during the day and when it’s not raining to find food (pollen). The “honey level” of the Nest increases by one every time a bee returns to it and then leaves again. 
  • If the honey meter reaches 5, honey will begin to drip out of the Nest, which means it must be ready for harvesting.

How to harvest Honeycomb in Minecraft

Honeycomb in Minecraft k

Without further here is the process:

  • Get close to the Nest and cut it with the shears. The Nest will drop three honeycombs, and the honey level in the Nest will drop to zero.
  • However, caution is advised because the bees inside the Nest will emerge and chase you. They won’t stop following you until they’ve stung you, at which point you will be poisoned for a while.
  • To obtain as much Honeycomb as you require, repeat the above steps. As long as there are still bees, the nests will remain active forever.

How to harvest Honeycomb in Minecraft without being Stung

Honeycomb in

Taking precautions against bee stings and poisoning is advised in Minecraft. 

  • You can protect yourself from bee stings using the smoke from a Campfire set up within five blocks of the Nest, or right beneath it can quiet the Bees and prevent any commotion. 
  • When you have the Honeycomb, you may build a beehive and raise bees to make honey and Honeycomb wherever you like. 
  • To set up a beehive at the crafting bench, put three planks of wood across a workbench’s top and bottom rows and three Honeycomb in the middle. 

Now that you know how to collect Honeycomb in Minecraft, you can either build your Nests or rely on the ones that appear in the world randomly.

How to automatically Farm Honey in Minecraft

Farm Honey

Here is how to farm honey easily; to Build a honeycomb farm with Redstone signals. 

  • Place your shears in the dispenser towards the beehive or Nest to get Honeycomb. Honeycomb won’t fit in the dispenser, so pick it up from the ground. The dispenser won’t bother bees; therefore, no campfire is needed during harvesting.
  • Glass dispenser bottles can become honey bottles. Unlike honeycombs, these are in the dispenser. Honey bottles can treat poison or generate sugar-honey blocks. Like Honeycomb, honey bottles can be hand-harvested with a glass bottle.

Uses of Honeycomb in Minecraft

ses of Honeycomb

Honeycomb is used in multiple crafts in Minecraft. Here are some of them:

  • First, you can create a Beehive from Honeycomb. Beehives work like Bee Nests but can be placed anywhere.
  • Candles are a light source made from a honeycomb and a string. Put a honeycomb on a table and a string above it to make a candle.
  • Honeycombs can be used to wax copper to prevent oxidation. Place a copper block and Honeycomb in the middle row of your crafting table to oxidize it. The coating can be done on copper bricks, slabs, and stairways.
  • Finally, Honeycomb blocks are beautiful elements that can enhance your home. Four honeycombs in a 2×2 square on a craft table produce a honeycomb block.

honeycomb block

 You can set up a bee farm in Minecraft and start producing exciting products now that you know how to get Honeycomb in Minecraft.


Getting honeycomb in Minecraft is an easy task once you know where to look. Honeycombs can be found naturally generated inside Bee Nests and hives, as well as through crafting with a campfire and shears. Additionally, you may find them randomly while exploring underground cave systems or by trading with villagers for emeralds. With these methods in mind, it should now be simpler than ever to obtain the precious resource that is honeycomb! Now go out there and get some delicious sweet treats!

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