How To Choose The Best Popup Tool For Your Needs

How To Choose The Best Popup Tool For Your Needs

Many people see popups on websites as an unnecessary irritating element that can only be harmful to their business, thereby discouraging customers. However, by choosing and using them correctly, popups can serve as a very helpful and effective marketing tool. In this article we are going to explain everything you need to consider when creating a popup and set it up properly.

What to consider when creating a popup

What to consider when creating a popup

First, let’s look at the statistics. According to the research, the worst formats for presenting advertising information can be identified. Among them, the most popular, in the bad sense of the word, are the full-screen banner with countdown and the video ad in a preview of content that runs with sound.

In order to prevent a full-screen popup from being blocked on either computers or mobile devices, it needs to be silent, non-aggressive, and also, the key factor for an effective popup is the ability to be immediately and easily closed, though it may sound weird and contradictory. Furthermore, let’s take a closer look at different types of popups. The specialists consider:

  • Promotional/informational popup, that simply lead to a page on your website with a promotion or special offer;
  • Promotional popup with video, which are used by news sites to sell advertising;
  • Collection of contacts in return for discounts such as lead-magnets;
  • Highlight information popup on the site when there is something really important to say to users who visit the site;
  • Online chat forms which offer interaction with a manager;
  • A static bar popup at the top or at the bottom of the page.

Most often, marketers use the type of popup that could collect customer data, as it is the most powerful tool for increasing sales. Such a popup usually collects emails, offers to download files, videos, stickers or installs a mobile app if the user is visiting a website from a phone.

Six step plan to make an effective popup

Six step plan to make an effective popup

For now let’s discover the whole process which takes to create a useful popup that does not annoy your customers.

  1. Create a clear call to action tool. Write a clear and useful offer for your users. So that the person can read it and immediately understand whether he or she needs this information or product or not.
  2. Personalize your popups. Personalisation helps the website visitor feel that the offer is prepared just for them. The easiest way is to attract a person from a specific domain or using a specific UTM. This way it can help you to customize the popup and make it unique.
  3. Emphasize the benefit to the audience. This is an important concept in marketing which can also be applied to a popup tool. Why would a user disclose their personal information if they won’t get anything useful in return? A popup window should contain a value proposition that the user considers good enough to include their information in return.
  4. Make an offer that cannot be refused. All people, without exception, love special offers. By offering visitors of your site a special coupon, free shipping or free product, you can quickly build up your potential customer and subscriber base and use it in the future.
  5. Determine the ideal showing time. However, there is no definitive answer here, because every website’s target audience is unique and the only way to find the perfect popup time is to do much testing.
  6. Optimize windows for PCs and mobile devices as well. The popup form should always be adapted for mobile devices, keeping the same design and the option to close the popup.

Likewise, you should make sure that using popup fits your marketing goals. In case you’re blogging to earn a reputation as an opinion leader-viewing and reading the entire page of your blog may be more important to you than collecting email addresses of your followers.

Though, in case your website contains so-called hot deals, perhaps offering discounts or free shipping would be more convenient in the billing process rather than over the screen at another point.

Creation of popup

As for the creation of the popup itself, there are two ways of solving this issue. The first one is to contact a special service that provides the possibility to use their popup builder, so that you can quickly and accurately make it up. The second way is to design it yourself, however, please be aware that this can take a longer period of time, unless of course you are not a professional web designer.

The aesthetics component is crucial. When your customer looks at the popup window and thinks that this must be an advertisement for another company, then you have obviously screwed up the idea of your popup design. The design of the window should resonate with the color, fonts, and voice of the brand itself, that is why consider contacting a qualified professional for an overview.

Well in order to sum everything we have said up, keep in mind that such a tool as a popup, can be indispensable for acquiring new clients when it is used properly. All you need is to follow the instructions and remember to stick only to your personal goals. Good luck!

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