How to Unban Someone on Minecraft Server [IP & Username]

How to Unban Someone on Minecraft

One of your friends has been banned from playing Minecraft on your server, and you want to know how to unban them. It can be really frustrating when someone you’re trying to play with gets banned from the game. You might not even know why they were banned in the first place.

As the popularity of the Minecraft game is on the rise, you are likely to meet people of different characters. Of all the diverse behaviors, cheaters and people who troll others or disregard community rules can ruin your gameplay experience.

When this happens, as an admin or server owner, the best solution is to ban such players from creating the best gaming environment for other players.

But what happens when you mistakenly ban a player who has not gone through the community rules? You will need to unban them. There are accessible commands in the console that you can utilize to unban someone on Minecraft. You can unban someone on Minecraft based on their IP address or user name. Here are easy tips to guide you through how to unban someone on Minecraft. But before that;

Unban Someone on Minecraft

Types of Ban on Minecraft

Types of Ban on Minecraft

Before learning how to unban someone on Minecraft, you must know the available types of the ban on the platform. In Minecraft, there are two types of bans:

1. Player’s Ban

Player’s Ban

It occurs when you use the player’s username to ban them from your server. With this type of ban, the player cannot access the server with their (banned) account unless you unban them. However, if they decide to change the account, they can access the server. Thus, this ban restricts players’ access to your community if they maintain their account identity.

2. IP Ban

IP Ban

This approach bans a user’s last known IP address. Therefore, the player will not be able to access the server from the blocked IP address even when they change their account details or create a new account. As long as the player still uses the blocked IP address, their access to the server will only be possible when you unblock them.

What are the Requirements?


Banning and unbanning players on Minecraft is not for everyone. You can only initiate a ban or unban if you are the server operator or admin. If you are an ordinary player in the server and you wish to unban someone, you have to request the operator or admin to make you a server OP first.

As a server OP or admin, you have the right to access the SMpicnic control panel. The panel allows you to manage the status of each player within the server.

You can also run the banning and unbanning commands if you have a multiplayer server.

How to View Banned Players and IP Addresses

View Banned Players and IP Addresses

You can view the list of banned players on your server. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Launch your Minecraft server console.

Step 2: While in the console, type the ban list.

Step 3: Hit the Enter button.

The console will list all banned players on your server, including their usernames.

Now that you know how to view the banned list on your server, it’s time to unban a few.

Unban Someone Using their Username

Unban Someone Using their Username

Banning a player using their name is an effective way of keeping their account away from your server. Similarly, it offers a stress-free option when you want to unban the player. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Sign in to your SM picnic Control Panel and head to your server manager page.

Step 2: On the left pane, select the Console tab.

Step 3: Now enter the command pardon USERNAME in the command bar—Interchange the USERNAME with the player name as per their Minecraft account. For instance, to unban John King, enter the command pardon, John King.

Step 4: Press Enter, and they will now be able to join the server.

Note: You can unban someone using their username if you have banned them through the same means.

Unban Someone Using their IP Address

Unban Someone Using their IP Address

It is easier to unban players using their IP address if you had initially banned them using the IP ban. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch your Server Console.

The instructions for running your server control will depend on the version of Minecraft you are using.

For a Java Edition (PC or Mac), use the Command Prompt on a Windows PC and Terminal on Mac.

Step 2: Type the Command

Key in pardon-IP, then Enter the IP address.

Step 3: Hit the Enter key.

Run the command by pressing Enter key to remove the keyed IP address from your server’s blocklist. The player associated with the IP address will now be able to rejoin the server.

When unbanning someone using their IP address, you must ensure that it is valid. With this command (pardon-ip), you can’t replace the IP address with the player’s name. If you are unsure of the player’s IP address, confirm it with them.

Note: The commands above (for pardonUSERNAME and pardon-IP) will only work if you run them on a Java Edition (PC/Mac).

Why You Should Unban Someone on Minecraft

Unban Someone on Minecraft overview

Here are some top reasons why you should unban someone on Minecraft:

1. They have reformed their ways

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for people to get banned from a server due to bad behavior. This can include things like trolling or just general rudeness. However, if someone has apologized for their actions and shown that they have changed their ways, it may be worth unbanning them from your server.

2. They were banned for something minor

Most people get banned because they accidentally broke a rule when playing on a public server. If breaching the laws wasn’t intentional and it’s their first time, they might not deserve such harsh treatment.

3. It was a false ban

Sometimes people get banned for no reason at all. This can happen when a moderator does not give enough evidence before banning someone and later realize they were innocent. If this happens, you may want to reconsider your decision and perhaps unban them so they can enjoy being on your server again. It would be best if you didn’t ban people unless you know they’re guilty and have proof.

4. You want your server to grow

Bans are common in most online games, but they can also be detrimental to a server’s growth. Banning someone who was not misbehaving will only hurt your community because they will not want to play on a server where they can be banned for pity or no reason at all. And if players avoid your server, it will remain small and boring and won’t grow.

If you want your server to grow and keep more people interested in playing on it. However, you should also ensure that all players know your server rules; if they do not follow them, there are repercussions. And sometimes you might have to give warnings or even unban before permanently ban them. This way, more players will be happy with their stay on your server, which is always good for business!


Unbanning someone on Minecraft is a straightforward process. However, to initiate the process, you must be the server operator or admin. If you aren’t either of the two, ask for server OP rights from the admin. Then proceed and unban the player(s) using the pardon USERNAME and pardon-IP commands.

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