How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft [Completed Guide]

How to Tame a Wolf in Minecraft

Did you know that in Minecraft, you can tame a wolf to be more than a devoted pet? A tamed wolf can also be a terrific companion helping you fight aggressive mobs. Wolves, therefore, come in handy if you are playing in survival mode. This post will walk you through the process of taming a wolf in Minecraft.

Wolves are one of the most popular tamable neutral mobs in Minecraft. Wolves can be found in many places, such as grass blocks, snow blocks, coarse dirt, and snowy taigas. In their natural untamed nature, the wolves act neutrally toward the player. They, however, act hostile towards foxes, sheep, and rabbits.

Once tamed, wolves alter their behavior and interaction with other creatures. As an illustration, they get friendlier-looking eyes and refrain from attacking creepers, tamed horses, ghasts, and cats. If a tamed wolf is attacked, all other standing wolves will attack the attacker. Wolves can assist in battling hostile mobs in this manner.

Tame A Wolf In Minecraft

If you are not sure how to tame a wolf in Minecraft, don’t worry. This step-by-step guide goes into all details you will need to know. Read on to find out.

Where To Get A Wolf In Minecraft

Get A Wolf In Minecraft

To tame a wolf, you must first get hold of one. The good news is that wolves are simple to locate. Untamed wolves have a drooping tail, grey fur, and black and white pixels in their eyes. Wolves are likely to be found in areas above glass blocks, coarse dirt, snow blocks, taigas, and groves. Wolves spawn naturally in packs of four, where 10% of them spawn as pups.

When you come across wolves, you should be aware that naturally-spawned wolves are feral and will be hostile if you attack them. Feral wolves will also be hostile towards sheep, turtles, rabbits, and foxes. Therefore, be cautious when interacting with them.

Wolves spawn naturally in packs of four

How To Tame A Wolf In Minecraft

Taming a wolf is straightforward. A wolf is tamed by feeding it with bones. Once tamed, the wolf will no longer take additional bones. It’s important to know that the amount of bones needed to tame a wolf varies. Each bone you feed the wolf has a 33.33% chance of taming it. Since bones are a requirement in taming wolves, let’s look at how we can get some.

Taming a wolf is straightforward

Skeletons and their variations can drop bones as drops. In both the Java and the Bedrock edition, Dungeons will give you the highest chance of finding bones. You can also look at other places such as Ancient cities, Desert Temples, Jungle Temples, and Woodland Mansions. Once skeletons, skeleton horses, wither skeletons, and straps die, they may drop 0-2 bones.

There is, therefore, a chance of getting bones after a mob loot. You should pick up some spare bones just in case you need more to tame the wolf. You should have at least five bones for every wolf you plan to tame.

We, however, recommend at least ten bones to be on the safe side. Now that you have the bones let’s start taming the wolf!

Chance of getting bones after a mob loot

Approach the wolf with the bones in hand. Start feeding the bones to the wolf as soon as you are close enough. You should feed the wolf until it stops taking more bones. Once you have fed it enough bones, hearts will appear above the wolf’s head.

A red collar will also appear around the wolf’s neck. This is an indication that the wolf has been successfully tamed. If you don’t like red, you can substitute it with any other color of your choice. To do so, right-click the left trigger while holding the dye.

Wolf has been successfully tamed

Congratulations! You now know how to tame a wolf in Minecraft. There is no limit to the number of wolves a player can tame. Go ahead and tame as many wolves as you like. You should be aware that you will need to take extra care of the wolf after taming it. The health of a wolf may decline if proper care is not given. So let’s look at how to ensure your wolf is healthy.

Health of a wolf may decline

How To Take Care Of Your Wolf

Take Care Of Your Wolf

A wolf will do its duty to protect you from enemies. In the process, it can get hurt, reducing its health value. Tamed wolves will whine once they have low health, typically below ten. A great way of approximating the health value of your wolf is by examining its tail.

A wolf’s tail lowers and rises depending on its health. Any meat other than fish can be fed to a tamed wolf to cure it. The food would restore as much health as hunger points if the player were to eat the food instead.


Q. Why do wolves’ eyes turn red in Minecraft?

When attacked by a player or mob, the wolf’s eyes tend to turn red. The wolf’s eyes can also turn red if they see a mob that they would want to eat. When wolves have red eyes, they tend to be aggressive. (Once they become aggressive, their motive is to attack you.)

Q. What do wolves hate in Minecraft?

The wolves fear and hate the Creepers and Enderman. This is because of the fear of the Creeper’s explosion and Enderman’s medium health & strength.

Q. How do you calm an angry wolf in Minecraft?

You can’t calm angry wolves directly. However, you can die to them once, leave the game, and come back. They won’t be hostile anymore. Alternatively, you can leave and re-enter the world, and they won’t be hostile towards you anymore.


It’s fairly simple to tame a wolf in Minecraft. A wild wolf and a few bones are all you need. You can find the bones in Dungeons, Ancient Cities, and Desert Temples. Wild wolves can be found naturally above grass and snow blocks.

We recommend having at least five bones for every wolf you wish to tame. After taming the wolf, ensure you take on the responsibility of taking care of it. A tamed wolf will whine once its health starts deteriorating. You can feed it any meat other than fish to heal it.

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