How to Use Steam Points (Earn & Purchase)

how to use steam points

Anyone familiar with Steam knows how much steam points mean to the Steam community. Many Steam users have accumulated billions of points, but they are unutilized. This begs the question, can one use their hard-earned steam points? If yes, how? Here is a detailed post on how to use Steam points.

How do I earn Steam Points?

Earn Steam Points

Users earn steam points for purchases as a loyalty incentive for using Steam. For every $1 you spend, you earn 100 points. The Elder Scrolls Online base game costs $19.99 and comes with over 2,000 Steam Points.

Awards for user reviews and user-generated material can also earn you points. You can earn points when you receive an award for writing a review. You can also gain points when sharing a screenshot or original content.

How do I use my Steam Points?

Use my Steam Points

As a member of Steam, you can build a digital library of games that you can access anywhere. Here are some insights on how to use steam points.

Step 1: Open Steam.

Step 2: Select Store

Step 3: Choose Points Shop.

Step 4: In the sidebar, select a category and click it.

Step 5: Select the item you want to buy by clicking.

Step 6: On the pop-up, select the point total button. Your order is now complete.

What Can I Buy With Steam Points?

Buy With Steam Points

You can use Steam Points to purchase items from the Steam Community Market or Community Market. You can also use them to purchase gaming titles, DLCs, and other content available on the Steam Store. You can also use the points to buy:

Profile Backgrounds

A profile background can be used as a way of expressing yourself. For example, you can use it as a background image when you play video games on Steam or get it as an item in Team Fortress 2.

The profile background also represents your identity in the game, allowing you to customize it according to your preferences. You can choose any picture that represents you and your personality or interest. You can also choose different colors, patterns, images, etc., so other people will recognize you when playing online or offline.

Check out these cool profile backgrounds:

  • Nebula: With hues of purple, pink, blue, white, and black. It seems to be advancing on the observer.
  • Consumerism: Yellow backdrop with brightly colored tablets falling over it. This one is related to the Cyberpunk video game.
  • Sir Brante’s Life and Struggle: On a background of firelight with embers whirling in the air, flames wax and wane.
  • Black Hole: On the right side of the screen, a swirling, silver-hued black hole constantly generates a vortex.

Artist Profiles and Games

Artist Profiles and Games

Game profiles are carefully chosen sets of backgrounds, icons, mini-profile backgrounds, and frames decorated with themes specific to particular games. Depending on the game you select, the price changes. There are curated game profiles for games like CS: GO, Dying Light, CS, CIV VI, and Half-Life, among others.

Background for animated mini-profiles

Background for animated mini-profiles

The mini-profiles are animated profiles that you can use to show achievements and fun facts about yourself. You can also use them to point out a specific achievement or game you’re currently playing.

As someone increases your listing in the Steam friends list, animated mini-profile backgrounds appear. It can make you stand out from other submissions or help you develop a unique look to amuse your peers. It fills the mini-profile box and becomes hazy underneath the game information.

Seasonal Badges

Seasonal Badges

Buying seasonal badges is an excellent use of your Steam points. Seasonal badges will allow you to get discounts on games and other items offered in the Steam store. You can acquire these badges by redeeming various amounts of Steam points.

Seasonal badges are available for different periods, and the discount is applicable only for the duration of that particular badge. You can use seasonal badges if you want a discount on games or other items Valve offers.

Animated Avatars

Animated Avatars

Animated avatars are a good way to personalize your profile. These avatars come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The animated avatars help in using steam points as they make your profile stand out in the crowd. The more customized your profile looks, the more likely it will attract more attention from fellow gamers who want to join your gaming group or play games with you.

Chat Items

Steam chat items are available for purchase with real money on Steam. You can use these items to customize your profile’s chat window and make it unique among other users who follow the same game or genre as you do. They include emoticons, custom avatars, stickers, animations, and more. You can purchase them under the “games” tab in the Steam store or through third-party websites such as G2A, which offers a better price than Steam.

Avatar Frames

If you’re looking for an item to decorate your avatar, use your points to purchase avatar frames. Avatar frames are images you can use as backgrounds for your profile page or profile card in chat rooms. These frames are available for purchase using real money or Steam Wallet funds.

Profile Showcases

Profile Showcases

Steam has a feature where users can show off their game collections and other achievements. Players can update these showcases at any time, allowing them to show off what they’ve been playing recently. The Steam profile showcases are also a good way for players to learn about new games.

The Steam Profile Showcase allows you to display your games collection in style! You can add many games to this list. Each entry you make features a custom background you can customize with your favorite images from the internet.


Steam points are easy to get and redeem for rewards. However, it will take time and effort to save your points. The time it takes to save up your points and rewards might seem unworthy. But you will rejoice when you receive and utilize them. Some best ways to use the Steam points include buying seasonal badges, chat items, animated avatars, and profile showcases.

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