Mobile App Marketing Digest #1

Mobile App Marketing Digest #1

In the last few months I met very interesting people from the mobile app marketing world. I’ve been talking to guys from Rovio, Facebook, Google or Distimo and we shared some great insights about the industry, case studies and thoughts. There is always some portion of information I would like to share with my readers, however many times it lacks consistency because of really wide range of topics.

Therefore I decided to start this Mobile App Marketing Digest with goal of gathering interesting insights with no particular order or connection. Just a random flow of thoughts on different topics. Enjoy.

  • Amazon has almost 40% share among Android tablets in US.
  • Amazon is monetizing 3-4 times better than Google Play.
  • Based on surveys, people consider ads in freemium apps normal and natural. Ads no longer bother them, however they also expect to get rid of them as soon as they made their first in-app purchase.
  • There is a huge monetization gap between iPhone 5C and 5S users.
  • 67% of apps featured by Apple are older than 3 months. So basically your chances to being featured are lower with a new mobile app.
  • 56% of featured apps on App Store are games, 49% are free apps.
  • 51% of featured apps never even reach the TOP 400 grossing chart on App Store.
  • First three featured apps (those immediately visible on iPhone screen after launching the App Store application) get almost 50% revenue of all featured apps in all categories.
  • Paid apps usually drop lower in grossing charts after the feature ends than they were before it began. Freemium apps end up higher since they are able to monetize users over time.
  • Average revenue for a brand new featured app is $28000 for the time it stays featured. However, this number says nothing regarding huge disproportions in monetization of featured apps.
  • Another survey says that if a person has 5 minutes free, he or she usually interacts with social networks on their phone. However, if the spare time is 30 minutes, most people chose games over any other activity on their mobile phone.
  • Strong brand is really crucial factor for game discovery in Asia. Only 20% of users in China ever installed a game from a developer they never heard about before.

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